Cardinal Seán Brady’s Weasel Words

Now. Look at that statement carefully. That is a classic example of the sort of evasive, dishonest, two-faced nonsense we’re used to hearing from the Catholic hierarchy.

Did he acknowledge that he’d offended anyone?

No. He didn’t. He said If I offended anyone, as if there was any doubt. But leave that little piece of trickery aside. It’s a standard tactic of the bishops to slip the word IF into these kind of statements, like a little spike of verbal Rohypnol.

IF anyone was raped by my staff it hurts me more than it hurts them.

Standard stuff. Now, look at what else he did there. He’s sorry if he offended anyone.

If you’ve been been visiting here for a while you’ll know that I see nothing wrong with offending people. I think it can be good for them, but Brady didn’t just give offence.

What Brady did was to dismiss out of hand the pain of those who were raped, and the legitimate concerns of the people of this land. He advocated leaving Magee in charge of the Cloyne diocese. I’d remind you that Magee is the man who decided to provide minimal information about the rapes to the police, and who ignored complaints from those who had been attacked by his staff. Magee was also the man who tried to suppress the report exposing how derelict he was in his duty to protect the victims of his pervert priests.

By telling us that such a man is the best person to protect children from future attacks, Brady was giving the entire nation the finger.

So, I hope Cardinal Brady won’t mind if I call him a two-faced, lying, arrogant prick, and I’m sorry if that causes him any offence.

The prick.


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5 thoughts on “Cardinal Seán Brady’s Weasel Words

  1. It will get far worse for certain. The catholic church is well used to obfuscating when matters threaten, they never gave a shit about anyone, ever; but they talk great concern and brotherhood. Hypocrites.

  2. All religious institutions are corrupt and hypocritical, whether it’s the church, the mosque or the temple…

    The moment, any belief system becomes an institution with millions of dollars at it’s feet, of course that institution will become corrupt and untrustworthy…

    All religion(s) are the same… They play on the weak minds and the belief system of the individuals, furthermore, demand complete complecity and exceptance of their corrup ways using a really complex concept like “God”…

    The point is not whether there is a God or not? But rather why do we need religion to guide us to our own personal beliefs on the issue… Why can’t God be in my heart? Why do I need all these buildings, symbols, group meetings or some person who calls himself “gods representative” to tell me so??

    Clearly “religion” is a man made organization…

    I hope I did not offend the belief of the believers… :)

  3. @Nevin I’m inclined to agree with a lot of what you say but personally I’m leaning more and more towards Buddhism which is not so much a religion as a way of life. Their gentle way of life appeals to me.

  4. Nevin, you hope you did not offend the belief of the believers… !!!

    will you listen to yourself.

    The more offending of believers you do the better you’ll feel.
    Remember – these people, the believers, are deluded and lacking in inner strength. They need to rely on fairy tales to get through their days. Fair game, I say. give it to them big time.

    Don’t get me started…

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