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Sunday Evening Coming Down

It’s been a heavy old week, hasn’t it? Between gigantic job losses here in Limerick, gigantic loss of life in Gaza and bastard bishops who won’t quit, I’m worn out from writing about all the shit that’s going on.

I think I’m entitled to an evening off.  What do you think?

I think I should wander into town, maybe see if Gonzo and the boys are playing in Nancy’s, head up town later, see who’s playing in the White House or Foleys.  Have a few relaxing pints and do a bit of schmoozing.


You ask why I feel entitled to this?

Simple: it’s because I’m worth it.



Hmmm.  Well that didn’t quite go according to plan.  After writing this, I sat down for a few minutes to watch the news and woke up two hours later, all dribbly and hair-tossed.  Whaaa..? Gnngnn the fuck??  Nnnnn???

So much for living life on the edge.

5 replies on “Sunday Evening Coming Down”

Go for it bock.
you do deserve it
don’t forget your stash of “l’oreal” to make you gorgeous
enjoy….but it is raining

Norma — I don’t need any l’Oreal for that.

Westcork — Indeed. Badly needed.

Nevin — Thank you for knowing what I mean. That makes you a member of a very small and patient group of people.

..all dribbly and hair-tossed..

Thats me most evenings ‘cept for the hair bit, nothing there to toss!

Makes the young’uns laugh!

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