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Millwall 1 – Scunthorpe 2

The Scunts did very well today, travelling to the East End of London and collecting three points from Millwall.

Millwall, by Jesus!

Anyone who has ever been to Millwall’s ground will tell you what a terrifying place it is, with aggressive, grunting troglodytes on all sides threatening to kill you.  Not funny.

Anyway, the lads from north of the line went south and beat the trogs on their home patch, so well done, lads.  After all, it’s not as if Scunthorpe has a lot to cheer about these days, much like us, really.  We’re all screwed.

British Steel, now known as Corus, announced huge job losses during the week, and Scunthorpe is at the heart of British steel production, which means that a lot of Scunthorpe people will lose their jobs, and for that I feel sorry.  Any time we ever travelled there to support them, we received a warm and open welcome.  I found the people honest and direct, and not a lot different to the kind of Irish people I count as friends.

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you’ll know that I, along with my friends Wrinkly Joe and Wrinkly Paddy, are confirmed Scunthorpe United supporters, and you’ll also know that we’ve gone over there several times to support them, much to their bafflement.

They’re doing well.  Today’s victory puts them third in the league table, which is not too bad at all.  Now, admittedly, Leicester are eleven points clear of them, and don’t look like being caught, but you’d never know.  Scun could just sneak into second place in the table and qualify for automatic promotion.  Failing that, they’re well positioned for the play-offs to make third place.  Twenty-eight games played, eighteen left.  Who knows?

Good luck Scunthorpe!


Scunthorpe United

Iron Bru

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Former Aston Villa midfielder John McGrath, from Monega in Co Limerick, was with the Iron for a while – he then signed with Limerick for about one season. He’s now with Burton Albion at the top of the Conference, looking good for promotion to the Football League. Limerick drew with Scunthorpe in a friendly at Hogan Park in 2005. A 0-0 stalemate, if memory serves? McGrath was breaking into the first team with Villa until an ankle injury kept him out for a few months. The then manager Brian Laws, who gave McGrath a break, was sacked and replaced by former England boss, Graham, “Would I not like that” Taylor, who wouldn’t renew McGraths contract.

Scunthorpe United has had many fine Irish players, including the splendid Andy Keogh. Expect to see much more from this talented young fella.

Joe Murphy, the keeper, and Cliff Byrne, a solid defender, are current stalwarts in the squad, though Cliff is a bit too fond of his pints for my liking.

Answer me this: what three England captains played with Scunthorpe United?

By the way, Brian Laws was replaced at Scunthorpe by the physio, Nigel Adkins, who turned out to be a far better manager and even succeeded in getting Scunthorpe to the Championship for one season. Looking at this year’s table, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them going up again.

Your refering to the Messiah of course, well he was the Messiah when he returned to Newcastle until the Evil Goblin, who some called “wise”, played his part in his downfall.
Above was one of the England captains. An ex Liverpool keeper is the other. And it is a trick question as one of the three was not a footballer….anyone for cricket old boys.

Spoke with Keogh a few times, good player, he lifted the roof of the net for Ireland v Serbia not long ago.

I remember a story about Bill Shankly phoning up Scunthorpe ( I think) way back then enquiring about their strike.

£100,000 wouldn’t buy him Bill”, he was told.

“Your right”, replied Shankly, “and I’m one of them.”!

It isn’t a trick question, but well done anyway. All three were footballers when they played for Scunthorpe. All three were England captains.

Didn’t know Botham played for Scunthorpe…
we brought them all down to the Sin Bin when they (Scunthorpe) were over here, fed and watered them, Well able for the black stuff those boys.

Bock, with your next four league games being against: Southend, Cheltenham, Rovers, and Swindon, I can see a potential of 12 points coming your way.

The Dons have a slightly harder 4 game fixture coming up: Stockport, Crewe, Monkey Hangers, and Tranmere. While Leicester could fall over against Hartlepool and Oldham.

At this stage I would consider Scunny as a good bet for the top two places.

The JP trophy isn’t of great importance, so it might be wise to concentrate on positions rather than tin.

Indeed Jimmy, and thank you. I’d say your analysis of Scunny’s outlook is about right.

Scunthorpe isn’t really “us” though. We’re just a bunch of lads from Ireland who follow them, which is a bit ridiculous really.

You’d have to be talking rugby to get Limerick fellas saying “us” or “we”.

Aye.. point taken. As a Hoops man, I can understand the importance of the words “us” and “we”.

I’d like sometime to be standing with yourself and a few of the fellas at a bar somewhere discussing Rugby, Fitba, and the world in general.

Scunthorpe!!! And I thought I was bad, afflicted as I am by a Leeds Utd attachment that dates from childhood and the days of Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner et al.

Years ago, I emigrated to London (was there nine years) and was holed up in a squat in Peckham for the first bit.

I thought it would be a good idea to bring my girlfriend to see the Division Two match between Millwall and Leeds, at the (old) Den. Bremner was manager at the time.

Quite an experience. We were situated in the Millwall section and I was glad of a 0-0 draw, as it meant I didn’t have to hide any errant emotions that might betray my allegiances!

Got out alive, anyway.


Scunthorpe. I ask you.
No wonder they’re baffled to see three Paddy lower league posers at their games.
At least there’s an excuse for Leeds.

If England ever develop a battlefield nuclear device, they could do worse than test it on that “Den” shithole, preferably on the night Chelsea come calling.

Boneheaded fascist morons all over the place. Like some corner of a land that time forgot down in SE Lunnon.

How the Scunts came out of there with 3 points and more importantly, alive, is an amazing feat. My virtual hat is taken off to you.

Certainly. I’ve give a comprehensive, contextualised response on myn blog to the concept of an Irish person living i Ireland arbitrarily (you give no reason) following Scunthorpe. But you don’t do pingbacks.

A little off-topic (though less so than the ‘contribution’ from slom75 above) but what a disgrace that Scunthorpe’s away game at Southend last night was called off 15 mins before Kick-Off. Don’t suppose many Scunts fans would’ve made the 200 mile journey, but those that did deserve better than that. Everyone knew the weather forecast. Many games in southern England were cancelled days in advance (Leyton Orient v Leeds being one example. Even Arsenal couldn’t stage a match at the magnificent Emirates stadium). So why did the fuckwits at Southend wait until their own fans, and those from Scunthorpe, were already close to the ground before calling it off? Idiots like that don’t deserve to be running football clubs.

I think the referee made the decision, John. He examined the pitch at 1:30 and thought it was safe, but decided just before kick-off not to go ahead with the game.

Bock, the refs didn’t make the decisions for Arsenal and Layton Orient. The clubs did, based on the weather forecasts, and they did so at least a day in advance so that no supporters would make wasted journeys. Southend is close enough to London to have expected the exact same weather. Why did that club not show the same consideration to supporters?

I see that five League One fixtures scheduled for tomorrow (Sat 7th) have already been called off due to the weather. But not Swindon v Southend, yet. It would be terrible if those club officials at Southend who thought they could defy the weather last Tuesday night and who left it to the referee to take the blame for the inevitable calling-off of that game against Scunny, were to make the journey to Swindon and have that one called off at the last minute. Imagine!

Actually that’s not my reason for posting. Just wanted to clarify something: my posts in this thread are my first to Bock’s blog. I have since discovered that there is already a commenter using the name ‘John_Mc’. So, for clarity, I am not the John_Mc who has posted elsewhere on bocktherobber and please don’t blame him for my comments. In future I shall choose a different moniker. Sorry John!

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