Anglo-Irish Bank’s Croke Park Corporate Box

Remember Anglo-Irish Bank?

Yes. That bank. The filthy cess-pit of financial sewage that conspired with Fianna Fáil and their builder pals to rob us of everything we worked for all our lives.


The fucking bastards who were bailed out by our incompetent rabbit-in-the-headlights government.

The same bunch of crooks who were nationalised when they should have been allowed to sink without trace.

Yes, them.

The rotting carcase of a bank that’s now hanging around your neck and will hang around your children’s necks and their children’s necks for countless generations to come.

The zombie bank that was saved from extinction not because it was vital to the economy, but because it funds the developers who fund Fianna Fáil.

Those bastards.

Well, after all the hullaballoo, and after the government nationalised them at enormous cost to you and me, what do you think they did at the weekend?

I’ll tell you what they did. They booked a big slap-up feed for their cronies in their corporate box at Croke Park for the Ireland-England rugby match. The pigs planned to get their snouts in the swill as they enjoyed the game, all at your expense, and it was only at the last minute that some pig had a thought.

Jesus, maybe we shouldn’t be eating and drinking in this corporate box in front of 80,000 people. They might tear us limb from limb.

And so, the pigs who run the bankrupt bank that was saved by your money and mine decided to cancel their gorge-fest.

The only problem was that all the food and drink for the hogs and their builder cronies had already been ordered, and the caterers had to be paid.

So who picked up the tab?


[Hint: it’s you]


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9 thoughts on “Anglo-Irish Bank’s Croke Park Corporate Box

  1. the cunts it’s nearly impossible to get tickets for that match. Surely they could have given the tickets to some of the people who bailed them out.
    the cunts.THE CUNTS

  2. Probably decided to avoid the gaze of der untermensch and swill at the free bar and impromptu Biffo concert up in the Ard Fheis…..or should that be The Athníonn Cíaróg Cíaróg eile Fest.

  3. would we not qualify for access to that corparate box, seeing as we now own the bank? granted we’d not fit all the shareholders in at the one time, so perhaps we should start running a lottery to see who gets to attend. we could have a televised draw on the friday before big sporting events. i reckon it would be a great way to lift moral during this recession and also give thoses bankers a chance to meet the people who saved their asses. they could even thank us personally.

  4. It’s maybe time to come-a-calling on a few of these people. Make an example. Between 3 – 4am is usually the best time for a wee blether, …allegedly.

  5. Sure what harm would it have been – wouldn’t they have been entitled to a bit of R&R, singing along,with emotion, to Ireland’s maul and pushing Conney round the field.
    And they collectively wondering to themselves – as O Gara ballooned another penalty into Temple Bar – what’s happening Ronan …… ?, how come PC O’Plod and the armed response unit are getting so emotional about the recent 7m bank raid when they robbed banks of hundred of millions, laid waste to the Irish economy, and were handed index linked pensions, whereas the former, if collared and jailed, will be apprehensive about bending down to pick up a bar of soap in the Mountjoy showers for the next 20 years.

  6. The feeble minded people of Ireland have been screwed by a corporate and political festering of shits for decades and STILL can’t see what’s happening.
    It’s my firm belief that not one of the crooks – political or corporate – will ever do a day in jail because Fianna Fail will put their best legal brains at their disposal and we will pay their bill. In fact, if these lawyers play the the ‘ould game’ right, the whole thing will drag on for years with millions going into their greedy pockets.
    Mugabeism at it’s best!

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