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Gaza — The Ghetto Slaughter Begins

Tzipi Livni’s election campaign began in earnest tonight when Israeli ground forces moved into the Gaza ghetto.  They brought tanks to fight civilians and their stated aim is to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure.


By inflicting terror.

  The peace-loving Merkava tanks will take on the evil terror-loving  Palestinians and force them to be reasonable.

Accept the prison we made for you.  Live in the filth we created for you.  Forget the homes we stole from you and be sensible.  Stop firing home-made rockets at our desert and we’ll stop bombing you with our supersonic jets.

What could be more reasonable?

And in another immensely reasonable act, the Israelis made sure that all foreigners were removed from Gaza before their armed forces entered the ghetto.  This ensures that only reasonable and balanced reports from Israeli intelligence reach the world’s media as the operation begins.

Therefore, I expect that only terrorists and Hamas operatives will be killed.  Hundreds and hundreds of terrorists and Hamas operatives.  Perhaps thousands — who knows?  After all, Gaza is full of terrorists.

In coming days, watch out for all those terrorist children being  slaughtered, and all those Hamas-sympathising babies.  Watch out for reports of evil, terror-loving Palestinians, so bloodthirsty that they’ve lived in the Gaza compound since 1967, or 1948 if you prefer the view of an Israeli commenter here,  after being thrown off their farms to permit the creation of the Israeli state, shooting the occasional firework at land occupied by those who ejected them.

These people must be crushed.  They must be forced to compromise  by the F16s and the Merkavas.  They must be forced to see reason and accept that they will never be permitted to return to their homes because those farmhouses are now the property of the Israeli families who moved into them when their original owners were kicked out by force of arms.  But not by terror, obviously, because terror is something other people do — the sort of people who disagree with Israel.

Why can’t these terrorists see sense?


Here’s a scene from Hell.  Do not look at this video if you are easily shocked.




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31 replies on “Gaza — The Ghetto Slaughter Begins”

Disgraceful shameful action by an arrogant gang of criminally insane immoral dupes. Israel you are a failed experiment, crawl off back to where you came from and ponder your evil deeds in shame. Damn you.

Great post, Bock.

So close to genocide, this. From the government of a people who of all people should be repulsed by the idea

|Stop firing home-made rockets at our desert and we’ll stop bombing you with our supersonic jets.”

Yeah right….They are shooting rockets for 8 years on the dessert.

This is why israeli attacking..

thank you for sharing the truth. its utterly disgusting, the self destructive policy of israel and dehumanizing the people of palestine systematically for decades now.

let all oppressions stop. let murdering of children come to an end.

Amusing. Where shall I start correcting you?

The prime minister and decider is still Ehud Olmert, and he hates Tzipi Livni’s guts, so he certainly is not doing this to bolster here (and he himself is not running in these elections).

Foreigners WHO ASKED TO GET OUT were allowed out. In the Internet era, most reporting is anyway done by locals who broadcast images and videos (naturally, unbiased) out.

Israel was created in 1948, not 1973, based on UN’s partition resolution. Palestinians rejected it, arab armies invaded the fledgling state and called on the Palestinians to get out and “let them do the job”. They lost, and those who got out lost too. That’s war and they lost. Those who stayed, by the way, are full citizens and form 20% of Israel’s population.

Much of the land you call “stolen” was purchased by zionist jews in large sums of money from local arabs who had no problem ceding control over it, long before the state was founded.

Palestinians had a lot of chances to pursue peace. We had a peace process going from 1993 to 2000 where they got increasing autonomy in their land, their economy recovered, and we negotiated all the tough issues. But Arafat did not want to take the tough decision and instead thought he can achieve more by starting the “2nd intifada” in 2001. Then in 2005, despite additional peace talks failure, we left Gaza unilaterally, uprooting thousands of Israelis. We don’t expect anyone to cheer that, but at least for hostilities to reduce. Nope, the number of rockets fired from Gaza in 2006 was over 3 times higher than 2004. See

Now you’ll probably say “but the crossings, the crossings”. The main reason that keeps those closed, causing a lot of the poverty in Gaza is attacks by Hamas and Jihad. Yes, they attack the crossings and then cry foul at Israel for closing them in response. Here is an entire list of all incidents:

Indeed, why can’t they see sense?

Why don’t you start correcting me by bombing me?

Olmert is ineffectual and Livni is the one with political ambitions. This is a politically-motivated attack which will never achieve its stated aim, and that is why all this loss of life is so wrong.

I know when Israel was founded. The 1973 date is a typo which I have now corrected. It should have been 1967 when Israel re-took the Gaza strip, but if you want to use 1948 as the baseline for the creation of the ghetto that’s fine with me.

The purchase of Palestinians’ land was an offer they couldn’t refuse, and you will know perfectly well of the destruction of villages and ejection of thousands from their homes.

In your callous phrase “that’s war” you reveal your indifference to the plight of these people. It isn’t war: it’s ethnic cleansing.

Gaza is nothing more than a holding tank for the 1.5 million people kicked out of southern Israel. Here’s a suggestion for you: why don’t you let these people back into their homes, and see if that helps?

” It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate tireless minority, keen on setting bushfires of freedom in the minds of man.” Samuel Adams.

Eternal gratitude to Bock for his continued hosting and highlighting of the plight of a people.

“Why don’t you start correcting me by bombing me?” – Huh?

Look Bock, I know blog comments are not the best place for a deep, fact-based discussion, but exactly what ethnic cleansing? a hundred civilians killed? just in the bloody Hamas takeover from Fatah a year ago there were more killed by the hands of their “brothers” – “Factional battles kill 616 Palestinians since 2006” (that’s from June 2007). Loss of innocent lives in this conflict is appaling and tragic, but surely not ethnic cleansing.

And how about letting the refugees of WWII be resettled in their previous homes, or any other conflict? my parents are also refugees, they had to flee Tunisia (an Arab state) after Israel was created, as their good neighbors started threatening them more and more. So they left their house, a shop they owned, and all possessions there and fled to start a new life in Israel. The numbers of those “refugee jews” from all arab states (now there you have true ethnic cleansing) are similar to Palestinian numbers, but these people didn’t whine and didn’t ask for compensations, but took their destiny in their hands.
Palestinian refugees, on the other hand, are pawns in the hands of Arab rulers, who use them to silence their own mobs, by rallying against Israel instead of against their corrupt regimes. Why do you think 60 years later, still they live in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria (Jordan is an exception) despite their arab brothers’ oil wealth?
And why ignore the long story about peace talk efforts? peace will eventually come but not with Hamas, who claim daily they don’t want peace, but rather to eliminate Israel.


1) Please read this

and tell me why we should take Israeli propaganda at face value.

2) We are watching the Superpower of the Middle East attacking tiny ill equipped Gaza. Don’t expect us (or me at any rate) to see it as Israel “defending itself” – it having strangled Gaza almost to death already. Hamas may have wild notions of eliminating Israel, but we all know it’s not going to happen. Not while Israel is armed by the USA and has at least 200 nuclear warheads.

3) We here are well aware of the Holocaust. However, the events of WWII do not give Israel rights above and beyond every other State on the planet, the right to break international law, have virtually all UN resolutions against it vetoed by the USA, or the right to create humanitarian disasters at will.

The debate in Ireland about this war drives me mad because frankly, it is lazy minded. I resent the fact that I am about to look like I am defending Israel unconditionally because that is not what I want to do but the following has to be said. What Israel is doing is not genocidal. To say so trivialises the act of genocide. It is not ethnic clensing (although in previous conflicts that description is legitimate) and they are not committing war crimes. It is a war crime to intentionally target innocent civllians. I have seen no evidence that Israel has done this in this conflict.

Look lets cut away all the bullshit here. I now Israel and I know how and why they act. They do not target non combatants. But there is another category of civillians. Those that are active sympathisers the same as any militant organisation has. These people help Hamas blend in with civillians. Again Israel does not target these people directly but to put it bluntly, they are not going to go out of their way to avoid killing them. Because yes thats war.

I think some people are confused about what is goin on here. This is a vicious fight to the death between Hamas and the IDF. Its not a game of cricket. And Israel is fighting it agressivly and honestly. They are openly trying to kill as Many Hamas fighers as they can. And they will do it by taking them down gangster style if necessary. We all know the British fought dirty in the north, but they got the UDA, UVF ect to do it for them. The Israelis have the balls to do it hemselves.

I am under no illusion that the Palestinian people are probably the most screwed over people ever. And I cannot imagine the hell they are living through right now. But it is never going to change unless Hamas abandons the idea that one day they will be in a position to deliver a final fatal knock out blow to the state of Israel. Because no country anywhere would empower an enemy and cede control of territory to an orgainsation that wants to destroy it.


I’ve just finished reading this long Vanity Fair piece, and I’m not sure I understand why you referred me to it. Most of it I already knew before, that’s the kind of reporting we have here in Israel, it’s hardly a hoo-rah black-and-white press here. Dahlan is surely not a good guy, and switching control back to the corrupt Fatah rule would be a disaster for the Palestinians. I actually mentioned this bloody fight between the two factions in my comment. Also the fact that there is some ugly politics going on behind the scenes is not new.

The bottom line is exactly the depressing reality Israel faces as options – Fatah is more of a negotiating partner but is corrupt and incapable, and Hamas has much higher values, supports the population in charity and rule of law, but has a terrorist agenda and a charter that calls for the jihadist destruction of Israel. Trust me, if Hamas was willing to change that, they would immediately become peace partners (like the PLO did in 93). I know they can’t really destroy Israel, but how can you consider such an organization a peace partner? just remember in your case what an issue was the Irish constitution claim for Northern Ireland, far cry from, say, a call for military destruction of the United Kingdom (as ridiculous as it may sound). But perhaps you had another point to make, pls clarify.

And I made no mention of the holocaust, why do you bring that up? by WWII refugees I meant non-jewish issues such as the expulsion of German civilians and others. And what I told about my own parents took place AFTER the holocaust, in 1951 (although they indeed had to endure a short Nazi occupation, which luckily ended with the Nazis losing their north Africa battle, before they could start transporting local jews to death camps). The point there was just with regard to resettling war refugees.

People have you never read the Bible? The “Tribes of Israel “ are God chosen are allowed by God whatever they wish.
The fact that that they also have a very large say in the United States of America is not important.
For five thousand years Israel has slaughtered any perceived opposition .
I find it of interest that so many friends of Israel should contribute to this . The good old “there were six million of us killed in WWII” There were ten million Russians killed in WWII and when they had a go at Georgia ,America was talking about WWIII (see the Gov. of Alaska comments)

Ted — I have not described the attack on Gaza as ethnic cleansing. I said the Gaza ghetto exists as a result of ethnic cleansing, and I believe it to be Israel’s holding tank for the people driven out by that ethnic cleansing.

If you pack 1.5 million people into as small an area as Gaza, you can be certain that bombing the place will cause many civilian deaths. Therefore, in a place like Gaza, created by Israel, there is no difference between targeting Hamas and targeting non-combatants.

Furthermore, like it or not, Hamas won the elections and reflects the opinion of the majority of Palestinians.

Is it any wonder that these Palestinians would want the destruction of Israel after what has been done to them? But wanting israel’s destruction is not the same as achieving it, and as you know, hyperbole is not always what it seems in the Middle East. Hamas will never have the capability to destroy Israel.

To extend the comparison, if I called for the abolition of Israel, would they send an F16 to bomb me?

This is not a fight between Hamas and the IDF. This is a political gambit before the Israeli elections and Obama’s accession to office. This is cynicism taken to monstrous levels.

Your comparison with the British in the North is interesting. I see that the Israelis have started shelling the ghetto with 155mm howitzers. How would the world have reacted if the British army had shelled west Belfast, or if they had attacked the Falls Road with supersonic jet bombers?

I will agree with you on one thing: the Palestinians are among the most screwed people in the world, and I wonder if we Irish, or the British, or for that matter the Israelis, would have been as patient as the Palestinians in the face of the injustices they have suffered.

Ofer — At least Fatah was secular. Hamas is a creation of Israel just as bin Laden and the Taliban are creatures of US policy.

I hate this word “terrorist” because it means whatever we want it to mean. In Israel’s case, it seems to mean anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly approve of their treatment of the Palestinians now and in the past.

If you had been displaced and herded into a place like Gaza, would you not become a terrorist?

Nora’s response is here. It just took a while to come up.

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ofer; I have two questions.
1. General Altiva Leibowitz, of the IDF stated last night on Channel 4 news
“We will not make the mistakes made in the ground force invasion of southern lebanon in 2006, we have, since then been training our defense forces in urban warfare since 2006”

Why would she say that ? does that indicate that there was a plan to invade Gaza ?
The economic sanctions placed seem also to be a very strong indicator.

Just after Hamas were democratically elected in 2006, were not 40 paliamentarians arrested ? Are they not still held in an Israeli jail without trial or accusation ?

What is the difference between the Israelis creating a “jewish” state and the Palestinians creating an Islamic state ?

Even if we place history and politics and religion to one side.
How can people with human feelings watch the slaughter that is being inflicted in Gaza ?

Why does Tzipi Lipsvi continue to deny the humanitarian crisis ?
Is it reasonable, politically that an ex member of Mossad, such as Tzipi Lipsvi should be in the political position she is in ? or is that exclusive to Israeli politics ?

The Palestinian people cannot continue to pay for the world collective guilt over the holocaust.
You stated you were a refugee, apart again from history,politics, religion, what part of your being can condone this violence ?

Again history, politics and religion has forced us to choose sides, anti Israeli/anti Palestinian, Do you see a non violent solution ?

Corruption is rife among Israel/Arab/European/American etc etc leadership……A solution ? So we will get back to the History/Political/Religious debate.

As I stated in a past post, “God is not an estate agent”…..and i suppose the bible was’nt his mode of advertising.

Well there u go, the arguments that such footage generated here is I believe; typical of the NET so far removed from the death camp that is Gaza. Well done BOCK, I seldom anger and seldom am shocked these days but this one’s got me seething. Thanks for bringing it here. I will reflect on my future plans.


I only used the word terrorist once, but I agree it’s an abused term (one man’s freedom fighter etc.). As for your question, it is indeed a hard one, and in honesty it’s quite possible I would (not a terrorist but quite possible a fighter). Still, that wouldn’t necessarily make me a moral person, only a patriot, and you could ask the same question about a young German in the 1930s, not sure what it proves. And yes, I agree Hamas was in some way helped at first by Israel’s desire to see leadership other than the corrupt Fatah, but just as with Al Qaeda or Taliban, you don’t really think this justifies their attacks, do you?


That’s a lot of questions, I’ll try to answer them all, it will take a long comment…

I don’t know this general, but that makes sense. Why does it surprise you? an army’s job is to make war plans for every scenario, and with rockets firing nonstop from Gaza in the past 8 years it would be quite irresponsible not to prepare a military operation to stop it. I’m not sure I understand why that’s a surprise (the surprise should be why we waited so long with it).

The Hamas paliamentarians were arrested after the kidnapping of the soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas (reminder – he was kidnapped from within Israel after Israel left Gaza, not taken hostage while inside Gaza), see here, but Israeli courts have quickly ordered their release as there was insufficient evidence against them. Gilad Shalit, on the other hand, remains captive until today, with no legal proceedings, no red cross visits (ever), hopefully still alive.

I didn’t make any arguments against an Islamic state. There are plenty of peaceful Islamic states, including Indonesia and Turkey. Had negotiations with the PLO concluded successfully, the outcome would have been a Palestinian state, most likely Islamic.

Gaza is at war, not slaughter. There is no targeted killing of civilians, which existed for example in the frequent bus bombings Hamas carried out so successfully in the past 15 years, until Israel finally succeeded in thwarting most of it in recent years. Having said that, I feel very bad for civilians hurt, in particular kids (being a father myself), but I think (hope) you’re also hearing about the efforts the army is doing to reduce those innocent casualties of war as much as possible. Yes, I know you’d rather hear me say we should stop completely as a result of that (and go back to being sitting ducks to rockets and bombers), and that’s what Hamas is counting on, but a state’s first liability is its own citizens’ safety.

I truly don’t understand the questions about Tzipi Livny. Are you asking a question or making a claim? and what’s wrong with serving in your country’s secret service? surely that’s better than, say, a deputy 1st minister who supplied detonators for nail bombs.

And again the holocaust. Did anyone mention that? did Israel mention it anywhere? if there’s anyone feeling guilty, it’s probably the ex-colonial powers, who automatically stand up to the people they previously oppressed, with many Brits’ urge to glorify the “noble arabs”. I don’t condone any violence for sake of violence, this is a political situation with militant moves from both sides, fighting an asymetric war. All wars today are such, but you only hear about Israel…

I am so terribly saddened with Humanity.

I am not a violent person, but I wish someone would throw a shoe smack into the middle of Tzipi Livni’s face.

Forgive me for throwing my few words in – I’m not as historically aware as some but I know where I stand.
Looking back isn’t is good that the English turned out to be so civilised back in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century. Using todays logic they should have copied the U.SA.’s lead in Iraq and Isreal’s latest foray and bombed the catholics back to the stone age then followed up with a mass invasion.
But no. They realised early on that you can’t do this to civilians – you have to wait, then talk. You can’t wage traditional warfare on an enemy who wears no uniform. You have to seek him out and talk.

But then again I know nothing.

Bock that video clip you showed said more than anything written anywhere. Truly tragic and revolting. How anyone can justify that kind of destruction is beyond me.

ofer; thank you for your response to my questions.

let me be clear, i am not anti Israeli as in people, I am not anti or pro any religion, my concern is human life and suffering.

Bock; this is going to be a long one.

may i present some facts and correct me if i am wrong.
Under the 1947 partition act, land was apportioned as follows.
Arab state 11,655 sq kms
Jewish state 14,245 sq kms.
Jerusalem international zone 2%
The introduction of martial law post 1948 displaced two thirds of the 1.2 mil palestinian arabs
1947. W.Jerusalem pop 99,690 Jews
1967. W.Jerusalem pop 194,000 Jews
1947. W.Jerusalem 50,000 arabs
1967. W.Jerusalem 0 arabs
The introduction of martial law led to expansionism, as in gave Israel the right to seize goods and immovable objects (houses and lands) from Arabs who had fled.
estimated value of said seizures from 80mil$ to possibly 7 times that.
total amount of land Israel/Gaza/West Bank = 25,900 sq kms.
Gaza= 390 sq miles
W.Bank total=5,860 sq kms
Jewish occupation W Bank (exclu Jerusalem) 2344 sq kms.
West Bank contains 23 local jewish authorities.
Israeli government provides incentives, subsidies, low cost housing for Jewish settlers in this area.
There are specific roads/areas in this area restricted to use by Jews only, called SSA’a (special security areas)
Building permits for palestinians are not permitted in this area.
A palestinian must obtain a permit to enter his/her own lands in this area.
Land owned by Palestinians in this area can be re zoned to SSA’a status at any time.
Barriers are erected dividing lands owned by Palestinian farmers.
You may be surprised that I am surprised by many factors relating to the actions of your government, but yes, i am shocked and appalled, but theres the geographical facts give or take a kilometer
I would also think that the Irish people would be very shocked and appalled to find a Minister representing them was an ex spy.
However, lets stick to the geography and leave politics/history /religion out of this equation.
total land 22,024 sq kms.
total Israeli/Jewish occupation 22,024 sq kms
total Palestinian Arab ownership ? 3,876 sq kms.
How did the Israelis stray so far from the 56%
I wish safety and well being to you and your family.

sorry, I made a mistake with my final land total
the total area is 25,900* sq kms of which 22,024 sq kms is Israeli occupied
3,876 sq kms is Palestinian Arab
good night and peace be with you all

Ofer — Morality doesn’t come into it. If I were driven from my home, as the Palestinians were, I would use violence to recover what was mine. So would most Israelis, and they would be right to do so.

I don’t try to justify Hamas. If you know this site, you will realise that I don’t like any kind of absolute belief. However, I can understand the violence coming from Gaza, and I think I would probably be a lot worse than the Palestinians if I found myself in their position. I can’t believe how patient they have been.

I am saddened and sickened.
If shooting fish in a barrel is the result of political and/or religious thinking I am thankful to be neither politically nor religiously minded.I would usually not comment on a subject such as this but now I have to.Any respect or admiration I ever had for the state of Israel is now gone forever.I do not in any way agree with the actions of Hamas but Israel’s behaviour here has so far been nothing short of apalling.
You said it Doc Orgasm….Shame on Israel.

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