Anglo-Irish Bank. Name That Hero!

I see the Sunday Times has named four people it thinks are McEvaddy’s Laddies.

The people named are Gerry Gannon, Joe O’Reilly, Seamus Ross and Jerry Conlan.

What about the remaining X-Men, I wonder?  What special powers might they need if they want to stay invisible?


Elsewhere, with a bit more detail:


Gavin again

14 thoughts on “Anglo-Irish Bank. Name That Hero!

  1. The links between them all an FF incredible..stinks
    Not to mind Harneys co-locations medical carry on and McEvaddys / Conlons interests in these.
    Wonder will a FF TD name come out… many hints around the web on how it is

  2. Oh Bock and All

    You just do not understand. The Golden circle are God’s . Mere mortals such as the like of us can not understand the workings of the Devine mind. Some sad little person, had the impudence to suggest that the Lords of the Universe should be expected to live on a pittance of €3000,000 a year!! A total joke. They would spend more than that on toilet paper per year. A Minister has now come out with the idiocy that ,that ,the group of Ten shall be perused for a piddling five billion each.
    Again silly stuff. They have not got two red cent to rub together. The wife owns the Castle , the son owns half of Spain the brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts own all the rest. They shall have all the paper work required. Like the Phoenix the Golden Circle shall rise from the ashes. The rest of us?well fuck them if they can not take a joke. Mere mortals are of no importance. Only little people pay tax or their Bank loans.
    Welcome to the real world folks.

  3. I now realise that the amount of money a person is worth is inversly proportional to the amount of sense they have.

    Who in thier right mind would fail to prepare for the bursting of a bubble?

    Myopia seems to be a common side effect of getting rich quick.

  4. Devin is worth reading, absolutely incredible info there.
    At least now I can see more clearly the solid connections between FF and the PDs privatisation drive.
    Hopefully we are witnessing the demise of Dev’s great criminal network.

  5. Ulick McEvaddy described the golden circle of 10 investors in Anglo Irish Bank as “heroes” who were supporting an economy that is “at war”. I wish Yosser Hughes was here to sort him out..

  6. I read that statement by McEvaddy, surreal stuff, GUBU in fact. He thinks the boys are heroes, and maybe they are, after a fashion. Meantime, back on planet earth, an un-named pointy headed bureaucrat (and they all have pointy heads) from the Department of Finance told the Sunday Indo yesterday that investors withdrew 10 billion spondoolicks from Ireland LTD last week. Thanks to some of our bankers, foreign investors think this place is the financial equivalent of El Passo. Wonder what McEvaddy and his heroes would think of that. Money – or the flight of it in this case – and the league table never lie.

  7. Saw this on another blog, but still laughing at it..oh if were true

    “Dept. of Finance just announed the introduction of a special income levy of 10% on anyone who voted FF last 2 elections”


  8. Bock,

    If this is too long just delete.

    Martin Cullen was just on with the Grand Propagandist “Questions & Answers”. Yes, Mr Bowman.

    Talk about speaking out of both side of your mouth.

    He said (and I am being economic with words) “Due Process” (for those who have bankrupted the State & Its Citizens).

    He then says that he agrees with “sawdust for brains Dempsey” that “Economic Treason” is what happened, and that they will face the LAW in due course (again I am being economic).

    The conversation with the Grand Propagandist went on to discuss how 15 greedy people could bankrupt an entire State.

    But, hey, as long as they have “Due Process”.

    Here’s a definition of the due process of the Soldiers of Destiny.

    Martin Cullen says,

    “Look boys, we have tried to tell you for the last 12 months. Get your money out of the country NOW.”

    “We can’t keep this due process crap up for much longer”

    “We are Fianna Fail. We do not come back for the dead or wounded”.

    “Get your money out now”.

    Can somebody explain to me what €10Bn left the country in the last month?

    I don’t think it was foreign money.

    I think it was the Anglo Ten (now 15) and every Fianna Fail Economic Terrorist.


    In my humble opinion this has moved beyond Treason it is now Economic Terrorism by the Soldiers Of Destiny.

    February 21st, 2009

    Has pointed out that The Criminal Justice Theft & Fraud Offences Act 2001 is appropriate.

    There is nothing in this Act that overrules “Due Process”.

    The Maggot Cullen even had the Audacity of Greed to suggest that the Fraud Squad were part of the office of the Director of Corporate Law Enforcement.


    So following on from BJJ,

    Section 10,

    1. “10.—(1) A person is guilty of an offence if he or she dishonestly, with the intention of making a gain for himself or herself or another, or of causing loss to another—
    (a) destroys, defaces, conceals or falsifies any account or any document made or required for any accounting purpose,”

    Why is this not being put into practice?

    Because the Fianna Fail Filth haven’t got all their money out of the country yet.

    Welcome to bankruptcy Citizens.

    Welcome to hell.

  9. The Siochana tribe moved into Anglos offices in Dublin today, searching the place. Search warrants issued by a Beak from the Dublin District Court on behalf of the Director of torn tackies and Corporate Enforcement. T’is a start and will take the smirk of their pusses. Strangeways here they come to paraphrase Morrissey.

  10. Sorry, Abdul I would not get my hopes up, were I you. We shall all be long dead before any of the Golden circle see the inside of a Court. Unless of course they sue the State for saying bad things about them.

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