Unemployment Levels Back to the Eighties

Anyone remember Yosser Hughes?


11 thoughts on “Unemployment Levels Back to the Eighties

  1. As bad as things are we haven’t really hit the 80’s level yet, at least in terms of a percentage of the workforce. Here is a link to Unemployment rates as percentages. The 90’s were actually quite bad too and people kinda forget that.

  2. The system always wins. resistance is futile. In the eighties there was always the boat. Now the poor little cub’s of the tiger have nowhere to go. Australia can take a few but how long shall it be before they go belly up as well?

  3. I dont go out often, but when I so I’m generally amazed at the garb of the young folk. 80’s seems to be chic. The best I heard was a lad commenting that everyone seemed to be going to a fancy dress party dressed as the que to get into Tropics in 1983.

    I could never fathom it myself. I remember the 80s. There was catholicism, booze, unemployment and hungry people. And that was just my house. There was certainly no irony chic and definately no hundred quid hairdos. But having said that, people are banging on about the 80s like they went on for three generations or something. There were a few tough years but in fairness there were very few skilled people unemployed.

    I think you’ll find the answer to unemployment in the last sentance there…

  4. Sheeeeeeeit..Even I had a job (bad as it was) in the 80’s.

    I even started my own window washing business when I was 11.OK..so we robbed the ladder but we gave it back………….every night.

    Anyone with a bit of a trade always had ‘tommers’ but it wasn’t something to build a life around I suppose.

    Clothes were fucking brutal though.

  5. It is not true to say that skilled workers were not unemployed during the 1980s.
    Everyone of my family and friends were unemployed at some stage during the 80s and early 90s.
    The vast majority were and are skilled workers.
    Most went to England and America to get work.
    Five in my family – four emigrated for work.
    Many who stayed at home took unskilled work to pay the bills, despite having qualifications for skilled work.
    Trades were very badly hit.
    College graduates faced huge unemployment.
    I thought that was all over, but here we go again….
    It is terrifying.
    No one at home or abroad has confidence in this Government.
    I am genuinely scared for the future.
    Will someone for God’s sake stand up and be counted for Ireland?
    Greens – show a bit of moral fibre and drop FF off at the nearest recycling “BANK” wudje???

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