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Jan 052009

Read this: Gaza Today

It’s the diary of a young Palestinian under fire.

Leave a comment on the site.  Show him he isn’t alone in the world.


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    hallo!!!i’m italian girl and i love palestinian peoples…i’d like to knoow if israel stop the war? sorry for my english!!!


    Im from Indonesia..South East Asia..Me and my country care about the palestinians..We always speak up to your freedom…I always pray..The war would be over,soon..Insyaallah..


    We are all standing by Palestine. Israeli attacks on schools and hospitals and UN buildings, their use of white phosphurous, and their subsequent lies and attempted cover-ups are appalling evidence of their inhuman genocidal campaign against the people of gaza. Meanwhile their unprovoked blockade, assassinations, and growing “settlements” in the West Bank will ensure there will never be peace. Thank you for showing us the human side of this horrific tragedy. Someday perhaps the people and political leadership around the world will wake up.

    An American


    I’m English and non-Muslim but a believer!
    Greetings and wishes of peace and strength to you and to all Palestinian people. My heart has always pained for the plight of Palestinians. I’ve tried to eradicate mistaken views, misconceptions of those who judge them harshly and blindly support the occupiers of Palestine. Yes, there are many non-Palestinians who see “I” (Israel) as occupiers. Some say,”Palestinians loss the war,lost their rights, get over it…” I then ask how they would feel if in the same situation as Palestinians are today. Would they not respond similarly to the threat of the occupier if cornered?Whatever happened to the idea,”give me liberty or give me death” as Americans have often exclaimed? Don’t the Palestinians have an equal right to “defend” their fellow countryman and sovereignty as some say the “I’s” do? I pray for the violence to end from both sides as so many innocents are lost…yes, on both sides. However,the “world leaders” must begin to look with eyes that are not biased or blinded by cynicism or cultural prejudice. The power brokers of the (West and East) may or may not honestly care one way or the other about the fate of Palestinians. I promise you…there are countless numbers of “lesser mortals” in the United Kingdom and United States that care very deeply about Palestinians as a people and in the principles described above.
    Remain hopeful as change can happen in favour of those who’ve suffered by the hands of the unjust…of the occupiers.
    Peace be with you.

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