Pope To Excommunicate Holocaust-Denier Bishop Again

I believe there were no gas chambers, said Bishop Richard Williamson.  I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers.

This is an insane proposition by an insane man, but I don’t know why it comes as a surprise to anyone.  After all, isn’t it part of the Catholic church’s stock-in-trade to believe insane propositions?  For instance, you can’t be a member of the Catholic church unless you believe that Jesus turns into a biscuit, and if you can swallow that, you can surely believe there were no gas chambers.

Williamson is one of the four bishops who were consecrated in 1998 by the dissident French bishop Marcel Lefebvre, who split from the Vatican because his mumbo-jumbo was a bit different from their mumbo-jumbo.  All four bishops were automatically excommunicated.  Ironically, Lefebvre’s own father died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1944.

Ratzinger, of course, is going crazy, because he recently signed a decree reversing Williamson’s excommunication, and if there was ever a Pope who can’t afford to be associated with Nazis, it’s him.  After all, wasn’t young Ratzo a member of the Hitlerjugend?  Not an accusation you can successfully fling at too many popes.

It seems Ratzo didn’t know that Williamson was going around denying one of the worst crimes ever inflicted on mankind, and you’d have to wonder what kind of people he has around him.  I’d say he’s kicking the stuffing out of his papal chaise longue with his curly slippers. Was in den fuck hat on-ge-going hier in dem Vatikan mit diesen wichser mutterfickeren arschloch fuck fuck FUCK!!

There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers, according to Bishop Williamson.  It was all lies, lies, lies!

Six million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany during World War II, and the number is important.  Huge numbers of people were sytematicallly exterminated in the Nazis’ gas chambers at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor and elsewhere. 

And Ratzo didn’t know Williamson was denying this?

Jesus Christ!  Ironies abound in this story.  Isn’t this the same church that for centuries denied the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and only recently rehabilitated Galileo?

I’d say there isn’t a leg or a lamp-post safe in the Vatican tonight.


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40 thoughts on “Pope To Excommunicate Holocaust-Denier Bishop Again

  1. He (Williamson) has been ordered to recant or
    he’ll suffer the distinction of being excommunicated not once, but twice.

  2. In time to come they will be able to deny any children were raped, it’s started already, all their press releases start with “if anyone”.
    Next will come “A lot of information which cannot be”.
    This will be followed by”in the past somethings MAY have happened”.
    30 or 40 years from now is a very short time for the church, just as Galileo.

  3. Don’t be silly the pope’s infallible – since 1870. This gives popes great wisdom. My mother was excommunicated too because she married a Protestant. We were all born with X marks on our foreheads.

  4. The church don’t have the monopoly on negationism. There have been a few condemnations of ‘intellectuals’ in France aswell. i realise the outrage it provokes but the fact that you can go to prison just for believing a theory, no matter how crazy, is disturbing. That’s thinking now, not acting-on which is a completly different thing.
    At least we know what type of person he is.

  5. Wendy — As you know, the cathedra, or Papal throne, is driven by a zero-point module and the Pope is only infallible when he switches it on. Not only does this use up huge amounts of Naquadah, which the world can ill-afford to waste, but it also ages him by eight years every time he does it.

    This is why most popes stick to talking bullshit.

    Craic — I’m also uneasy about making it a crime to believe something.

  6. @Bock

    Does the Pope have a portrait in his attic?

    @de fan

    The time to break out the champagne is when we get the PC version: Once upon a time there might have been a man and he might have been called Jesus, and then again there might not, and he might not.

  7. If Williamson had talked anymore mince during that interview, he could have made the worlds largest meat pie.

    See me? If I had been the interviewer, I’d have insisted he looked me in the eye instead of constantly searching for inspiration to his left.

  8. Didn’t know the French had moved in that direction. Vichy principles on the return perhaps? Maybe the pope’s thinking of a return to Versailles and the French have prepared the way for the glorious event?

  9. The problem with Williamson is that he is not believing, as opposed to believing, in the true extent and methods of extermination used by the Nazis. He is actually being threatened with excommunication for not believing.

  10. Indeed, C’est, but Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and Austria, so people are being jailed (David Irving – and rightly so), for not believing…

  11. -Abdul
    In France too.
    The thing is if people like Williams are denied a right to free speach, even for something as provacative as the Holocaust, then it causes these theories to go underground where they go unchallenged and are picked up by willing ears. If, for example his theory about the door of the gas chamber was true, and he were allowed to say it without fear of reproach, perhaps it would then be investigated and disproved or explained; like perhaps liberating troops, short on supplies, had stripped the rubber seals for some other use.
    The danger also exists that if you could make a law taking away rights, like free speech, for something most people would consider justified, like denying the holocaust, then you could do it for something much less using it as a precedent.

  12. I am a Baby Aryan.Not Jewish or Sectarian. I have no plans to marry an Ape or Rastafarian.

    A little piece that David Irving wrote for his daughter – when (his words) “half breed” children passed.

    Is Irving entitled to express the above views. And if we say no, he should be charged with racism and jailed, are we then denying him his right to freedom of speech.

    Someone once said that freedom of speech should not extend to shouting fire in a crowded cinema.

    The above is an old cliché now, but it seems to be the only template we can go by, in that we cannot provoke panic, or by extension hatred, in exercising our right to express our views.

    In relation to the Holocaust, and with more and more of the survivors of the death camps in the twilight of their years, we are now passing from the “living memory” stage into “recorded history”.

    Likewise, it is crucial that history bears objective witness to truth and that ideologically driven revisionists are not allowed twist these truths, whether in relation to the Holocaust, or the campaigns of genocide in Armenia or Rwanda or elsewhere.

  13. -Bock
    I was thinking more along the lines of denying the divine right to rule of the One Holy and Apostalic Church under God and Salvation through His son Jesus Christ (superstar).

  14. Why is it ‘insane’ to question historical claims if they aren’t proven?

    It’s indisputable that the Nazis murdered Jews and many others, but where is the hard evidence about gas chambers? The few independent studies seem to prove the impossibility of industrial-scale poisoning (but landed at least one scientist in a German jail – Germar Rudolf).

    [Link deleted — Ed.]

    The figure of 6m was based partly on a claim that 4m Jews died in Auschwitz, but the official number was revised down to 1.5m. Yet the 6m figure remains.

    [Link deleted — Ed.]

    It’s insane to jail somebody for questioning unproven historical claims. Would you jail someone who ‘denied’ the Famine? Or just find them pitiable?

    It’s shameful that EU states will jail people for their opinion or, worse, research.

    I’m not denying war crimes and abhor violence and war, but let’s not be blinded by conditioning or propaganda about one particular holocaust.

  15. Without a shawow of a doubt I would consider it a crime to deny the Armenian or Rwandan genocide – genocide, a word I believe, taken from Latin and Greek meaning tribe kill

  16. When we do nothing, as in not get off our collective arse and put our lives on the line, then any evil will succeed, but perhaps we’re not the good men we virtually assume we are!

  17. [Banned –

    Michael Santomauro is a New York-based anti-Semite who has committed the ultimate offence: taking me for a fool. He won’t get in here again.]

  18. Paddy — This is not a debate about the existence of gas chambers, and it’s not going to become one. If you have a problem with that you came to the wrong place.

  19. There is always scope for revising numbers. But listen to the idiot and read his lips. NO DEATHS FROM GAS.

    Hoess is fairly reliable, except when he is trying to protect himself, and he has estimated 1-2 million in Auschwitz off the top of his head. [ I don’t have the text to hand just at the moment.] He was already condemned to death and was a principled guy on his way to face his maker.

    However, this post is about Williamson, and more importantly, Ratzo. Ratzo appears to be for the birds. An Irish civil servant would be sacked, and if not sacked, pickled in formaldehyde, for such a stupid bureaucratic fuck up.

    Williamson is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. How a bishop of any sort can make these statements and never expect to be called to account is totally beyond me.

    And I do actually prefer the Latin mass. At least is is more honest. [OK, Bock, different post, forgive me.]

  20. Santomauro, the gas-chamber-denier, sent me a self-pitying complaint about being called an anti-Semite. He thinks it’s hate-speech.

    I deny that I called him an anti-Semite. It never happened.

  21. The problem with re-introducing the Latin Mass, or Tridentine Mass, is that said Mass includes a prayer for the conversion of the Jews. The Bishop of Rome is eager to see said Mass re-introduced. If he is successful and that prayer is not removed then, on top of this Williamson debacle, it will another massive set back to Catholic/Jewish relations. As said previously, many believe that anti Semitism is a direct result of the Catholic/Christian belief that the Jews had Jesus executed. And here we have a Pope calling for the re-introduction of a Mass which calls on Jews to recognize Jesus as the son of the God, a belief that Jews have consistently rejected.

  22. I thought it was the Romans who executed Jesus.

    Anyway, since all religion is, by definition, a mental illness, I don’t know why we take it so seriously. On the one hand, you have a crowd who think a dead man can become a biscuit, and on the other hand you have a crowd who think their God wants us to cut off the top of our dicks.

    They’re all fucking bonkers.

  23. The Catholics cannot afford not to try to convert the Jews. It’s in their blood.

    Yes the Romans did the dirty deed and a later generation hijacked Christianity for the Empire.

    Just keeps going round and round and round …

  24. Well said, mr bock. Religion is, by definition, a mental illness. You beat me to it.
    And while I enjoy the odd argument or full on discussion I find talk of religion a worry.

    I saw the bishop on the news last night – they ran the old interview – The man is not of this world so maybe a bit more publicity will see him finished off.

  25. i am probaby wrong on this; but i always thought that closer to 12.5million people died at the hands of the nazis. they were not all jewish. they were gypsies, homosexuals,eastern europeans and basically anyone considered impure or undesirable by the nazis. many may have died due to exhaustion or mistreatment and not neccessarily from a gas chamber.
    as i said i’m probably wrong, but wonder if anyone else heard this figure before.

  26. Williamson is dragging his heels on recanting according to today’s papers – as quoted from a German paper.He will “re-examine” the historical records, adding that he “was” convinced that his views were right based on his research from the 80s. Took a swipe at the Second Vatican Council in the meantime, the reason for his first excommunication.He’s some man for one man. Get rid of him Benny.

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