Child-Rapist’s Life Sentence Reduced

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Jan 282009

What sort of sentence do you think would be appropriate for someone who continually raped two small boys over a period of two years?

And suppose this rapist had already served two prison sentences for raping other children?

Well, Mr Justice Carney pondered the crimes of Philip Sullivan, the rapist.  The attacks were described in court as violent, degrading and at the most serious end of the scale, and Mr Carney decided that a life sentence was the appropriate punishment.

Now, you already know my opinion on this.  I think child abusers should be fed through the gearbox of a tractor, feet first, but in the absence of this option I think the life sentence was the best available alternative.

That’s what Mr Carney thought too, and that’s the sentence he imposed after Sullivan’s conviction, but the Court of Criminal appeal didn’t agree.

They felt that Sullivan should get credit for pleading guilty and for having genuine remorse.  They recognised that Sullivan is a danger to the public but believed he could be dealt with by a shorter sentence followed by careful supervision after his release.  And so they reduced the sentence to fifteen years with the last two suspended.

Interesting.  They think the pervert shows remorse.  This rapist, whose most recent crime was to beat, degrade, humiliate and rape two little boys for one fifth of their entire lives, is now showing remorse.  I wonder if he showed remorse when he was caught the first time for raping a child and sentenced to prison? And I wonder if he showed remorse when he was caught for raping another child after his release?  And I wonder if he was feeling remorse while he was systematically raping these young boys over a period of a full two years?

When exactly did this feeling of remorse sweep over him?  Was it a sudden thing?  After all, the trial judge pointed out that Sullivan had not responded to treatment programmes or to counselling, so when exactly did he experience this Pauline conversion?  Was it when he found himself facing a return to prison?

The Court of Criminal Appeal also emphasised that a life sentence could be imposed in exceptional circumstances.  I wonder what those circumstances might be?

He’ll be out in five or six years, looking for more children to rape, because that’s what he is: a child-rapist.  The lowest form of filth spewed up by humanity.  He’s scum.  He’s dirt, he’s a dangerous, evil bastard and he’ll be back on the prowl in five or six years because the Court of Criminal Appeal believe his story about feeling remorse, and because they don’t think the prolonged and systematic rape of small children amounts to exceptional circumstances.

As for this careful supervision that the court places so much faith in, well I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the government is busy working out how to withdraw every public service that costs money, and that will include the people whose job it is to watch perverts after they get out of jail.

These child-rapists are calculating bastards.  They have to be to survive, and I guarantee you Philip Sullivan has already worked out how things will be when he’s released in five or six years time.  He’s already fantasising about the fun he’s going to have.

I wish we could feed his kind into tractor gearboxes. I really do.


Here are some places where people can turn to for help if they feel they need it.  All contacts are absolutely confidential.


Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Telephone: 01 661 4911

Freefone: 1800 778888

70 Lower Leeson Street

Dublin 2



Cork Rape Crisis Centre

Sexual Violence Centre Cork
5 Camden Place

Telephone: 021 450 5577
Freefone: 1800 496 496
Fax: 021 450 4690


Limerick Rape Crisis Centre

Rocheville House
Punch’s Cross, Limerick

Telephone: 061 311 511

Freefone: 1 800 311 511



Galway Rape Crisis Centre

7, Claddagh Quay
The Claddagh

Telephone: 091-583149
Freefone: 1800 355 355 (freephone)

Email :

Wexford Rape Crisis Centre

Clifford Street, Wexford

telephone: 053-22722

Freefone: 1800-33-00-33

e-mail :

Mayo Rape Crisis Centre

telephone 094 902 56 57

Help Line  1800 234 900



Other RCC contact numbers

Athone RCC 1800 306600
South Leinster RCC 1800 727737
Donegal RCC 1800 448844
Kerry RCC 1800 63333
Kilkenny RCC 1800 478478
Dundalk RCC 1800 212122
Sligo RCC 1800 750780
Tipperary RCC 1800 340340
Tullamore RCC 1800 323232
Waterford RCC 1800 296296




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    the legal process and the logic behind it remains a mystery. To you and me it seems like most judges are totally out of touch with the reality that is Ireland today. When the drug dealer Graham McNally was murdered last week it emerged that one of his convictions was for assaulting three gardai, he bit two of them and attempted to strangle the other. For this he received a 12 month sentence ! I’d really love to know the judges logic behind that decision.


    You remember the Kerry judge who was going out with a school girl (he was a fat 50 something year old pig – I met him) who was caught with hundreds of images of child porn? Do you remember he got off because of a convenient garda cock up? He then got caught driving pissed. These are some of the type of men judging what’s right and wrong. No doubt he got his pension. To some of them, they probably blame the kids for tempting them. This country is truly warped sometimes. I think people that rape children or the elderly, or anyone for that matter should be castrated. Take away their urges and their weapon, though maybe I’m being extreme.


    The thinking here is that an early guilty plea will spare the victims having to give testimony, and therefore it’s incentivised with reduced sentences. This cunt’s remorse is getting caught though.
    Another serious question is how the fucker got a job as a caretaker with access to children when he’d two previous convictions. That’s a complete failure to protect children.
    Oh that’s right, this is Ireland.


    I’ll put my hand up for an outdoor job employed by the Star Chamber if if ever gets going…
    Might be the only way to sort this out.


    He should move to Roscommon. You can do what you like there and no one bats an eyelid.

    Ah, I know I’m being unfair there. In all seriousness, though, I was dumbfounded when it was ruled that life for rape can be handed down in exceptional circumstances. Jesus, how much more exceptional do they have to be? I would have thought this one to be at the very extreme end of the scale! Is it because he neglected to kill these kids or something? The mind fucking boggles.


    My point exactly. Why isn’t this exceptional?

    Come to think of it, why would it need to be exceptional? This guy has now gone to prision three times for raping children. Isn’t it about time for the scalpel?


    The court of criminal appeal has on-going issues with the judge in that case – Carney, Carney more to the point has issues with that court and has had for some time. The children in this case are irrelevant and quite literally of no consequence. The exceptional circumstances are to be found in a strange and unfamiliar place as the ‘law’ resides deep within the realm of the ‘chattering classes’ (a unbelievabley real and terrifying place) and therefore not answerable to children.


    I like the gearbox suggestion. Though a lean more towards the liberal application of caustic soda, again feet first.

    Here’s hoping someone staves the fucker’s head in before he gets the chance to do it again.


    Ahhh.. the oul school tie again.

    An industrial wood chipper, 4 hungry sows, and the skull and teeth dropped into Loch Lommond just off of Firkin Point.

    A mornings work.. so I hear.


    I quite agree, life sentences for rape should not be dependent upon ‘exceptional’ circumstances. For any woman or child to be raped once is exceptional enough. Also, making counselling and rehabilitation programmes available to rapist and sex offenders really pisses me off. Most of the evidence shows that these interventions are not that effective, meanwhile services that pick up the pieces and provide help, support and counselling to survivors of sexual violence are consistently under resourced!!!!!!!


    Rosarie — I’m not quite going that far. In this case, I think there were exceptional sentences, but if you decide that all rape cases deserve a life sentence then you might as well not bother having a judge at all.


    Unstranger is right to point to the ongoing ‘relationship’ between Carney and the Court of Criminal Appeal. Carney has frequently prefaced sentencing with the opinion that he cannot impose a tougher sentence because, having done so in a previous case, it was reduced by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

    There is a big issue with sentencing precedent, and the mitigating effect of ‘guilty’ pleas. However, reoffending in any crimes against the person should permit a judge to impose the maximum sentence, without mitigation.


    I hope the cunt gets beaten and raped every day the cunt is banged up


    I am not saying that all rapes should automatically merit a life sentence, judges must be allowed discretion in their courtrooms. The problem with only allowing life sentences in exceptional circumstances is that however appalling a crime may be there is always potential for it to be worse. I think I would like to see the ‘exceptional circumstances’ more clearly defined. .


    I agree.

    The CCA is being illogical. Once a crime is sufficiently heinous, the perpetrator should get the maximum sentence without any further need to establish whether the crime is exceptional.

    I would say that a man receiving his third sentence for raping children should never again see the outside of a prison.


    The problem is that if you’re going to get the maximum sentence whether you plead guilty or not, then you might as well plead not guilty and see what happens. Given the state of our entire police and justice system, the judiciary are obviously anxious to incentivize a guilty plea and avoid the cost and time , not to mention pitfalls, of a trial.

    The solution to this is to increase the maximum sentence that can be imposed. There a number of options, your own gearbox one being a nice thought Bock, but I’d be thinking more of chemical castration at the bleeding-heart-liberal end of the spectrum, all the way through physical castration/public beatings/ and up to the death sentence. And thats without even using my imagination. Tattoing “child rapist” on the forehead would be quick, cheap, and circumvent the failure of the state to keep an eye on these guys. Spin offs would include massive savings to the exchequer from less imprisonment and from drastically less crimes of this type being committed.

    Lets not forget checks and balances though. If the punishment is drastic, the burden of proof must be very high, and knowingly making false accusations, or planting of evidence and such like should be punished almost as severely as the crime itself.


    I grew up in Kildare town in the 90’s, Philip Sullivan was a distant relation of mine and somehow managed to wriggle his way into my family home by using this excuse, through the ages of 11 – 12 He used to visit my room at night after being out drinking, things I have never spoken about before happened to me. I have tried to block it since but it has become a daily burden I have somehow managed to live with. I’m 27 now and until today I thought all that was behind me. I was sitting on the bus this morning on my way to work and picked up the Metro news paper.. his face was there, a face I haven’t seen in over 10 years.. I’m not sure if there is much I can do now but does anyone know my options?


    Anonymous — You can contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre in confidence. They have a 24 hour helpline and their free phone number is 1800 778888. They would be able to offer support, legal information and counselling if needed or wanted.

    If you wish, you can email me directly and I will put you in touch with someone who can help you through this.

    There is help and support out there. All you need to do is ask.


    Bock – Thank you for your kind words, it’s such a long time ago now I’m not sure what I’ll do, I will talk with my family about it first because this might effect a lot more people in my life than just me. I will keep the information you have given me. I greatly appreciate it!


    Isn’t it time the state authorities accepted that child molesters are that way because that’s their sexual orientation and they cannot be rehabilitated. It’s like trying to reorientate heterosexuals or, for that matter, homosexuals. Briseann an ducas etc.
    No matter how much therapy these people get it is always likely that they will reoffend and given the nature of the offence and the potential damage our children deserve the protection of the state. Whether it’s the gearbox, castration or prison they should never be allowed to be in a position to ruin another child’s life.
    One strike and you’re in for life.


    Anonymous — There’s a lot of support available for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out: people are waiting to take your hand. You’ve already made the bravest and most important step by ending your own silence.

    Everything from now on is going towards freedom for you.


    In north america these animals are known in jail as “short eyes” and it’s amazing how many of them fail to graduate from the real school of hard knocks. Even hardened criminals have standards.


    Short eyes.

    I’m curious to know where that expression originated.

    Obviously I wouldn’t be especially worried if Mr Sullivan’s remaining years turned out to be few.


    They only have eyes for short people, hence “He’s got short eyes”.

    Brass Eye came up with some of their own:

    Interviewer: You are a paedophile. You are a nonce. You’re a perv. You’re a slot badger. You’re a two pin din plug. You’re a bush dodger. You’re a small bean regarder. You’re a unabummer. You’re a nut administrator. You’re a bent ref. You’re The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. You’re a fence vole. You’re a free willy. You’re a chimney bottler. You’re a bunty man. You’re a shrub rocketeer.

    Paedophile: Yes well, you know, you’ve just mentioned some of the names that we have to put up with every day and it’s just another form of racism.


    Yes he will plan and plot what he will do when he comes out, and yes he will offend again. There’s no doubt in my mind. I feel sorry for all of us we are helpless when a system will entertain the reduction of a sentence such as in this case. I believe the Justice who sentenced him was doing the best under the circumstances and I believe there is no room to reduce the sentence, because other children will not be safe. I believe that anyone who interferes with the magic of childhood ought to be fed into the tractor. Yess he ought to be fed through the gearbox of the tractor and I would happily supply the tractor.

    I lived in Canada for many years and there was an horrific case where the perpetrator was done with his sentence and out in the community, he captured a boy in a shopping centre one Saturday afternoon while the boy was on a bench waiting for his Mother to come out of a store and take him for a haircut. In front of the whole world this guy took him, kept him alive in a basement for days while he abused him and then murdered him. The little fellow was only about 10 years old. No one in the community knew of the rapists existence and he was free to take little Christopher Steven’s life. It is sickening. This was about 20 years ago now and I still think about it. There is no place in the neighbourhood for those criminals, and you are so right to write about it.

    I don’t know the correct quote but it goes something like “For evil to prosper all that’s required is that good men do nothing.” At least by writing about it and protesting you are objecting to evil.


    He is a monster, has been raping all his life, and will always he should never have been let out, big guys have to pay price, born again christin what a joke he is sick and cant be fixed, he gets out again be it on irish gov heads Again, ,,,,,,,


    I agree with KingsBard, one conviction and they should never get another chance to re-offend. The states duty to protect children is not taken seriously on so many occasions. Pity our legislators would not fuss about childrens rights after birth as they do before birth.


    This man was employed, by the Catholic Housing Society, at caretaker, of Old Folks Home, at Middle Gardiner Street.In the free flat, this Catholic Church agency, gave him, he raped young boys.They already knew of his previous convictions.Why did they employ him


    Middle Gardiner Street, is in Dublin 1.This Sociteys phone numbers, are plus 353 1 8014311/2.Phone them, and ask them why they employed him.Look up theirwebsire@ chas, ireland.


    Catholic Housing Society, 16 The Atrium, Steelworks, Foley St, Dublin 1, former employers of PHILIP numbers 01/8014311, 01/8014312.They gave him free flat, where he carried out his vile deeds.WHY..WHY..WHY, when they knew of his past..their email do not reply to me.ASK THEM ASK THEM.This is crying out to THE HEAVENS, for answers, when they knew of his past.MY SON, WAS ONE OF HIS VICTIMS




    Hi Friend, I phoned that number, provided, and was told, yes, they employed him, when I tried to ask more, was told to go F…..myself, and the phone was banged down.Emailed them,no response.Hope it helps, and will keep trying.


    Well done.


    Hey man, I phoned that number, and they went ape, when I mentioned the sonofabitches name.Very UNCHRISTIAN LANGUAGE.The Catholic Church, and its agencies, are great, at hiding dirt, under the carpet.Will call them again, and record, their answer…for posterity.You have my sympathies.

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