Bock Mini-pick

For no reason at all, I just want to mention a few sites while I remember.

Did I remind you that Sweary‘s back in business?  Call in and say hello.

The good Doctor at Howard Town Brewery has a fine rant today about the thieving bastards who run our banks and the cringing serfs we call politicians, all of whom are conspiring to run our economy over a cliff.

Simon McGarr is just as angry about it.

Mr Pagano is sticking it to the GAA, and quite properly too, in my opinion, for being a self-important crowd of whiners.

Here’s Johnny Hogan.  As he says about himself, stuff and nonsense for the price of just nonsense.

Finally, I came across Ben of Hairyfish recently and I like his style.

5 thoughts on “Bock Mini-pick

  1. Apropos of nothing at all, I find myself in the position of having to spend next Saturday afternoon/night at my local vineyard, drinking the local brew and listening to, among others, your friend Mr Cohen.
    An outdoor event in a winery – how trying.

    Sorry, just thought I’d mention it… Totally off the subject.

  2. Jesus, that sounds tough.

    By the way, this is one of those posts where it isn’t really possible to be off the subject since there isn’t that much of a subject to begin with.

  3. Cheers Bock! :)

    i only come up with one decent blog post a year and i seem to have gotten it out of the way for 2009 very prematurely ;)

    Thanks for link

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