Dell Cuts 1900 Jobs in Limerick

Here’s the price of complacency.  This town is to lose 1900 jobs in Dell over the coming year, and countless others in ancillary services.  It’s a big blow to us.

But of course, everyone knows that multinationals like Dell will move their operations wherever they can squeeze the most dollars from, and that’s why countries need to be promoting indigenous industry as Finland did with Nokia.

Did our bunch of weary governmental dopes have any such plan? 

Are you mad?  These guys were happy to ride the gravy-train straight over the precipice because they have neither the imagination nor the integrity to envisage a country run for the good of all its citizens.

These guys were happy to schmooze with the flim-flam merchants, the illusion-men: their property-developer buddies.  They were happy to collect the kick-backs as the economy grew into one gigantic national delusion based on a doomed property bubble that benefited nobody but Fianna Fáil and their builder pals.

During a decade of unprecedented revenue, one finance minister in particular, Charlie McCreevy, the bookies’ friend, shovelled it straight back out to the people who fund Fianna Fáil: property developers, with one ill-advised tax scheme after another.  He presided over a criminal conspiracy between the banks and the building industry to inflate property prices and enslave our children with lifelong debt.

But did this government do anything to support the emergence of a major indigenous industry?  No, they did not.  Instead of having the vision to create a strong future for all of us, they were content to continue attracting American investors through sharp practice by maintaining lower corporation tax than our European partners.  But of course, they didn’t have the wit to build up our transport infrastructure or our communications systems.  Instead, they sold off our telecom network to sharks who have no interest in investing.  In 1984 we had the most modern telecom system in Europe, and today we have a creaky tangle of old wires that delivers no real broadband. 

Without proper infrastructure, and in the absence of strong local industry, who’s going to fill the gap?  Who’s the new Dell?  Who’s going to be fooled by bullshit when we can no longer get away with low corporation tax, and when our communications are shit because this government doesn’t even know what the hell broadband is?

Listen, we’ve sat through years of tribunals looking into dirty carve-ups in back rooms, and we told ourselves we were now in a new era of straight dealing and honest talk.  And yet, now that the economy is in crisis, this government continues to slide barrowloads of our money out the back door while telling us to be patriotic.  This government of crooks is pumping billions into fake banks, Anglo and Irish Nationwide, while the real banks remain undercapitalised.

Why?  Because these banks fund property developers, and property developers, of course, are the guys who grease the palms of Fianna Fáil.

Meanwhile, as these crooks and fools borrow us into oblivion on the international money markets to keep their friends in the non-banks happy, Limerick is about to lose nearly 2000 front-line jobs and an unknown number of support jobs.


As one contributor points out, the real number of jobs lost is at least 3,000, not 1900.

Banta and Sercom employ 1100 people between them and have no customers except Dell. 


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54 thoughts on “Dell Cuts 1900 Jobs in Limerick

  1. I’m wondering if Dell is keeping a sham operation going in Ireland in order to avail of the low rate of corporation tax. So while Poland gets the jobs, we’ll keep the tax revenue? Might that be why the politicians aren’t making really cross noises about Dell’s departure?

  2. A career in politics? You mean you want me to become a shallow, superficial, two-faced, lying, crooked, empty-headed, puffed-up, self-important gobshite?

  3. No, Bock, I don’t think Paddy Anglican was thinking that. Maybe Limerick’s answer to Tony Gregory?

  4. I watched Willie O’Dea on the TV3 news a while ago and he accidentally let slip that Dell had told the Government about them moving the entire production side to Poland..1 year ago….
    Then tried to backtrack badly…

  5. this governments attitude to the manufacturing sector has been alarming. did it not announce a few years ago that we would move from a manufacturing towards a service sector based economy? call centres and the like? only problem is that countries like india are years ahead of us in that field. their staff watch all the soaps, news stations and football matches, so as to create the illusion we are speaking to someone from our locality. even elocution lessons are taken to develop regional accents. we don’t even have a proper broadband system. we have little hope in becoming a worldwide service sector economy.
    the agricultural,the fishery, the construction and the manufacturing industries are finished in this country. and as for the service sector, the only service we’ll be providing is ” do you want chips with that”

  6. We could do an Estonia on it and not charge any corporation tax.. They will be queuing up to exploit invest in the country…

  7. so little willie wanker and his umpalumpas knew about this a year ago,so why d fuck havent the bastards been working on a solution in that time?

  8. Bock – I agree with yourself and the previous posts – beginning to sound like a politician there already, eh? The dogs in the road knew Dell couldn’t last. Five years ago, we were paying €2500 for 400Hz PCs. Now we are paying €600 for 2-Gb chips – clearly the profitability has gone from the product. Our government have no buy-Dell policy, thanks to EU competition law. They must buy the cheapest, and ironically Dell are simply applying the same logic – they will build PCs where it’s cheapest.

    We need to take stock of our national assets and liabilities. We have no oil, gold, uranium or diamonds, and obviously no cheap labour. We are not even english-speaking any more, we are like all over the place like with grammar, syntax, vocabulary and like assembling coherent like sentences, do you know what I mean like?
    Our single greatest asset is our landscape, and we are allowing despicable gombeen county councillors to wreck it with bungalow bliss haciendas high up in the Kerry hills for D4 weekenders to use twice a year. This is borne out by the collapse of tourist visitor numbers, which were always artificially inflated to begin with. We still have potential to market our environment and heritage, but some enlightenment is needed in landscape management.

    The Limerick reponse to Dell is cringe-inducingly pathetic – a task force. There was one of those in place already when Krups went – did it bring Krups back?

    I think you should become Bock the Bookmaker on who will be on the task force. My bets would be on the ex-UL rocket scientist, and Ned Flanders from the County Council, Fat Johnnie from City Hall, and of course some tweedy dame or two in tweeds, pearls and flat shoes for gender balance, as long as they are chairpersons of some dipshit committee.

    Low-profit manufacturing is fucked, basically.


  9. Or Hewlett-Packard?

    Thank God the government used the time wisely and invested all that extra revenue in local industry instead of squandering it on stupid tax giveaways.

  10. maybe you SHOULD think about the politics thing,thought that 1 before 2 be honest,someone to pull em up when the bullshit starts a flowin…something’s gotta change round here so who’s gonna do it?

  11. Bock – you are right of course, I forgot about the gas, but the nett result is the same, we don’t have it. From a local Limerick perspective, what about Old Smokey out near Askeaton? If that goes…


  12. We’ll be alright. The world didnt end when Atari packed up and left, and neither were there the predicted plagues of locusts and frogs when Krupp’s fucked off. Things will eventually work out because people are people and will survive into the long term when the absolutely need to. The thing is, its the people that will carry themselves through using thier own will power and initiative due to the fact that our guardians are incapable of providing for us.

    Fianna Fail are the unfit parents to us children who, by hook or by crook, will root in the bin for the scraps we need to survive untill they sober up and feed us out of guilt.

  13. The one sure thing of the future is…is that Poland will be the next “Celtic Tiger” or as their emblem is “Eagle”, “Celtic Eagle”, because Poland’s emblem is a “White Eagle”. Their boom will be bigger, better, & longer because they will have learned from our mistakes…how not to manage a “Tiger”. So there it is folks, you heard it here first, now in a few months to a year watch Ryanair & Aer Lingus carry our nationals to work there. But it may not go to plan for us, seeing how a few of our feral thugs treated their national’s when they came to work hard here, mostly at jobs we Irish loathed & were too lazy to do. So my prediction for Poland is “BLISS” & I hope they enjoy their better version of our “Tiger”!

  14. Bock – I wonder if there is any individual who has worked in Ferenka, Mattersons, Wang, Krups, Atari and Dell? Dr. O make a good point – we have come from big blows before.


  15. banta is next read it here first,mate of mine was informed last night he wont be getting his contract renewed,he provides taxis for them,has been doing so quite a many suppliers to dell are going to go to the wall now and our politicans have done f*ck all,oh hang on lets set up a task force…an other way of justifying their salaries while they sit around and eat digestives and say words like terrible terrible,pass the milk.the catering companies,logistics,maintainence,taxi companies are all going to be screwed now,but f*ckit we have a task force,what will said task force do,help you update your cv to find a new job.they knew this was coming and did f*ck all to address the situation.

  16. I agree that the government did little, little of effect that is.
    They sent over Willie O’Dea and the minister for advanced masturbation techniques & whatever to see Meeeehal Dell a few weeks ago – why didn’t Biffo go?

    I mean, and with all duo respect to our beloved Willie, Meeeeehal must have looked up from his desk and thought that Groucho Marx was after being reincarnated.

    “Who the Fuck are you, security”

    If the T-shock had gone the cuts might not have been severe. He might have impressed on Dell that we were at least taking the threat of massive job losses seriously.

    Still, it is not the end of the world, some Dell workers will get a decent enough redundancy deal.
    But Dell are being particularly mean in basing the redundancy package on a flat rate of pay as opposed to a workers gross.

    But having said that some multi nationals just shut up shop and offer their workers the basic half weeks pay per year.

  17. what i find interesting is the government response that they will focus on bringing new jobs to limerick. if dell had not reduced its workforce where would these jobs have gone too? would they have bothered their arse even trying to create new jobs? perhaps they have a list of potential job opportunities and dole them out when they need positive press.
    on the subject of krupps. was that not also the most efficient plant for that company? if what i heard is true it was sacrificed for the sister plant in thurles. which also closed later.

  18. Hi,

    What about the article in Daily mail today about additional 1500 job cuts in Dell!!!!!

  19. Oh Christ I’m a raging angry. Yesterday’s announcements were lies, pure evil and constructed lies. 1900 people were not made redundant. 3000 people were .
    Banta and Sercom are 100% dependant on Dell Manufacturing. They have no other customers .There is no business for them other then the Dell business.
    There are 800 in BG and 300 -> 400 in Sercom. So yesterday’s announcements should have said 3000 people out of work. I was told that there were meetings in both organisations yesterday.

    And then there’s Flextronics , whose largest customer is Dell, I’m not sure exactly how many will be effected but you know where then is no main sitting tenant in a shopping mall, there is no mall. I think Flex. will call it a day soon.

    So, someone from that low-life scumbag Government of ours leaked the story about the Polish offering €50 -> €60 Million to Dell to “get” the jobs and the media fucking bought it hook, line an sinker and then took the spotlight of the problem . And when I asked the D4 TV crew last night on O’Callaghan’s strand “were they aware of Sercom and BG and Flex”, their fucking puppy eyes glazed over .

    Folks, shout it from the roof tops, yesterday was 3 fucking thousand not 19 fucking hundred.

  20. Sniffle – your’re absolutely right. It’s the live register figure for Limerick in January 2010 that will tell the true story, and it will be massive. The businesses that will fold probably don’t even meet the eye at present. The number of units that went belly-up in the Crescent Shopping Centre in December was shocking – Barratt’s Shoes, Zavvi, Adams etc – in DECEMBER ffs when the place is jammed with people! It means people are walking about but not spending – they knew the shhh was about to hit the fan.


  21. Let’s face it if I was Michael Dell looking at the two we sent over and seeing the shower of wankers running this sinking ship I would be pressing to get the fuck out of here. Having said that it’s a sad situation for the whole Mid West.
    Maybe paddyanglican is right Bock – you should run against wee willie.

  22. There is a word which describes the form of Government we enjoy in Ireland.


  23. To add to all of this………
    Do you remember when you switched on the “telly-eireann” news you had George Lee telling you that tax receipts were in EXCESS of government estimates AGAIN.Every week we were listening to it for years…….the continuous bouyancy was almost boring. WHERE THE FUCK IS ALL THIS MONEY NOW? Within 6 months of things going wrong the country is gone down the shitter and all the money is GONE….Now, Biffo(and ISME) want the workers of the country to give up their well earned pay deal ( as voted under partnership). WELL, they can FUCK OFF, ‘cos I for one won’t make a muppet of myself by opting to fix THEIR cock up’s……………fuckin’ cheek!!

  24. I bet all the poilsh folks over here are running home to earn €3 an hour, of course not.This has happened so many times in the last 3-5 years thats its not funny nor is the goverment taking it serious. Didnt alarm bells fucking ring off as the poorer/cheaper EU states joined the EU? Hello government?? Yeah i know you missed that coz of your 6 week Dail Holiday. Bunch of useless fucktards.

  25. Did I miss the “vote” on “partnership”?

    Was that the “vote” where the “partners” got bribed to vote for Fianna Fail again?

  26. Sorry Guys but I think you can count again.

    3000 jobs lost in Dell, in the “Dell supply chain” and ancilliary businesses is, at best, on the lower end of (logical) estimations.

    BTW – Does anybody really think that the rest of the Dell Limerick employees will have their jobs in Dell Limerick in the long term?

  27. Irishbloke – your right – Its NOT funny.

    But the problem isn’t that the government aren’t taking it seriously – The problem is that the government doesn’t know what to do.

    The government must have known for at least the last 18 months that Dell was going to Poland. What does the government do – wait until Dell gets the Polish Operation in place and then send a team to Mr. Dell to try to change his mind – weeks before Dell’s planned announcement. Are they (the government) really that stupid – YES !!!

    More problems – the opposition must have known about Dell 18 months ago – what did they do – SFA!

    Where does that leave us (the people of Ireland)?

  28. BJJ says:

    “Where does that leave us (the people of Ireland)?”

    At the mercy of the Kleptocrats.

  29. As 2000 workers in Limerick faced up to the reality of life on the dole this week our elected representatives, who many believe are the proud owners of Red Hurley CDs, were preoccupied with more serious matters, matters of the utmost national concern.

    “The inches we require are all around us”, roared Al Pacino in his inspirational pre match speech to the fictitious American football side before the Super Bowl final in the hit movie, Any Given Sunday.After a fashion, Beverley Flynn came within inches of greatness this week – but Biffo Cowen, manfully ignoring the plight of thousands of workers in Dell, went and spoiled it all.

    Given the recent history of Fianna Fail you would imagine that it would be nigh on impossible to get sacked by the soldiers of destiny.Like a county hurling final, anything short of homicide is permissible – as long as you don’t insult a man’s mother and you call your round.

    But despite the bar being set so high, Bev, as she is affectionately know in Mayo, managed to get herself sacked not once, but twice by Fianna Fail.
    This requires an enormous amount of dedication and concentration.

    During her time in the wilderness of the back benches she was allowed an allowance, circa 40 grand a year -twice the avergage annual wage in Dell, and more than the highest redundancy payment offered by that company – as an independent.
    But then this little piglet was persuaded to return and suckle on the sow of Fianna Fail. But did she surrender her allowance? Ask it another way, is our beloved Pope Benny an Islamic fundamentalist or a Glasgow Rangers supporter?

    Eventually, and with the meeeja baying for her entrails, she coughed up the independent allowance after the T-shock had a chat with her.
    Many observers were dismayed that Biffo persuaded her of the errors of her ways however, because to be sacked three times by Fianna Fail would be the stuff of legend.

    Statues would be erected of her. Anthropologists would festoon the plinth in wonder.

    Local Fianna Fail councilors, shiny suits, pound shop deodorant, bottom button of shirt open, gut spilling out, Red Hurley CDs…. – we should pause at this juncture to reflect on the deep evolutionary significance of a person willingly opting, minus any physical coercion, such as a person holding a Kalashnikov to your head, to listen to the multi talented Mr Hurley as opposed to lesser talents like oh lets say, Myles Davis, Morrissey, Dylan, Cohen, Roxy Music to name but five (but could they do the Huckle Buck I hear you ask….?), -…. white socks, brogues, swivel eyed, depraved, inclined toward exclaiming, aphros of nothing, “gwan up ta fuck ” would look up at said statue misty eyed, their lower lips a tremble with emotion.

    “She was handed a hat trick of P-45s by Fianna Fail,” they would sigh in awe.

    But alas, Biffo – does he possess Red Hurley CDs? – went and spoiled it all. Even when he’s right, he’s wrong. Meantime, we voted em in and they left 2000 jobs go down the toilet in a week when one of their members brazenly tried to hold onto €40,000 she wasn’t entitled to. Welcome to the parallel universe of Fianna Fail folks.

    What is there to be done with our government citizens of Hibernia. Their priorities appear to lie elsewhere. There are indications that there could be a cabinet reshuffle in the near future, talk about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Meantime, the real question we must ask ourselves is; are we being governed by people who think that Red Hurley is a serious recording artist?

  30. I’m kind of disappointment with the discussion here on Dell. You would think that all of ye lived in Dublin not Limerick or have no friends who work or who have worked there. Bet ye think Dell workers get paid €10 an hour because ye read it in the papers….

  31. i have lost all my patriotism
    irish people are as stupid as everybody says. it has to be true if they kept on voting FF into power. but i don’t give a fiddlers about dell or FF or anybody cos im a survivor, i drive a nice car, have a very nice house in a good area and i don’t care if it has lost half its value cos i owe f-all to the banks.
    the morons of ireland voted for poverty so let them have it. ill be fine. morons deserve to suffer.
    and finally im glad dell is closing cos im sick of the sight of polish everywhere i look. dont get me wrong i like polish people and everything else in moderation but when i walk through limerick city and every conversation of passers-by are in polish, i cant even have fun eavesdroping anymore. Then i get pissed.
    happy new year everyone

  32. shure why wouldnt he be sick of polish with him cleaning his nice house in his nice area and his nice car ,he must be polishing it day and night bock,and before he attacks me for showing him up to be the most conceited fool ive ever read a comment from,yes i drive a nice car,yes i own a nice house,yes i live in a nice area,yes im financially secure but would never in my life come out with such a retarded statement,thank god karma usually gives people like this a wake up call,thousands of people are going to suffer in the next few months due to dell leaving and all the smaller companies dependent on it for employment.i worked in dell years ago and was grateful for employment,and no id never vote fianna fail.and as for being stupid,well your comment shows your level of intellect.cheers bock for allowing me to get that off my chest

  33. Yeah you cant blame poland as much as most folks would love to but its the world economy and the situation we live in today. I might add the the Director of “Global Operations” in Dell is getting a very nice €7 million in redudancy as read in todays papers..

  34. yeah batman i am conceited and youre probably up to ur eyes in debt in a shitty 3-bed-semi in churchill meadows or kilteragh and for the record i have never polished or waxed a car in my life. but it was an ok joke bock.

  35. 5 bed jack,thanks for asking,the thing i like about this forum is even a person such as yourself is given freedom of speech.anyway this topic is about dell and it closure,not you or i so i will not get into a slagging match with you.

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