Sean Fitzpatrick Tells Parliamentary Committee To Fuck Off

Seán Fitzpatrick, the thundering prick who headed the financial cancer we call Anglo-Irish Bank, has given a Dáil committee the finger.

What a prick. What an absolute piece of shit Seán Fitzpatrick is.

This motherfucker, who made a fortune out of a cowboy operation that dragged the Irish economy into the gutter, has decided that he’s above such questioning.

He’s too important, the fucking spiv.

Seánie, the barrow-boy banker who had no problem demanding access to politicians of every stripe when he was sucking money out of our country, has suddenly developed an aversion to them.

The fucking parasite.

I hope the government politicians who snuggled up to this swaggering motherfucker, and who swallowed his bullshit self-aggrandising propaganda, are now grovelling in a corner. I hope they have their hands over their heads in shame for being so cowed by this used-car salesman.

But do you know something? I suspect not.

I suspect that the people we have elected to our parliament are the kind who might regard a used-car salesman as a form of minor royalty.

The fucking peasants.

That’s why I think we need to reform our electoral system to its roots, lest we repeat this sort of disaster forever.


By the way, auditors Ernst & Young have also refused to appear. These are the motherfuckers who failed to notice that Anglo sent a huge ball of money to Irish Life and Permanent who immediately sent it back to Anglo as a customer lodgement.

A big lie that should land people in jail.

No. Seriously. I mean a fucking HUGE ball of money. Seven billion euros. That’s billion with a B.

Ernst & Young didn’t notice that, even though they were auditors to both banks.


What a crowd of cunts.

They also failed to notice that Anglo lent a shit-load of money to a bunch of crooks for the purpose of buying Anglo shares to prop up their value. €300 million lent to ten trusted cronies with Anglo money and used to buy Anglo shares. Ten household names,we’re told.

Excellent. Ten household names who will eventually find themselves in jail, we hope.

The mainstream media reported this today but you read it on on Bock last week, HERE.

I’d like to bring you details of the crooks’ identities soon and with any luck I will.



Just like me, Gavin Sheridan has no idea who the ten mystery investors might be, but he writes an interesting speculative post on the identities of people who might have been approached to help out.


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23 thoughts on “Sean Fitzpatrick Tells Parliamentary Committee To Fuck Off

  1. He has probably more important things to do like preparing another submission on how we must all share the pain. Remember last October how he “called on the Government to reduce corporation tax and tackle the “sacred cow” of universal child benefit, State pensions and medical cards for the over 70s”

    Where does he live anyway? Are there any photographers doorstepping him?

  2. First things first Bock.

    Sean Fitzpatrick did not tell the “Parliamentary” Committee to fuck off.

    He told the Irish People to fuck off.

    Sean Fitzpatrick is still in possession of his passport.

    Sean Fitzpatrick has at a very minimum €50m out of reach of our Glorious Fraud Squad.

    He will jump ship.

  3. OK,

    Listen wifie. We’re leaving tonight. Get the kids out of bed.

    Are you questioning me you stupid bitch.

    We’re goning on a long holiday.

    There’s good schools in Brazil.

  4. “That’s why I think we need to reform our electoral system to its roots, lest we repeat this sort of disaster forever.”

    I have previously disagreed with you on this.

    We do not need reform of the electoral system.

    We need reform of the Constitution.

    100,000 should under the Constitution be capable of at least offering their fellow Citizen an opportunity to determine the nature of the Republic for all.

    It is obvious that not all would agree. That is the nature of a Constituted Republic.


    The European “List System” is nothing more or less that the domination of politics by those who OWN the list.

    That is why the Germans and French are most anxious that We pass Lisbon.

    They OWN the list.

  5. Abbot — I’m wondering why you place the word parliamentary in quotes. The Oireachtas is defined in article 15.1.1 of the Constitution as the “National Parliament”.

  6. He was great buddies with Bertie it seems. Bertie who, [as we know, because he told us via Brian Dobson, puts people on boards because they are his friends ] made his friend Joe Burke chairman of the Dublin Docks Development Authority. The DDDA is both the planning authority for the area, AND has bought land for development within the area (presumably granting itself planning permission), and whose board is riddled with current and (recently) ex Anglo Irish Bank chiefs. These are billion dollar developments of course, and the whole thing is outrageous, riddled with conflicts of interest and reeking of the usual FF/planning/businessmen same old same old.

    The really depressing thing for me though is that a recent poll showed a fucking despairingly high percentage of people thought that bringing Bertie back would sove the whole thing. The slimy cunt at the heart of the whole lot, some people just cant get enough of his sly weaselly crooked self-serving ways. And soon they’ll vote him president, just you watch Bock. Its a cull we need, not electoral reform.

  7. Bankers are different.
    They cannot be charged with a crime unless the CAB do it.
    Your common or gardner type Garda has no authority to involve himself – this is a fact.
    Bankers in Ireland have different laws just for them. Perhaps it may be pertinent to look at how that came about and who took the envelopes to ensure it was enshrined in our laws for the likes of the scumbag you write about here.
    Bear in mind that; the Oireachtas, the Judiciary, and God knows who else: will have been complicit.
    Try dealing with that level of power and authority!
    Something to do with corporate practices or there abouts, load of bollix really. Even the Government can’t touch him so even discussing the matter in Dáil Eireann is a joke.

  8. Sean Fitzpatrick lives at Camaderry, The Burnaby, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. It’s on the left on the long road in “The Burnaby”, a residential area of large homes (naturally) leading to the golf course. I saw two photographers snapping a car coming out from the property yesterday but it was probably the maid and I have not seen any pictures appear in the press or other forms of media. This is Ireland after all. The country where fat pig offaly silage farmers are treated as royalty for driving swaggering Mercs. Banana republic , I suspect is almost too flattering a phrase for this country

  9. Today’s daily mail has pictures of prick face retarded Fitz with his smug idiotic grin.Hope his kids rot from every disease going.Bastards.Fucking wanker.Ugly deformed dwarf.

  10. What a santimonious bastard he is. And all the others like him. No one is entitled to the salaries they pay themselves at the expense of ordinary workers. And by this I dont just mean the working class, but mostly the middle class on whom they mostly prey, the ordinary young couples who need a house, a home, a roof over their childrens heads. Fitzpatrick was’nt the only one to cash in on the property nonsense. We had greedy bastards like auctioneers, solicitors, developers, land owners and of course the worst and greediest of them all, the Irish government. Oh, please dont call Sean Fitzpatrick a used car dealer, no he’s much worse, I’d call him an estate agent or a hr recruitment type of sheister

  11. you people have notting better to do with your time this man is not a td its funny saying all this when you buy bertie book and vote ff typical its the goverments falut the country is fucked not the bankers the real criminals are in the goverment buildings and are the gardai etc.., who are you commenting on something you know notting about, so where do you live can we put your address out there

  12. by the way. SHERIES CAFE BAR in Abbey street dublin and its owner ADAM ISHERWOOD is great friends and “BENEFACTOR” from that scum fitzpatrick…………just thought you should know!!!!!

  13. sim » Did Adam piss you off somehow? So what if he’s a friend of Fitzy? It’s not yet illegal to be friends. This is the kind of bullshit comment that distracts from the real issues.

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