Finding 2 Billion Euros

The government has gone into an agonising series of negotiations with the unions and representatives of business, frantically trying to cut back 2 billion euros from public expenditure this year.

It’s a desperate situation, and all bets are off. All contracts are out the window. Everyone has to give something back. Everyone has to take some pain, we’re told.

Everyone, that is, except the bankers whose criminal greed got us into this mess. They’ll be all right because the government will reach into your pension fund and give them your money to bail them out. And then the government will increase your taxes to give the bankers some more money. And then they’ll cut the services you get — services that were already inadequate compared to most European countries.

I have a couple of suggestions that might save them a lot of trouble.

You remember that deal with the Catholic church? The government paid 1.2 billion to people abused by religious orders, and the church paid one tenth of that figure.

Take it back from the church. Take back the whole lot from the people who did the abusing, and there you have 1.2 billion straight away. If they complain, tell them we live in a changed world and the country is in trouble. Remind them of their duty.

Then, when we’ve taken back that money, let’s go and talk to Shell Oil. Let’s tell them the gas in the Corrib field belongs to us, the Irish people, and if they want it they’ll have to pay for it, instead of taking it free, as agreed by the crooked minister of the day, Ray Burke. If they complain, tell them we live in a changed world and the country is in trouble. Remind them of their duty.

What’ll we call that? Let’s say 14 billion.

Excellent. There’s fifteen billion saved without having to sack a single street-sweeper, nurse or fireman.



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4 replies on “Finding 2 Billion Euros”

No no no… You dont get it. When they say everyone they mean everyone ELSE.

Those poor bankers have been left with no bonuses after this.

Did you hear that?

Thats right.

NO BONUSES dammit. How ever shall they keep their women in Cayennes after this???

And in fairness, its not like the government did anything wrong. I mean, if they did how could they give jobs to their boys ever again after that?

BOCK, the truth will out, being a brit saying, it is however applicable. The facts you have posted here wil not make it to the ‘main-stream-media’. So we carry on and wait.

The Corrib Gas field has been revalued nearer €10billion. Even if the cost of extraction and refinement were 50% of that, that’s still a lot of extra moolah Brian and the lads to squander.

I’d go further with taking money off the church. I’d take every single penny from them! I’d convert churches into accommodation for the poor and have the priests out filling potholes.

Dead right Goblin.
The churches were built on the donations of the poor. The land donated by those who didn’t have the right to give it away in the first place.
Do like in France. Nationalise the churches. Make the Catholic church become an associative organisation like ‘Concerned mothers against Boogy Men and other Fairytale creatures’ and they can rent the fucking things back. Add to that the fact that non baptised people could then hire the church for a wedding ceremony (money in the state coffers). In certain parts of Canada (notably Quebec) you can rent the church for a party. Brilliant, seats for everybody. Seats that double as benches to sleep on at that.
It well passed the time when we should be humouring our traditional beliefs to the point where they get a complementry ‘get out of jail free’ card, or indeed a ‘don’t even stand in front of a court of justice’ card.

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