Pro-Israeli Group Speaks Out

… could you be more of a dumb nazi

cocksucker? You don’t give a shit about

Muslims, you just hate Jews …

That was part of a comment received this morning from an American-based Zionist group calling itself Muslims Against Sharia.

Apart from the dishonesty of their name, you can see from the comment what we’re dealing with. Loudmouth, backstreet thugs.

I’m afraid this is where Israel gets its American support. Isn’t it sad?


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38 thoughts on “Pro-Israeli Group Speaks Out

  1. It would boggle your mind if that mind hadn’t already been boggled out by years of illiterate neo-con abuse.

    You’re right, though. It’s ignorant kick-ass dollars and armaments that have given us Son of Auschwitz (Part X).

  2. “I’m afraid this is where Israel gets its American support. Isn’t it sad?”

    Bock, I’ve read worse on American far-right sites. Like, “Go Israel! Wipe the scum off the face of the earth!”

    They’re so thick they don’t even see a double standard. They want a Holocaust — of Muslims.

  3. It’s not surprising that there are those who would like the the special status that Israel enjoys to continue. Israel’s actions are frequently beyond reproach notwithstanding that this is a country that has flouted international law, has a stockpile of WMD and is currently engaged in the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians.

    Don’t let them gag you, Bock.

  4. ‘ course you don’t have to be anti Israel let alone anti jew to hate what the Israeli state is doing in Gaza in the same way as we decried the war in Iraq without being anti American. The problem is that the American and to lesser extent the UK media are inclined to water down the coverage of the slaughter in Gaza.

  5. Bock. Thanks for highlighting the vitriol directed toward your goodself and toward me.

    I have responded to this directly on the “Israel murders 800 in Gaza” post.

    I think it’s a positive move when insincerity and agenda shows its ugly head.
    Then we all know what we are seeing.

    I thank you for your continued focus, I also very much appreciate the interjection of humour….I too had a good laugh at “looseville” and Chris Rock.

  6. But dehumanizing the victim makes things simpler
    It’s like breathing with a respirator
    It eases the conscience of even the most conscious
    and calculating violator
    Words can reduce a person to an object,
    something more easy to hate
    An inanimate entity, completely disposable,
    no problem to obliterate

    Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Language of Violence. From their 1992 album.

    So much easier to hate something less human.

  7. Everybody knows about the Holocaust against the Jews in Germany. Just because some of us support the Palestine cause does not mean that we are anti-jewish as some of the virulent Zionists suggest. These fanatics made totally unproven allegations re the Hunt Museum. Not a scintilla of evidence to support their slander to date from the Simon Wiesenthal Institute. But immense damage has been done nevertheless.
    Surely it is ironic, almost biblical, that these same zealots, have lost the goodwill of the world towards Israel by their blind fanaticism.

  8. This is just a standard ploy they use to try to shut people up.Make anybody who condems the Zionist murderers feel that they are really anti semites.Just standard issue for them.And it just goes to prove that with zionists the world is not dealing with civilized reasonable people but as I said on a previous post.The worst gangsters on earth.

  9. Bock, thanks for taking a stand. It’s exhausting to deal with these lunatics.

    We can talk as much as we like, but the only way to affect change is in their pocket books:

    The modern state of Israel is now the moral equivalent of South Africa in the 1980s. I don’t want to give them one penny. Maybe others will do the same.

    See a barcode starting with the number 7290? It’s from Israel. Don’t buy it.

    As to the comment from the idiot/liar “muslims against sharia” – spare us your fake empathy for the Palestinians. You’re not a muslim – you’re a latter day fascist.

    May you get what you want.

  10. PS:
    If I had a euro for every time I’ve tried to argue the Palestinian cause on American sites and had people yell “anti-Semitic” at me, as a blanket answer, I’d be a very rich woman.

  11. On a lighter note, I showed the post to my partner this morning and his response was
    “well you are definitly not a cocksucker” !

  12. I actually think it’s funny. The level of stupidity behind the name-calling is a small bit sad, like when a child runs out of ideas.

    Can you picture the rage of this character?

    What ?? I called them Nazi cocksuckers and they didn’t care. What’ll I do now? What’ll I do? Wait a minute, how about I call them Nazi cocksuckers again?

  13. My “Source and statistics please” was directed at “Muslims against Sharia” — not “dermotmoconnor” :)

    Norma and Bock, yer making me hoot …

  14. Leaving aside the rantings of a person who invented the term “Islamofacists”, who wrote to the then Senator Obama, calling on him to “denounce his Al Queda supporters” surprise surprise, he never heard back.

    There are some truly amazing people in Israel, who are working tirelessly toward an unfettered educated balanced view, that might someday bring peace to the area.
    They are.

    Daphna Golan, a law lecturer and a founder member of Btselem, the famous Israeli human rights organisation.

    Eitan Bronstein. founder of Zochrot (remembering) who promotes the Palestinians “right to return.

    A group of soldiers from the Israeli army put on an exhibition of photographs and personal videotaped accounts of life in the army, upon finishing a tour of duty in Hebron, in the west bank, this exhibition was hosted in Tel Aviv and titled “Breaking the Silence” the exhibition was raided by Military police, they were interrogated.
    One of the soldiers, Micha Kurtz, spoke to the press and insisted they were not going to be silenced or scared off.

    One of the photographs showed a wall on which was spray painted “Arab’s to the gas chambers”.

    It is documented by one Brigidier General Eitan Levy, in charge of Personnel, that between 30% and 40% of conscripts seek refferals to a mental health officer in the 1st year of service.
    The suicide rate of soldiers is a closely guarded statistic.

    The Jewish refusal (no generalisation here) to listen to the Palestinian narrative is to refuse to accept any accountability for their role in the misfortune, displacement and deaths of an indiginious people.

    What will it take to execute change, The change cannot be found in Military superiority, so therefore with Israel and the U.S. it is the blind leading the blind.

  15. nora; hope those “wipes” are the heavy guage “anti rantings of a loon” type, saw them in my local super valu last week.
    I think its kind of giving them a certain credibility to even ask them a question, its a bit like asking a priest how to rear a family?

  16. Norma, the link I gave above quotes figures from B’Tselem for Palestinian and Israeli deaths since Sept 2000, and at the bottom of the page is this:

    Causes of Deaths of Israeli Soldiers 2005:
    Committed Suicide 30
    Illness 14
    Accidents 26
    Terror Incidents 6

    Source: Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv, Oct. 10, 2005, p. 6.
    Note: The paper also reported that since 1992, 459 Israeli soldiers have committed suicide.

    (I noticed it particularly as suicide is one of the problems among US troops returning from Iraq.)

    I gather there have been quite major demonstrations in Tel Aviv, but I’ve seen NO cover of that on our TV screens. Maybe someone else has …

  17. “I think its kind of giving them a certain credibility” — norma

    True, but it often shuts them up too, as they frequently (but not always) have no answer. :)

  18. nora; I know certain news coverage is deeply controlled.
    It is amazing though, the global response to the atrocoties and war crimes being commited currently in Gaza are surely as humanly responsive as the “paris riots” of the 60’s, the “civil rights” marches, the “anti war” demo’s re; Vietnam war, “anti apartheid” re; sth Africa.

    The people of the world are united in their horror of this situation, they are expressing their anger, sorrow and intolerance, we cannot collectivly just slide back from this place, the above expressions of intolerance did effect change and I hope this also will.

    I tend to find most coverage on Al Jazeera, but they too are having a “black out” in some areas.
    I have’nt a “child in the house washed” situation going on at the moment and have to be somewhere soon, so if i find anything i will let you know.
    (would be really weird if i was still washing my children…youngest is 20! )

  19. I’m a bit disappointed. They forgot to call me a commie, and a knuckle-dragger. Also motherfucker, asshole, faggot, moron and Islamofascist.

    Here’s a few more Americanisms they might try:


    And of course, we shouldn’t omit the ever-popular “schmuck”.

    What is the world coming to when abusive thugs can’t even remember standard insults from the Lowlife 101 course?

  20. I can tell you for sure those are not Muslims.

    Most anti-Islamic sites has been set up by Jews, try to mention Judaism or write extracts from (Talmud exposed) and see their reaction.

  21. kids are very clued in these days, so i think you are being too kind to them bock.
    Animals are facinating intelligent and intuitive so the people we are discussing might just be some hybrid of some species as yet undiscovered ?

  22. nora; duty done for to-day.

    best i could find was a huge rally, 10,000 people protested in Tel Aviv on 4th jan 09 on the day the ground assault commenced.

  23. Norma,

    That’s the one. Tel Aviv. But I didn’t see any coverage of it on TV “in these islands”, did you?

  24. nora; no i saw no coverage, on any of the following.
    channel 4, al jazeera, bbc 1 sky news.
    There is a big control issue regarding journalists at present, but i thought this was restricted to Gaza, the tentacles of control must be getting longer.
    again if i find anything will be sure to let you know.
    its weird, i hate rain with a passion, was loving that freezing bright weather, not minding rain now, feeling very grateful for my peaceful existence.

  25. I don’t care much for muslims, I don’t think about them – as muslims. I don’t care much for jews, I don’t think about them – as jews. I probably don’t care much about most people either way and I certainly don’t give a toss for the endless labels attaching to so many all over this planet. I do however recognize criminal behaviour and actions when they occur. The murders in the Gaza strip are murders, simple stuff really, it’s not even difficult to think this through, even assholes can do it. The difficulty for me in all this is that seeing footage of bodies and bits of bodies, minutes after they were blown up does inspire rage extreme. I cannot ignore the criminal actions of the much lauded Israeli nation. Make of this what u will.

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