Cowen Denies Demanding RTÉ Apology

Brian Cowen today informed the Dáil that neither he nor his press secretary demanded an apology from RTÉ for reporting the story on the paintings.

Meanwhile I hear from Robert Sweetnam that he wrote to RTÉ about their apology and received the following reply:

Thank you for your e-mail in regard to our story about the caricatures of the Taoiseach which was broadcast on last Monday’s 9.00 pm News.  Immediatly after the broadcast RTÉ News made the decision that the item as transmitted was both in bad taste and inappropriate.

We subsequently received complaints from various sources, including one from the Government Press Secretary.  We informed him that we had already decided that the item was in bad taste and that an apology was appropriate.

The News item was removed from the RTÉ website and on Tuesday night, we broadcast an apology.

RTÉ News tries to maintain high standards and is willing to admit error when occasionally we get it wrong.  Our editorial independence is important to us.  These decisions are taken by us alone and not influenced by external pressure for or against a particular course of action.

I see.

Cowen tells the Dáil that his press secretary didn’t demand an apology. So if he wasn’t looking for an apology, what exactly did he say to RTÉ when he called them?

11 thoughts on “Cowen Denies Demanding RTÉ Apology

  1. Bock,

    isn’t there some pesky law about lying to the Dail? Mind you this bunch of mendacious, duplicitous, lickspittly, sleveen, cowardly bunch of blowhard bastards that make up our government (and that does include the Greens) probably think it’s not lying if FF do it.

  2. Mark, this the party that let Charlie and Bertie and numerous other slime slither away. Do you think they’ll be bothered about some little white lies in Government chambers?

  3. I know that, that’s why I went easy on them in my description.

    Still it’d be good to see them caught out and have to pay for it. Of course, this being Ireland, it’ll never happen.

  4. Dáil Eireann has a rule which exempts comments and statements from the rule of law so lying is the norm. They call it ‘privilege’, well they would wouldn’t they? It’s like the bankers and their ‘misjudgments’!

  5. …what exactly did he say to RTÉ when he called them?

    Something along the lines of, “Want to see TV3 get 50% of the licence fee?”, I’d imagine.

  6. What’s depressing is that even with all these tangled excuses and half-arsed blustering, all of this will blow over…

    And it shouldn’t. It shouldn’t become old news so quickly. Had you posted this a few days ago, you’d have 40 comments by now.

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