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Israel Obstructs Medical teams In Gaza

The obscenity continues.

In this video, Katharina Ritz, head of the ICRC mission in Israel and Palestine, tells of Israeli soldiers preventing ambulances from reaching victims.  Medics had to remove starving children and dead bodies on a donkey cart.

Other witnesses describe finding bodies that had been run over by Israeli tanks.

Also today we hear that the Israeli military will investigate whether or not it committed war crimes by firing phosphorus munitions at civilians.

This is an interesting development: the accused investigating themselves.  I wonder what will happen if they find themselves guilty?  Will they jail themselves or, since they’re so keen on an eye for an eye,  perhaps they’ll attack themselves with incendiary bombs.

Of course, after a rigorous investigation, they might always find themselves not guilty and release themselves. 

Did I do it?


Oh, all right then.  Be off with me!

Pending this fierce and impartial probe, let us remind the Israelis what their white phosphorus did to the Palestinian people they burned alive.

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Channel 4 news had a rather disturbing report from inside Gaza last night. It seems no one was safe from their tanks. 90 people were herded into a “safe house” which was then shelled. Utterly sickening.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della sera reported today that a number Gazans claimed that Hamas terrorists were donning paramedic uniforms and commandeering ambulances.

This reports ties in with numerous videos released by the IDF showing Hamas using ambulances to ferry their troops.

The paper also interviewed Gazans who repeated Israeli claims that Hamas were using them as human shields.

In the report, a Gazan described a verbal exchange in which they told Hamas and Islamic Jihad gunmen to leave their area during the height of the battle.

“Go away, go away from here! Do you want the Israelis to kill us all? Do you want our children to die under their bombs? Take your guns and missiles with you.”

Hamas operatives reportedly replied: “Traitors, collaborators with Israel, spies of Fatah, cowards! The soldiers of the holy war will punish you. And in any case you will all die, like us. Fighting the Zionist Jews we are all destined for paradise. Do you not wish to die with us?”

I dont think there is any reasoning with someone who can still be an apologist for the IDF after everything that has happened.
But i suppose its easy to do when you are safe and sound in your non-bombed out house,getting drip fed propoganda from Fox News,eh Abdul?

I know i’m ressurecting an old post here, but i am hoping you will grant me a little latitude about a situation very close to my heart to which i can no longer devote too much attention to.
We have reacted to your very fine posts on the continued crisis in Gaza,, presently i think most Irish people are pre occupied with the degenerative state of our own country and as there is very little media coverage on Gaza presently, I would like to write a few updates as a reminder that it is very much ongoing, thankfully without the extreme might of firepower.
As Irish and European children make their way through the portals of education and social development these fine september mornings, spare a thought for the children of Gaza, who having survived the attacks of dec 08 and jan 09, though battle scarred and traumatised also have to carry the burden of the severe restrictions placed on their futures via the impossibility of accessing the basics such as textbooks, chairs, desks etc, as i write 121 truckloads of school equipment are stranded in the West Bank awaiting paperwork clearance from Israel, there is extreme difficulty in importing textbooks in english language for younger children.
Presently it is taking app 85 days to get shelter kits over the border, 68 days to deliver health/hygiene kits and 39 days for household items, this contravenes UN Security council provision passed Jan 09 for ” unimpeded provision and distribution of humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Israel has not responded to calls for comment.
The G20 in Pittsburgh begins next fri 25th sept, it will contain the first direct talks with Iran since ’79, this is where President Obama will have the opportunity to implement his plans, talks between Obama/Isreael/Palestine during UN gen assembly discussed a 2yr deadline for a Palestinian state.
A proposed freeze on Israeli settlements in West Bank has been put on the table, however this has also been rejected by Netanyahu, who promised at best a “slowdown in construction”, Mahmoud Abbas said talks would not be resumed until construction had ceased.
Last week both Israel and Hamas rejected the UN’s recommendation that a full independent enquiry be conducted regarding the military attack on Gaza dec/jan last, The UN investigation found that Israel used disproportionate firepower and disregarded the safety of civilians, while Hamas militants indiscriminatly fired rockets into civilian areas of Israel, The UN stated that this could be referred to the International criminal court.
Israel has also rejected the call from the IAEA to join the NPT (nuclear non proliferation treaty ) and open up it’s sites to International inspection.
Israel is one of three countries not to sign this treaty, the others being India and Pakistan.
Israel has “nuclear ambiguity ” because they have never confirmed or denied processing Atomic weapons.
Sincerly hope Bock that you won’t mind my bringing this up ?


Thats interesting considering there are a couple of guys who post here that would have you believe that Israel is just a misunderstood angel.It is outrageous that they never stop persecuting the Palestinians even Palestinian children are made to suffer.

Norma — When I can afford to hire a dozen staff, I’ll be able to cover all the suggested issues, but for the moment it’s just myself and a few trusted volunteers.

Is there any protest planned or possible ,in Limerick,,,,regarding what happened this morning

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