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Jan 292009

The long list for the Best Post category is out.

Bock has been long-listed for these three:



Leonard Cohen in Dublin


PC World Sold Me A Piece  Of Shit


Yeah.  That’s fair enough.  Can’t complain too much.

Have a look at the rest of the nominated posts HERE.

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    That Auschwitz piece was incredible!


    The PC World post was indeed worthy of a prize. Poor Blitzen.. what a dafty wee shite he was. I’ll be expecting one hell of an acceptance speech from you Bock.


    bock~ you are going to win for “auschwitz”
    we all know that already…


    I read your “Auschwitz” piece and it literally brought tears into my eyes… It was written with such sadness and compassion… It is definitely worth a price!

    Humans surprise me to the core everyday when I read history and current political and environmental news…

    On the one hand, “some of us” can decide to exterminate or gas millions of people in a spilt second, and there are others who organize and fight against injustices… There are those who rape and kill their own family members, then there are those who create the most beautiful poetry and art….

    We have Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Milosevic, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Saddam, Bush, Nixon, Gaddafi, Mussolini’s of this world, but we also have Marie Teresa, Ghandi, Dalia Lama, Che, Martin Luther King Jr… and many others that are silently doing incredible “kindness” everyday…

    So I guess all we can do as individuals are: be informed, be aware, never forget ones humanity and not to fall completely and utterly under the shadow of such notions as the “Flag”, “Patriotism”, “Religious Riotousness”, “Ethnic Superiority”, “Rallying around the Leader”… etc

    Because those are the exact notions that take us to wars, makes it easier to commit or even except murderous actions of our leaders in our names…

    Thanks Bock!

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