Bailing Out The Property Developers

This isn’t a big town. In the combined urban area of Limerick city and county, there might be maybe a population of 130,000, but it’s enough for some people to have made a lot of money from property development.

Now, as in any smallish town, people know each other to see and maybe to sit down and chat with in the pub. And those people might include the occasional individual who made millions out of property development.

I met one such individual last week, as I sat having my lunch, and we passed a pleasant enough half hour chatting about rugby and suchlike, but as we sat there exchanging pleasantries, there was only one thought going through my mind.

It was this:

I know you’ve defaulted on millions of euros in bank loans. And I know you have that money somewhere in a foreign bank account. And I know that hundreds of nurses and firemen and policemen have taken a pay cut in this town and across the country. And I know that everyone is going to be hit with a savage tax bill after the emergency budget of April 7th. And I know where all that money is going. It goes to pay your debts while you live it up on the hidden millions.

You thieving cunt.

That’s what I was thinking as I chatted about rugby with this affable, failed property developer.

14 thoughts on “Bailing Out The Property Developers

  1. I’ve said it before Bock.

    It called looting the treasury.

    It doesn’t have to happen at a Government level or at the level of senior bankers. It can happen with somebody you’re having a pint with or it could be your grandchildren’s godparents. The looting takes place everywhere just like the greed did.

    In fact, the looting is the greed. Were just supposed to ignore it because we all have to put a shoulder to the wheel.

    The person you had lunch with probably has loans from Anglo Irish Bank or some other Irish Bank. He and they should be bankrupt. But that won’t happen because our Prime Minister is the Previous Finance Minister. He will never admit his mistakes, because there were not mistakes. There was a complete plan to issue debt to the people and enslave them for life. The plan has been successful.

    Brian Cowman has no intention of bankrupting the banks or bankrupting the property speculators, whether they owe €1,000,000,000,000 or €100,000 (a minor buy to let “investor” – speculator).

    The purpose whether this particular cowherd knows it or not, was to enslave an entire generation.

    The only way out is to rescind the Guarantee, let the banks go bankrupt, and jail the bankers and developers.

    As you point out wait until post 7th April 2009, then watch Fine Gale & Labour roll over like puppy dogs. They need their slaves too.

    Not one of the parties in the Dail is prepared to say that the banks should be let go bankrupt.

    Why is €20,000,000,000 of Citizens resource being used in bailing out Goldman Fucks (including Peter Sutherland)? Aren’t they, isn’t he, rich enough already?

  2. Like I’ve maintained for years: the greatest transfer of public wealth to the pockets of a select few in the history of the world.
    While we the sheeple snored through it.

  3. Interesting piece Bock, but did you say all this to his face? I was in a similar situation recently with comp tickets for a do coming indirectly from one of the Anglo heros. This patriot stood up to say “I`m not taking anything from that bastard!”. I never knew you could catch Leprosy so quickly.
    I don`t care I`ll have my say. But you are right we are a small country. Like Paulie said on Saturday we all have to show up and have the balls (or female equivalent) and say what has to be said face to face.

  4. Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was news to me last week.

    Some of these property developers who have declared themselves bankrupt, defaulted on loans, and left unpaid debts are actually being paid a salary by the banks to support them as they wind down their business!!

    Now I don’t need reminding you all who’s money is being used for this ..

  5. We’re all angry, pissed off and feeling mpotent; and if you have an affable lunch with this guy and don’t tell him how you – and Joe public feel – then maybe there is a missed opportunity. You’re erudite and articulate and, as such, a good spokesman.

  6. I believe I know the same boyo and I think he’s just a little fish in that pool. No doubt he does have funds stashed abroad, probably in buried wheely bins too!
    But what do you do when our society grants to boyos like him the moniker ‘pillar of society’?
    For myself, I have never accepted a pint from him when in the same establishment. Never. I could not share in his bounty; not even with such a tiny part.
    Having said that, I would not share a lunch space with him either but he is quite an arrogant prick so I can see how you’d find yourself stuck with him like that.
    His arrogance is his entry to whose ever company he chooses. I do empathize.

  7. i noticed a mention of leprocy in one of the comments above and thought to myself how sad and mournful this poor country of ours would be if a plague of biblical proportions were to sweep through the wealthy echelons of irish society wiping out all those that have raped and pillaged our dear land, maybe wishful thinking but it would be a godsend!

  8. Mr Abbott_of_iona, I believe you give these people too much credit. You’re working under the assumption that a plan was in force when it’s really a case on big ignorant fuckers (the gov.), being impressed by suits (builders and bankers. The end result of all this shit is that the gov, when faced with the situation where they have to fuck the people just to stay “friends” with the suits, have no remorse and will gladly pass the bill to the people. There is no plan – just ignorance and arrogance.
    The gov know the people will accept anything thrown at them. Marches in the street! Laughable.
    I remember “Burn the embassy!”. Yeah, let them off, let off a bit of steam.
    Power to the people my arse.
    Wait ’til April 9th or whenever when the emergency budget comes in. Oooh, the people are revolting, and talking about marching. They won’t stand for this… Hah.
    Fuck them.

    The question is what can we do. Can a modern third world country rise up and make a show of itself?
    Would you, say, having lunch with a cunt of a builder, have the balls to say your say and ask him to move?
    Fur coat and no knickers. We’re too worried, even now at these depths, with what other people will say about us should we stand up and complain.

    Peter Finch, Network.

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