Cowen Nude Pictures – Investigating An Artist

Let’s just go through the mechanics of this ludicrous episode.


An artist paints a picture. No law broken.
He takes it to an art gallery where he leaves it, free of charge. No law broken.
The painting is an unflattering portrait of a politician. No law broken.
The gallery discovers the unauthorised painting and removes it quickly. No law broken.
The national broadcaster reports the incident. No law broken.
The politician takes offence at the news report.
The politician’s press officer demands an apology from the national broadcaster. Abuse of position.
The national broadcaster removes the news clip from its website and offers an apology for reporting the news item. Abuse of trust by broadcaster. Abdication of journalistic integrity.
Politician contacts police commissioner and demands an investigation. Abuse of office by politician.
Police commissioner diverts valuable policing assets from fighting crime to investigating prank. Misuse of resources by police commissioner.
Interference in politics.
Police visit commercial radio station and demand copies of emails from the artist. Attempted breach of Data Protection Act by police.
Station refuses. No law broken.
Police tell station head that the “powers that be” want action taken. Intimidation.Possible abuse of power by police.
Artist voluntarily contacts police.
Police confiscate other unrelated paintings from artist’s home. Theft of property by police. Intimidation.
Police prepare file for director of public prosecutions. Intimidation.
Abuse of police power.
Abuse of due process.
Waste of police time.
Waste of DPP resources.

So tell me. On balance, who is guilty of an offence?


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35 thoughts on “Cowen Nude Pictures – Investigating An Artist

  1. The Fianna Fail Fascists.

    They keep saying in the Dail and through any media that no one is allowed critisise this one party state.

    Do you think I should join up to save my bacon? Maybe I can get a Government contract into the bargain.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I read it, but I found this comment hilarious:
    “This nonsense is evidence that the class in Fianna Fail died with Haughey.
    The Squire would not have condoned this petty attack on RTE. He’d have bought the paintings. And then had the artist assasinated because paintings by dead painters appreciate in value. He knew his art did the late Squire.”

  3. Sean Jeating,

    Stink had four kittens. There names are,

    Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Saiph.

    What a terrible place we have come to when the Emperor, having been found naked, desires to use brutality to dress himself.

    Goebbels & Mussolini would be proud.

  4. O’Donoghue wouldn’t allow any questions about the matter in the Dáil either, what a Republic we live in..

    Oh,and we pay their wages etc..


  5. “Eine Richt eine volk und eine Fuher“ There is one golden circle ,one people and one Leader . The lower orders shall not mock the Leader. On pain of a slow death. No one understands how sensitive poor biffo is . Think of his poor wife and children. Their Garda drivers may even snigger .

  6. RTE is to blame for all of this. The pay wankers like Gerry Ryan an obscene wage when he should be cut to about €25,000 a year and the money saved invested in our talented young writers who could provide this country with the political satire we need to let some steam out of an increasingly volatile situation.

    Likewise, whoever hung those paintings of Biffo is the supreme satirist – but one that is reduced to hit and runs.

    But I can only agree with the Gardai in making this a criminal offence – in that anyone that had the misfortune to be visiting the gallery at the time must now be heavily traumatised after seeing Biffo in the nude, and he sitting on the throne with that far away look in his eyes like a pig urinating.

    Most people visit art galleries to sneer at art students or to eye up the place for a burglary – some even go there for aesthetic reasons I was told. But to be innocently going about your business only to be confronted with a man who could be measured in lines of longitude and latitude, – and you paying for his obesity – that’s grounds for a writ against the state.

  7. well illustrated Bock.

    the e-mail that was sent to Today FM back in January wasn’t even FROM the artist himself. It was from a mate of his. His mate sent a different 3rd picture in an attachment saying hey – look what my mate painted – isn’t it funny. So in effect the gardai were attempting to confiscate the property of a completely unrelated 3rd party. which kinda makes it even worse.

    i’m participating in Fustar’s postal art project – I urge all your readers to do the same. :-)


    “[…] name | here, here etc | Bodytonic forum | Bock the Robber here, here, here, here and here | Brandenton Herald | Bruno | But as for […]”,

    In truth, can you translate that into english?

    It’s just that I can’t read jibberish.

  9. Gary Ireland,

    “Eine Richt eine volk und eine Fuher“ There is one golden circle ,one people and one Leader .

    Love it.

    And it is (maybe) more true than you would care to contmplate.

  10. It’s “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer”. If we’re going to quote from other languages, we might as well get it accurate.

  11. Political elite? FF are more like the taliban, a group of uneducated mountainy men afraid of anyone taking away their power. They’re the lowest of the low, that’s what’s scary about them. Imagine if the FF councillors call to the door and you have that pic of Cowen framed in the hall in pride of place. The artist should do one of Harney as well. Now there’s a lady who deserves to be ridiculed.

  12. Bock
    My thanks for the correction, my German is a little rusty. However with respect, in this state the Golden circle rank much higher than the people. The people exist merely to serve the whims of their superiors.. Garda resources are much better deployed hunting down artists rather than clearing thugs off the streets of Tipperary Town.

  13. “The politician’s press officer demands an apology from the national broadcaster.”

    As I understand it the person involved was the Government Press Secretary, which means he represents the entire Government, including Green Party Minister for Communications Eamon Ryan, in whose Departmental ambit RTE is located.

  14. Does Caravaggio’s “The Taking of Christ” incite anti-semetic feelings?

    Is Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” indecent?

    God I wish the politician twats would cop on.

    Oh and as for the Garda that interviewed the artist, raided Today FMs office etc….

    Charge them with WASTING POLICE TIME

  15. The interference by politicians in the work of the police is very worrying. Anyone is entitled to bring the polices attention to a suspected crime, but its clear that here powerful people in politics have more or less ordered the GS to go out and get this guy by hook or crook. And the GS complied. That’s not democracy, that’s East Germany pre 1989.

  16. My friend Tetrapilotomos told me some minutes ago that an absolutely trustworthy informant of his source this morning was told by a certain Officer Pluck that [quote] there’s a scent of almost 100 percent bicycle in Dublin’s air, mainly around the FF headquarter [unquote].

  17. What’s the difference between these pictures and the political cartoons you get in the daily press ?

    (next thing you know, Cowen will sue for misuse of his image…)

  18. It reminds me very vaguely of the film Equilibrium, although that was remotely entertaining.

    If yer man hung a picture of Enda Kenny cracking one off I’m sure they’d have a big laugh about it in the Dáil and that would be the end of it. Barrel of wank completely.

  19. How about An ‘artist’ pours glue over wall of public building
    An artist hammers hole into wall of public building.

  20. ..Police prepare file for director of public prosecutions. Intimidation.
    Abuse of police power.
    Abuse of due process.
    Waste of police time.
    Waste of DPP resources…

    and it also shows the level of corruption that’s been rife for a long long time..

  21. Ed,

    I can imagine hammering a nail into a wall.

    I can imagine using a hammer to make a hole in a wall.

    How do you hammer a hole into a wall?

    Where do you get the hole?

  22. Ed is one of those people who feel happy about using police to silence critics. I wouldn’t want Ed anywhere near a position of authority in this country. Ed would probably have felt very comfortable in East Germany.

  23. This ridiculous poxy and very amusing episode has at least achieved one thing.It has taken peoples minds off much more pressing and important matters if only for a short spell.Maybe that was the whole idea.

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