Blog Awards — Current Affairs It Is, Then

I’ve made up my mind.

I’m going for current affairs, which I’m interpreting fairly liberally to include everything from world oppression to abusing clerics and collapsing banks, with music and Munster rugby.

Hereâ’ a selection of past posts that were current when I wrote them.  I’ve put them into various categories which I just made up off the top of my head.  There’s probably loads more buried everywhere all over the site, but that’s because I’m totally disorganised as usual.  Hey, you know what I’m like.

Click on the thumbnails below the fold.


Financial Crisis


World News

Customer Service

Munster Rugby

Crime in Ireland

Abuse of Power in Ireland




US Elections
Madeleine McCann

Fritzl AJ Hanlon
Bertie Ahern

Wayne O Donoghue

Karadzic caught


Niall McElwee

Cathal Ó Searcaigh
Lisbon Treaty


18 replies on “Blog Awards — Current Affairs It Is, Then”

Hope you win Bock. Best Limerick blog by a long long way. Always entertaining to read. No airs and graces and always worth a visit..

The Auschwitz post was truly brilliant btw.

Sorry I didn’t throw in my two cents earlier Bock – retreated to a cavern in west Limerick for all of last week, and we don’t have broadband in such squalid pits.

Though I’m sure that you value my opinion enough to have considered my tip for current affairs to be the clincher, if I was around to provide it.

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