Mar 272009

There’s no limit to the self-importance or the stupidity of people like John Waters.

In this Irish Times opinion piece, Waters asserts that Conor Casby committed a crime, that his paintings have no artistic value and that the whole thing was caused by the internet.

Now, let’s just be clear. and I’ll say this slowly for John’s sake.  The paintings are not on the internet.  They’re in the back of some police station and before that, they were on the walls of two galleries.  The internet has nothing to do with it, except in the paranoid, Luddite mind of John Waters.  This man is losing touch with reality.

Secondly, John Waters has no discernible artistic talent or qualifications that I’m aware of, other than having written the worst Eurovision song in history and once having screwed Sinéad O Connor, which to me would indicate a severe deficit of judgement.  And yet, he considers himself entitled to pronounce on the merit of Conor Casby’s painting skill. 

Thirdly, he has no basis for accusing Conor Casby of committing a crime, and if I were Conor, I would be taking immediate action against the Irish Times for defamation.  I bet there are many lawyers who would be happy to take the case at no charge, pro bono publico.

At the same time that he attacks a defenceless schoolteacher for engaging in a harmless prank, John Waters overlooks the inappropriate use of the police force to intimidate the artist, because it wouldn’t suit his prejudices to address the implications of doing such a thing to a citizen of our democracy.  It seems that in John’s world, some people, like Brian Cowen, are above ridicule, and other people, like Conor Casby, are beneath contempt.

Waters is rapidly drifting towards his natural home territory: authoritarianism.

He has always had these inclinations.  He was always an opinionated, overbearing bombast, and an intellectual snob, but it’s only as he gets older that he feels able to come out and be true to his natural leanings.

What a pompous gobshite.


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