Bishop Magee of Cloyne Finally Steps Down

Not before time, John Magee has been replaced as bishop of Cloyne, though he retains the title in a futile attempt to save his dignity. The official explanation for his replacement in the day-to-day running of the diocese is that Magee will now have the necessary time and energy to cooperate fully with the government Commission of Inquiry.

I don’t know how this move increases his energy unless it all turns out to be some sort of ecclesiastical first-person shoot-em-up and he picked up a health pack from an enemy priest.  And as far as I know, he had plenty of time for obfuscating and obstructing all inquiries, so I don’t know why he’d need extra time to cooperate with them.  All he has to do is answer questions and open files.  It’s not as if anyone would trust him to carry out the inquiry himself.

Magee, we’re told, asked Ratzo last month to appoint an apostolic administrator to carry out the ordinary governance of the Diocese of Cloyne. In other words, he wanted someone else to do his job instead, and so, in due course, a neighbouring bishop was installed today in his place.

According to Cardinal Seán Brady, The decision of the Holy Father to grant that request is an indication of the importance which the Church gives to safeguarding children and caring for the needs of victims.

Is it now?

This church which moved abusing priests from parish to parish and from country to country gives importance to safeguarding children?

First I heard of it.


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12 thoughts on “Bishop Magee of Cloyne Finally Steps Down

  1. I can’t wait for the Fianna Fail response.

    “We don’t interfere with the due process of the Vatican. Procedures are in place. Trust us everything is ok.”

    I’m no cannon lawyer Bock, but

    “….though he retains the title….”

    Does this give him immunity under cannon law?

    Does he, as a bishop, have diplomatic immunity from State law?

    He is after all appointed by the Head of State of the Vatican.

    A state created by Benito Mussolini.

  2. He absolutely does not have immunity under state law.

    I was no fan of Michael McDowell, but I had to admire his attitude when putting an old priest in his place who was trying to quote Canon Law.

    McDowell explained that Canon Law in this country has the same status as the rules of a golf club.

  3. Excellent.

    Then they can arrest him on the same day they arrest Sean Fitzpatrick.

  4. The Abuser who we all know should be arrested now.

    Hell the bishop only proctected him for years

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