Irish Government Nationalises Anglo-Irish Bank

So the government have taken over one of the zombie banks?

Anglo. The bank that likes to say Yes when its directors want to borrow a hundred million euros on the sly.


Why didn’t our government tell them to get stuffed when they came looking for a guarantee of their liabilities?  Why didn’t they tell them to fuck off down the toilet with their despicable, crooked speculator buddies and their ridiculous property deals that have fucked up the Irish economy?

It would have been very simple.  After all, it isn’t as if Anglo are part of anything bigger than the unlettered cabal we’re pleased to call developers in this little island.  As a simple conduit for speculative money, Anglo has no involvement in day-to-day life and its demise would have had no impact on the economy.

So why? You’d have to ask yourself why the government didn’t let this zombie return to the grave where it belongs.

Would you like to know?

Very well, then, since you ask.

The reason is that Anglo provides funding for the shuffling gobshites who buy and sell property in this country, and those very same shuffling gobshites are the ones who quietly siphon cash to the shuffling-gobshite party: Fianna Fáil.

And who are Fianna Fáil? Why, none other than the government of this fine, incorruptible land.

Isn’t that a nice, neat circularity?


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6 thoughts on “Irish Government Nationalises Anglo-Irish Bank

  1. Loan application to Anglo Irish Bank, January 16, 2009

    Dear Sirs,

    It’s come to my attention that your fine institution is the place to go for the big loan.

    Me and the brother has the opportunity of a lifetime and we want youse in Anglo in on the deal.

    Here’s how it’ll be:

    There’s a fella over our way with 25 acres of unfirm land he wants ridda and we think we could take it off him easy for a few hundred grand.

    We reckon the right time’s right for a super multi-story car park for the village.

    Some might say (that’s you Mullen, if you’re reading) that we don’t need a car park here in our fine parish but you should see the place when the partron’s on with cars jammed solid.

    With our plan, there’ll be plenty of parking
    when the upturn comes and the tourists start back, we’ll be ahead of the posse. Besides, we have to do for the community.

    So, let’s get her built.

    It’s crucial that we get the funds by the end of the week as we’ve a boy lined up to do the ground work Tuesday.

    I know a few hundred grand’s not much of a loan so we were thinking we’d apply for 30 Million to keep things real.

    250,000 for the bog
    200,000 to smooth the planning
    50,000 each for 12 councilors (that’s 600,000)
    300,000 for building it
    3,000,000 squirrel money
    4,000,000 in subsistence
    and the balance for contingency.

    (If the 30M isn’t enough we’d be willing to take a bridging loan for another 10M).

    We’ll take it as done and ready to rock if you don’t come back to us with any objections or concern by Monday.

    Yours etc,

    Nodanawink Inc

  2. Take a look at section 8(8) of the draft Anglo Irish Bank Bill 2009. It can de downloaded directly from the Dept. of Finance website:

    Sec. 8(8) provides:

    (8) If the Attorney General considers that an order under subsection (5) contains matter that is commercially sensitive, he or she may direct—

    (a) that the obligations in relation to the order under section 3(1) of the Statutory Instruments Act 1947 are to be taken to be satisfied by the printing, sending to the institutions mentioned in section 3(1)(a), publication and sale of a version of the order from which the commercially sensitive matter is omitted, or

    (b) if the preparation of such a version would be impracticable, or would result in the version being seriously misleading, that the order is
    exempt from the operation of section 3(1) of that Act.

    In simple terms what the above seems to be providing for is that if the AG decides that any Ministerial Order (made pursuant to the Bill) contains “matter that is commercially sensitive” it does not need to be published and the Minister can in effect act in secret.

    So, our money is being used to buy this “zombie” bank as you so correctly call it but we’re to be kept in the dark about what the Minister does with it.

    Seems to be yet another attempt to prevent the taxpayer from knowing the truth about AIB’s actual financial status.

    Accountability me arse!

  3. Well if anyone was ever in doubt, understand that this anglo carry-on is clear evidence to all of just who is actually running this excuse of a republic. Dept. of Finance ‘officials/puppets’ is who, just not sure exactly who is pulling thjeir strings yet. It’s not the Government, not the bankers either, so who could possibly wield such power and do so since the foundation of this state? Here’s a clue, during the revolt against the English invaders; (recall 1916), the legal eagles, i.e. the judiciary with top barristers of the day, the catholic church hierarchy and the top guns of the medical proffession, all met up to decide how best to carve up the new nation once the brits were finally removed! This actually happened, so factor this information into the anglo carry-on and understand the depths to which the government politicians are willing to stoop for monetary reward. Well done BOCK, again.

  4. enjoy your website bock how about getting Eva Joly to investigate corruption in ireland? would you
    start the ball rolling ?

  5. I would have no idea how to go about that. Could you explain more of your plan to get Eva Joly involved in Ireland?

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