Doppelgangers. Mína Bean Uí­ Chribín and Mena Cribben

I have searched everywhere for an Irish name even remotely resembling Uí Chribí­n and I can’t find it anywhere.


Because it doesn’t exist.

That demented old maniac, Mena Cribben, harangued the nation in the sixties and seventies, and I remember my mother shaking her head in bewilderment at this crazy old potato-head.

It’s hard to understand why Mena would be so ashamed of her  married name, Cribben, that she would feel the need to transliterate it in the same way that so many of our native Gaelic names were anglicised. Cribben is a fine old Oxfordshire name that goes all the way back to the battle of Hastings, and I can’t understand why Mena wouldn’t be proud of that, even if she borrowed it from her husband.

I suppose the insecurity was because she was equally ambivalent about her own family name, Lawless.

The creature called Mína Bean Uí Chribí­n seems to be a construct, created out of denial. Why do some people seem unable to face up to reality and instead hide behind a gaelicised version of their names? I don’t understand this.

I remember the sixties, believe it or not, though I was but a child.

Even to my childish eye, Mena Cribben was a sad, though disturbed, person with obvious sexual issues which were driving the unfortunate poor woman nuts. I can understand that. Sexual hang-ups would drive anyone bonkers, and in Mena’s case the nuttiness manifested itself as an obsession with condoms and priests. (Not that a priest ever used a condom when screwing his housekeeper or his altar-boys. God forbid!)

Now, I was as saddened as anyone to see Mena popping up again after all these years, this time in support of a child-abusing parent. But I wasn’t surprised. That’s the nature of demented religious extremists the world over.

Who is Mena Cribben, and what entitled her to contact a social worker dealing with a sexual abuse case? Is Mena Cribben a member of the family? Is Mena Cribben a legal representative? Is Mena Cribben in any way entitled to interfere with an investigation designed to prevent the abuse of children?

As far as I know, Mena Cribben is nobody. So why does our State tolerate a demented woman interfering in an official investigation? Why didn’t somebody use their powers to prosecute this old busybody for obstructing a properly-constituted investigation?

Did somebody – an official of this State – lose their nerve in the face of lunatic Catholicism? Worse, was somebody instructed to drop it? And if so, who issued that instruction? And why?

Was there clerical involvement?

Mena, after all, has been the driving force behind the movement that gave us Justin Barrett, and Ann Lovett, a poor teenager who died, ironically, in a virgin Mary grotto while giving birth, because people like Mena created a culture of condemnation in this country.

We fought these maniacs over the years and to some extent we drove them back, but of course, as we know, they haven’t gone away.

Let me tell you this. If it kills me, I will not tolerate a return to an age when demented bigots like Mena Cribben try to tell me or those close to me what to do.

This is far from over.



7th August 2012.

Mena Cribben died today that the age of


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26 thoughts on “Doppelgangers. Mína Bean Uí­ Chribín and Mena Cribben

  1. being older than you bock I clearly remember this sexually frustrated lunatic years ago, it even annoyed me and I am an atheist what must it have done to practiscing catholics.

  2. Shes ticks all the boxes for me, anyway.

    Contrived I’m-as-Irish-as-Cuchulainn-yeh-dirty-West-Brit-shower-of-bastards Gaelicism, fanactical Catholic fundamentalism, and an evil old bag to boot. Is it really true she runs a post office in Santry? I won’t be my buying any stamps there, that’s for sure.

    Gombeen Man

  3. Here u shower of piss ants, 2 say dat a legend dat is mena is a demented old potatoe head is jus not on!!! dat woman has helped many people with education, free of charge and anytime they needed it!! she also has thought many young girls to reach their potential as singers, my sister being 1 of them!!! So whateva u may think of her, lay off, she is a saint, and ur all just a jelous bunch of Clowns!!! By d way, dis oxfordshire shite, stick it up ur hole n keep it 2 urself, nobody cares!!!!

  4. N y is dat m8?? cuz u tink so?? is dat ur opinion??? well dats gud bcuz ur a cunt n i dnt care!!! n who d fuk ar u neway?? how has dis ne effect on u?? cuz ur a gosip hungry queer!!!

  5. I jus dnt get wat dis has 2 do wit u n ur sad little website??? offending people since 2006?? well done, bet dat was hard!! ur obviously sad, fat n lonely so u rely on d internet n comments of odas 2 get by… well done m8, d world hates u!!

  6. This, my friends, is Youth Defence in action.

    What do you make of our little buddy Gav?

    I think I might switch him off in a minute.

  7. Luk, say wat yas like… mena has done so much for santry n does not deserve ne of dis!!! I forgot we lived in a world were people dont stand for wat dey blieve in!!!

  8. Cant handle the abuse?? u make me sik!! u wana offend people u gta take some bak!! LOSER!”!!

  9. Gav continues to fling insults, but since he’s only eight I thought it better to turn him off. I wouldn’t want to be accused of child abuse.

    While Mrs Cribben failed to teach him spelling, she clearly did a good job teaching him to be a hateful little shit.

    I must write about another event Ma Cribben was involved in when a bunch of nutters went to a school meeting and shouted abuse at parents planning to set up an RSE programme for their children. The police had to be called.

    I’d say Gav was one of those freaks, by the sound of him.

  10. Its pointless to blame this woman any more than to blame a lawyer who defended this mother????
    The law is to blame m8!!! She may not even hav supported her???
    N wat bou the baby p case wer the health services told the court that the child was not abused enough to be taken away?? there fault?? i would tink so!!!

  11. By d way, its txt m8, wudn expect ya 2 do much of it havn no1 oda dan readers!!! n i aint hatefull, jus dont like u!

  12. Y u all judging some1 u dont know?? dats d problem with this world… people who cant mind their own business!! if u knew this woman u wudn hav so much ta say, blieve me!!

  13. Haha if only u knew d half of it!! i wasnt 1 of those “freaks” no, bu blieve me wen i say freak i am!!! n y r none of my posts goin up?? startin 2 tink maybe i ava point??

  14. Message to Gav — None of your posts are going up because I don’t allow personal abuse in comments and because I don’t allow text on this site.

    Read the comments policy. Oh wait – I forgot you can’t read.

    Anyway, in your case, it might be because I don’t allow half-wits.

  15. After leaving comments under a different name in an attempt to sneak in the back door, and a brief foray into writing real English, Gav reverted to his tracker-knacker origins and threw another tantrum, leaving with this comment:

    Slan!!!! ur all cuntzzzzz!!!!

    I wonder if Gav is really Ma Cribben?


    By popular request, I released all of Gav’s txt comments. The more I look at them the funnier they get.

    I wonder if Gav would come back and throw some more abuse if we asked him. Maybe we could have a special Gav column once a week.

  16. Well BOCK, it’s good to see the effect your blog is having with the nutters in the country. Amazing the way they can consistently pop up out of obscurity when they think they can remain annomous. Cribben must have far reaching tentacles.

  17. oh bock. I was really enjoying your bit of banter with ma cribben, and you go and spoil it. if she won the lotto she wouls still be cribben

  18. Sympathies, Bock.

    I’ve had a few encounters with tossers like this too.

    Sadly, they reflect my belief that there’s a strata of Little Irelander nutters pushing their narrow, right-wing view of Irishness (but given this Pampers-clad tosser’s inabilty to communicate in English, I would doubt his/her proficiency in Gaelic)

    Mind you, the recession, they’ll have to fuck off elsewhere pretty soon – and hopefully encounter the same prejudice they espouse in their host nation of choice. Now that IS education.

    “Slan”, eh?

  19. No, GN, sadly they won’t leave, not while they feel the wind at their backs with a return to miserable times seen a blessing in disguise by the Cathomentalists. These are the nuts who convinced enough people that their babies were to be snatched from prams and conscripted into a mythical EU Army to swing the Lisbon referendum.

    Youth Defence, Ma Crubeen, Kathy Synott, Dana, indeed all “Defenders-of-the-Unborn-but-fuck-you-when you-pop-out Brigade” have every intention of using the recession to promote their agenda of fear and small-mindedness on the more vulnerable sections of society and swell the ranks of sinister right-wing fundamentalists such as Justin Barretts’ Schutz Jugend.

    The intention being to return us to the glory days of the 1930’s, where we can lock up unmarried pregnant sinners, ignore clerical child abusers and isolate ourselves from the rest of Europe. A place where Gav frm Atari would most likely feel at home and Orwellian txtspk become the norm.

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