Biffo T-Shirts, Bags and Mugs

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Mar 282009

Click on the pic.

UPDATE: Clarification for people who don’t quite get it. These items have nothing to do with Bock the Robber. I didn’t make them and I’m not selling them. I’m only telling you about them in case you’d like to have one.

I have also had a couple of messages pointing out that Conor might not agree with the use of his images on T-shirts or mugs, and therefore I have removed this link, pending clarification.


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    Brilliant. A genuine pooper-scooper carry-all.


    Bock, I’ll take a wee shirt to wave in the face of the arses, if I may?


    Mr Bastard — call over to the fine people who produced them and buy as many as you can afford. Proceeds to charity.


    Jimmy-Be careful.It’s hard to distinguish between the face and arse of what’s “leading” our country.


    Bock, done and done sir.

    I’ve also provided a link on my own humble blawg to hopefully generate more sales for a worthy charity

    Mr Mule, point taken and agreed…


    Who is running the site using Casby’s actual images and do they have permission?


    Good on you Mr. Bock!
    I live up here in the wastelands of Biffoland where it is ‘Vorboten’ to mention the aforementioned Paintings in Public…….but ah what the heck, seein’ as I’m a Limerick man put me down for a Tee Shirt…. please!


    Biffo’s little minders have screwed this one big time! Not alone did they not stop digging, they called in a JCB. The type they use for strip mining with a bucket the size of a house. It is predicted that we may have a summer this year. I can see Biffo’s wobbly bit’s all over Ireland on the people’s chest’s What a shower of tossers his minders are. The images are now Global from China, America, U.K. etc. The World is laughing .Unfortunately Ireland is associated with the laugh. Been there seen that bought the T-shirt .


    Suzy — I imagine that Mr Casby, having donated the paintings to the galleries free of charge, might have no objection to the use of the images. Especially since they’re making his work world famous.

    However, I could be completely wrong and therefore I’ve removed the link in case it’s just somebody profiteering on the strength of his efforts, which of course is not something I’d condone in any way.

    Old ‘Un — It’s not my site. The T-shirts have nothing to do with me. I’m only publicising them.


    Grand Bock – I maybe should have indicated there have been a few profiteers about in last few days online. Conor has said that he is interested in raising money for charity regarding these images but I’ve got a feeling it will be after the Garda Investigation has concluded.

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