Bock Makes Blog Awards Finals

OK.  I have yet another reason for going to Cork, apart from wild partying, hedonistic excess and witty, urbane, yet challenging discourse.

I’m a finalist in the Current Affairs category.  Who knew?

The Leonard Cohen report also made it to the final in the Best Post category.

I suppose I should say something appropriate.


News and Current Affairs
Leonard Cohen in Dublin 


There’s a good representation in the final list from bloggers with Limerick connections:

F̼star РPopculture

Italian Foodies – Food and Drink

Bock – News and Current Affairs

Newswire – News and Current Affairs

Maman Poulet – News and Current Affairs

Limerick Blogger – News and Current Affairs

Trust Tommy – Best Newcomer

Hangar Queen – Humour


Here are All the Finalists


18 thoughts on “Bock Makes Blog Awards Finals

  1. Maybe the hurley is for protection, they have had a number of stabbings in Cork in recent times. Sorry that is petty.

    Congratulations, well deserved, your consistent stream of thought provoking posts this last year has been remarkable. I’m hopeful for you. Limerick actually has three places on the shortlist for News and Current affairs which is notable. Congratulations to all in particular Ruth Crean whose nice day designs made best blog from a business.

  2. You can do it Bock!

    Stay reasonably sober this time, I mean. Hawhawhaw, etc.

    But seriously, I’m hoping you’ll get a gong. The effort you put in here needs recognition and sparkly trophies.

  3. fair play bock,best of luck man.we’ll have to organise a homecoming when ya win and at least you won’t be stuck in Cardiff this time.

  4. I didn’t think it was down. No, it’s working fine.

    Perhaps it crashed due to hawtness. Or maybe because of its nasty swearing and overuse of uncouth vocab.

    I object to having my oul’ arse slapped by Bock. My arse is only 27, you know.

  5. Bock,
    Well done on making the final listing. Hope that you win and if you do that this years award stays intact!

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