Munster – Montauban Game Postponed

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Jan 242009

Storms have forced the postponement of the big match until tomorrow.  Hundred-mile-an-hour winds are causing havoc in south-west France and northern Spain, and the match organisers have been forced to cancel today’s game for safety.

This is a bit of a problem for all those Munster supporters who travelled to Montauban and Toulouse because many of them have booked return flights for tomorrow and they’ll have to miss the game. I was supposed to go myself, but for various reasons decided not to travel.  Bock the psychic.

I’ve been in contact with some of our people in France and they report very difficult conditions, but they’re doing their best.  They’ve all taken shelter in Trevor Brennan’s pub and they’re doing their best to survive by drinking beer and singing.

It’s a miserable situation.







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    We should start an aid fund immediately. My prayers go out to the poor people stuck with all that booze and singing.


    It’s a terrible situation. We can only guess how dreadful their plight is.


    Could you use that psychic bit and give us the final score for tomorrows game?


    I hearby pledge 50 million Zimbabwe Pounds to the “Lucky Cunts Stuck in France” campaign…


    Well done Aer Arann.They have changed their flights so the pickled army can fly back after the match.


    Well done indeed. I wonder if Ryanair will do the same.


    Hardly, and I’m sure Aer Arann are lubing people up so they can ride them all the easier come HC final weekend.

    Try book a flight from Cork to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

    Go on…



    A good result even if postponed. A quarter final tie at Thomond Park for Munster then?


    Yup. The quarter final will be in Limerick, possibly on Good Friday. Jesus, that could present a bit of a dilemma.


    fuck a vision of HELL a match on good Friday. I wouldn’t like to have to explain to the travelling thirsty fans, why the pubs are closed. Ah they wont that to us, ah no.


    De Fan-Do not worry.I am building a wagon disguised as a hot dog stand to provide liquid nourishment to all concerned on the day. A 1euro can of beer will only cost the weary traveller 7.50.(if you’re wearing a munster shirt 6.50).
    On a more serious note,Jesus holy God.It’s not really going to happen.Is it?


    for pure spite it will be done. mark my words, there is a spiteful shower running the ERC
    Mule Taker thank you for your kind offer


    just heard it’s on sunday


    Relax its 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, so, (barring the dreaded Black Friday) a good weekend to be had with the solace of a bank holiday for recovery.


    Oh thanks be to something-or-other. That was a bit worrying.

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