Celia, Bertie and Fingers. The Plot Thickens

Do you remember last year, when I told you about Celia Larkin’s loan?

It was about how Bertie arranged a loan to his girlfriend to buy a house, and the loan was on favourable terms. Very favourable indeed, since it didn’t involve any repayments. The loan came from an account controlled exclusively by himself, but which he claimed was actually a constituency account, and we still don’t know where the money came from in the first place.

Isn’t that a good deal? Isn’t that better than you or I could get?

Sure it is.

Much better.

But then, the miserable old Tribunal started to ask hard questions, and Bertie had to quickly ensure that the account was seen to belong to Fianna Fáil and not to himself. Shit! The game was up. Poor old Celia, Bertie’s girlfriend, suddenly had to pay the money back to Fianna Fáil after fifteen years of not paying a penny.


Well, good old Bert, decent man that he is, rode to the rescue and lent Celia the money even though they were now split up. Good old Bert. Or so we thought.

But what’s this I see in today’s paper?

Well, according to the Irish Times, Michael Fingleton approved a loan of €40,000 to Ms Larkin on March 4th, 2008 without the standard criteria being fulfilled initially on the loan application. Ms Larkin did not provide documents normally required by customers borrowing such loans when she applied for the money.

The loan was provided to Ms Larkin without showing proof of her income, identification, current account statements or details of other loans she had drawn down. Mr Fingleton personally signed off on the loan and no documentation was received by the lender when Ms Larkin’s loan was approved.

Now why the fuck would he do that? Why would the head of the second most crooked bank in the country =– a bank that has brought you, me and our children to the point of bankruptcy — authorise a highly irregular loan to the prime minister’s girlfriend?

You tell me.

By the way, I know the amount seems small in today’s money, but that’s because it goes back a long way. This was more or less what Bertie took out of the till so that Celia could buy the house many years previously.

Celia paid back the money at yesterday’s prices. Nice.

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of the elite instead of paying full price like the little people that we are, while Bertie’s thieves steal our economy and crawl back under their rocks?


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12 thoughts on “Celia, Bertie and Fingers. The Plot Thickens

  1. With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel & Cecilia

    Celia, you’re breaking my heart. Your applying for overdrafts daily – Oh, Celia, I’m down on my knees I’m begging you please, don’t take that loan

    Watching Oireachtas Report in the afternoon with Celia – up in my bedroom in Drumcondra –
    I get up to wash my face -when I come back to bed the Irish Times are staking the place

    Consternation, Fingletons phoning again,
    The Moriarty Tribunal are checking my sources
    Consternation, I’m in the dock again –
    Think I’ll say I won the money at the horse courses

  2. Your recent posts have been quality.
    I’ve never understood where investigative journalism has gone and why the likes of Brendan O Connor clog the front page of the nations largest selling newspaper.
    Keep on reporting what the others can’t seem to vocalise properly and hopefully I’ll live to see that crook Bertie jailed.
    Haughey got off scot free,please let us not allow his apprentice the same luxury.

  3. Isn’t he the ‘ere taoiseach ‘friends’ with the guy who used to run bank of scotland whose name was mentioned in court re being involved of the laundering of money from the biggest bank raid in the country. Jesus, if you wrote a book on it people would say it was too over the top.

  4. Guys, for your information, in Ireland there’s no such thing as investigative journalism. It’s only available here.

    How fucked up is that?

  5. No sherriff, no posse, no judge so the outlaws fuck everybody as is their pleasure. Until the townsfolk get really uppity it will continue. Wont be many wagon trains to Ireland bringing gold until a few outlaws are hung and decent folk can feel safe. Getting shafted becomes tiring after a while – bit sore as well!Whats Clint Eastwood doing at the moment – anyone know?

  6. It seems that a number of journalists have benefited from similar loans from Irish Nationwide courtesy of Mr Fingleton’s personal touch.

    Maybe that explains their reticence to point the finger.

  7. Marion Finucane, on her radio programme, put her hands up and admitted she got a loan in this way and it was accepted around her discussion table that it was common practice among journalists. I can’t remember was it last weekend’s programme or the one before, radio was on in the background and I wasn’t really paying attention but that jumped out at me.

  8. Seems to me that that rogue Fingers was in charge of a financial institution and they were, er am, giving out loans to people, cough, that were buying houses and property.

    This is disgraceful behavior and he should be jailed immediately, forth-fucking-with in fact.

    The mob are roaming the countryside folks, torches alight.

    Tis only a matter of time before they come across some dodgy looking auld one and fuck her into a river.

    “Sink and your innocent, float and your a daughter of Satan”.

    “Witch, witch witch”, they chant as she goes under – as they rid Ireland of the darkness.

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