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Jan 062009

My children gave me a nice present for Christmas, which I meant to tell you about.

They’re taking me to London next week, for a day.  We’re leaving early in the morning and coming home late.  They promise not to bitch or moan or shuffle their feet and spend the day texting their friends, even if I want to go and visit the Science Museum or the V&A or the National Gallery.  Which I will.  Two of the three anyway.

We might go to the London Eye or some other cheesy tourist attraction, and we’ll probably go for a couple of pints, maybe a nice meal somewhere, who knows?

Isn’t that good?  A day’s quality time in London with my children, who are not really children any more but who will always be children in my eyes.

Don’t run across the road, I’ll still be telling them years from now.  Put that down, it’ll go into someone’s eye!  Don’t speak with your mouth full.  Look at the dirt of that face.  Put on a jacket.  You’ll get pneumonia.

But Dad, we’re sixty-five. 

All the more reason to wrap up well at your age!

It’s been a while since I wandered around London with friends, just visiting the museums and galleries.  I’m looking forward to doing it with my children, who are also my friends.

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    what a lovely gift, sugar! you are truly a fortunate man. xoxo


    ooohhh.. me jealous! i had a day like that about a year ago, however it was just a present ‘to glitter from glitter’!

    the a.m was a trip to the v&a for the ‘history of couture’ exhibition [maybe not quite your thing bock!] and then after a tube ride from south ken to picadilly and an m&s sambo along the way, i went to see the fantastic patrick stewart in the last matinee of macbeth.. *sigh* twas a great ‘me’ day


    Bock, Such a lovely thing to do with grown-up kids. I spent 5 days in London last year with my kids – then aged 8 and 10 – and look forward to revisiting those sights, restaurants, streets and attractions over and over with them as they grow older.

    Enjoy every minute.


    My twins are 9 years old. Can’t wait to have a good old pub food with a cold pint with them! They are still so young so I am still your typical over protective mother… But I am hoping to be friends once they are old enough to have an adult conversation… :)

    By the way, lovely gift from your children…


    the science museum is amazing……as is the Tate modern, it;s good for lunch too


    We spent a few days in Dublin last year with our grown up son, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the moon. Have a great day, Bock.


    you can do the wheel, the V&A, the aquarium, the satchhi gallery and the tate modern quite easily. the tate modern is a fab building and has one of the best gallery gift shops in london. i dare you not to come out of there with something. the design museum is also well worth a look – and also has a fab shop. enjoy. AND BRING BACK PHOTOS!!!!!!!


    Eva — I’m torn between the Tate and the Tate Modern. For old times’ sake, I might just go to Pimlico. We’ll see.

    Can’t promise pictures this time though. It might not be my priority.


    Don’t bother about the pictures, Bock, just make the memories. What a great gift.

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