Pay-Cuts : Irish Government Prepares For Public Unrest


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The Irish government BOCK couldn’t prepare for a good fart! How in God’s Name are they going to be able to figure out how to prepare for public unrest?
I cannot even visualise it. Try imagining Willy O’Dea actually preparing a defence strategy for the streets of our towns and cities but keeping in mind the near disasterous carry-on when the troops nearly starved to death due to logistical fuck-ups during their last sojourn abroad as peace keepers!!
God help us if this so called government ever figures out that it could actually do what it is so highly paid to do. So far they’ve displayed more of the standard politicians’ tried and trusted tactics in the face of adversity by sticking to waffling and mooning and filibustering.
Of course, in the past, whole prison wings were emptied in order to accommodate reprobates. Worked before, should work again shouldn’t it?

We’re the Irish capital of sport aren’t we?We’re the home of MUNSTER rugby aren’t we?,we’ve Limerick 37 and ????… forget about the GAA, they couldn’t care less about anything past Mungret,Ballybrown,Adare,Caherconlish etc,much less the economy of our city,sure haven’t they JP to pick up the bill for their stadium…One they’ve never managed to fill in how many years?.
Havent we got wee Willie on the case and all his over(under)achieving,under(over)paid,(overtly)inbred Fianna Failure political dynasty buddies sorting it out for us..Just think about this 1,haven’t they made such a good job of the DELL,BANTA,FLEXTRONICS ETC,ETC,ETC,so much more to come!!!fiascos in this town…sure that came out of nowhere didn’t it?overnight like,REALLY,WASN’T it????
Overnight like!!!!….
Our national economy was THE best prepared in Europe for a downturn now wasn’t it?Wasn’t our own Biffo on the case?.not to mention the cabbage patch pig setting up the Muck deflecting HSE>>>>
Look back 16 months or so,wasn’t our underachieving national Rugby team THE best prepared squad ever and we stupidly believed Eddie O’S’s shite too…………
SO;as for “CAPITAL” punishment in the political,Dublin and I suppose(Irish)sense of the word in a sporting and political context.We here in this town are suffering and will suffer more than most and probably all as a result of the continual,abysmal and self serving failures of our national leaders,when down through the decades we should readily have come to the conclusion that there should have been an out with the old and in with the new (Paul O Connell e.g.) policy .
Ask yourself,is there a correlation between the two ..Irish Sport and Irish decide!

we as a nation accept everything that is thrown at us it is time to change otherwise things will get worse. We need to stand up for our rights and stand together as one nation otherwise we are lost. Take an Example: We voted NO in the last refrendum and they are planning another one in October and i bet they will use the current situation to scare people into voting YES this time. This as you will understand will vote away all our Constitutional rights, never having a say in what happens in our country in the future.
We as a nation depend on the public sector (i do not work for them in case you are wondering) they are being crusified at the moment WHY because they are the only ones that have secure jobs and the only ones that the Government can guarentee to get the money out of. Where is the money going Certainly not into the economy to boost employment. So what about all of us that are out of work and will be out of work before the end of the year. Is any member of government in your area taking a pay cut or dispensing with his/her bonuses or expences. Let us see that our Government are prepared to help our ecomomy. Let us stand in support of our Firemen, Gardai, Teachers and Health sector. They do us a good service without them we would be lost. And for anyone that is unsure of the situation they are hitting their pensons, these are not government pensions, but pensions that they pay for themselves that will be worth nothing by the time Mr Cowen get through with them. And all you pensioners and social welfare receipients watch our (Me included) the big one is yet to come.

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