Facebook Group Removed: Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker!

Somebody started a Facebook group called Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker! I joined it and invited all my Facebook friends to join as well, but now it seems to have disappeared.


Saying Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter wanker is like saying dogs bark, or rain falls, or Martin Cullen is an idiot.  It’s just a fact.

I hope this group wasn’t taken down by Facebook because of complaints from Gerry Ryan, the complete and utter wanker.

It’s a given.

Now, just to be absolutely clear, when I say Gerry Ryan, I mean the fat, self-important, bombastic bore who gets paid half a million euros to talk shit on the radio for a couple of hours a day. I don’t mean the half-Borg Seven of Nine from Star Trek played by German actor, Jeri Ryan.

This is Gerry Ryan This is Jeri Ryan

Now.  I hope that helps to clear up the confusion for fear anyone would mix them up.

I was thinking.  Why don’t we set up a group here called Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker! If you think Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter wanker, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can judge the level of support for the group before Facebook nuked it.



30th April 2010

Gerry Ryan died today. Do to stupid comments, this thread is now closed. It’s one thing to insult a man when he’s alive, but the guy is dead, so let’s leave it at that.

Any further abusive comments HERE

141 thoughts on “Facebook Group Removed: Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker!

  1. Count me in
    Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker!
    and in addition
    Pat Kenny is a complete and utter Wanker!
    Ryan Tubridy is a complete and utter Wanker!
    Joe Duffy is a complete and utter Wanker, and a useless gobshite to boot!
    and to think, you can go to prison for not paying their wages

  2. wank?er
    Show Spelled Pronunciation [wang-ker]
    –noun Chiefly British and Australian Slang: Vulgar. 1. a contemptible person; jerk.
    2. a male masturbator.

    Ryan is all of the above, and more.

  3. Fella could make a fortune if he made t shirts with this on the front and sold them on ebay,is it any wonder no one watches the shit rte churns out with cunts like this enriching our lives,he is on a par with the gimpy hard hat wearing knob duncan…oh jesus someone slap them.not one person in our nation should have to pay a tv licence with the crap they throw out.yes gerry ryan is a wanker but isnt every presenter on rte

  4. I think that if anyone can be considered a wanker, it is definitely Gerry Ryan, who embodies the concept completely and utterly.

    Physically, most likely. Mentally, definitely. Can’t believe how much that guy is being paid… it boggles the mind.

  5. I actually met this complete and utter wanker years ago. He was a complete and utter wanker then, and he’s still a complete and utter wanker now.
    “You can’t make a silk purse out of a complete and utter wankers ear” …so the saying goes.

  6. Well they are around the same cup size (and I can see a sausage stuck to the side of his face, but not in a skintight steel grey outfit.
    That way nightmares should lie, but I am and I’ve seen fat cyclists)

  7. Fenson — Would that, by any chance, have been at the recording of a TV gig in the South Circular Road?

    Will — That’s an appalling picture to put in my head.

  8. there is a new one bock on facebook…….the montrose mafia…….check it out…….and gerry ryan is a cocky arrogant cunt….I think we should have a peoples revolution…..

  9. Of course Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter wanker. I have been know to break a radio trying to turn it off in too much of a rush to get rid of the thing. But it seems that the “plain people of Ireland” love being tortured by such pieces of shit A through back to our past?

  10. “Fenson — Would that, by any chance, have been at the recording of a TV gig in the South Circular Road?”

    No Bock, it was in the make-up room at R.T.E, where the poor unfortunate make-up lady was using a trowel to try and make the complete and utter wanker presentable to the nation. And just like he’s a complete and utter wanker on T.V. and radio, he’s a complete and utter wanker behind the scenes as well. But in fairness to him, he is consistent.

  11. i was interviewed by this complete and utter wanker once. i told the producers he could ask me anything about the subject i was to be interviewed about – except this one thing.

    they agreed.

    cue the interview, where the first question out of the useless wanker’s mouth was…the thing I didn’t wish to be asked about.

    overpaid overfed egotistical useless fucking wanker.

    sack the cunt and rte could donate the money he earns in a year to buy the cervical cancer vaccine for over 1500 teenage girls.

  12. It’s starting to look as if people think he’s a complete and utter wanker.

    I’m surprised people haven’t already made it obvious… I mean he IS a complete tool and a tosser.

    Did anybody go out of their way to congratulate him when he said he was finally taking a pay cut? I don’t think so..

  13. I also think Gerry Ryan is a fat waste of space and not worth 20G a year never mind 500K.

    Please start up a group again stating the fact that Gerry Ryan is indeed a lover of onan….

  14. I listen to Gerry now and then. He’s a bit of a wanker but not a complete and utter. That description I would reserve for the poster here who started a sentence with the use of the vagina reference as the greatest possible insult and finished the sentence with concern about the cervical health of teenage girls. Classy.

  15. Having discussed it with my family, and having listened to you, my audience, I have finally decided that it is in the best interest of the country if I catch you and chomp you all like little slurps of beluga… c’mere you slippery little BASTARDS! C’MERE! Chompchompchompslurpslurp belchfartchomp. Dare to call me wanker do youse? Then down the gullet youse all go. Youse are in my book now, ALL of youse. Facebook works two ways, see, my mentally cahallenged midgetry! And I still live on the Northsoide, not like that lightweight Kenny or Gaybono. In my fookin book. Now. The lot of youse.

  16. They’re some pretty choice descriptions of the fat turd himself.

    That cocksucker epitomises what’s wrong with Ireland.

    A fat arrogant bullshitter raking in far more money than he’s worth.

    He’d be better suited to hawking burgers from a rusty chip van.

    the cunt.

  17. Well done to all for tapping into the GR zeitgeist.

    This opinionated & bloated apologist for Fianna Fáil has finally exposed himself for the greedy ‘me féiner’ he truly is.

    Of course, 2FM should never have been allowed form part of RTE’s Public Service remit. Somehow Ryan appears to have ensured that his programme be classified under Current Affairs. Of course, the fact that the political establishment and RTE senior management continue to endorse this appalling state of affairs, is a sad reflection on the calibre of leadership prevailing at the top.

    Well done to all.

  18. I was a member of the group.

    I feel like there’s something missing in me now that it’s gone. Please include me in the bad-minded sniping, as I concur that Gerry Ryan is an absolute bucket of toss.

  19. Well that explains the missing link then. I figured Ryan the wanker had taken umbrage at being publicly ridiculed, hence the missing facebook link.

    It may be irrelevant in the long term anyway but what is disturbing is that Ireland has so many complete and utter wankers who want to hear their guru on their radios; disturbing!
    However, considering that Ireland has experienced civil war in its past, that this wankers presence may anchor a similar event in our future due to the vast and increasingly ugly divide between the poor and the wealthy, perhaps I’m dreaming!
    From time to time people are put in jail for not paying his ‘salary’.

  20. I joined the facebook group and Im quite happy to join any group against this odious, pug faced, spoiled twat.

    While we are on the subject let us not forget the other RTE ‘stars’:
    Tubridy – light in weight, light in talent. I have more respect for things I have blown out of my nose.
    Kenny – nothing more need be said. Shoot the fucker.
    Last but by no means least; the crowing turd in the waterpipe, the steam off the RTE maure heap, the loud mouthed, talentless, fat arsed, feckless slapper that is Lucy Kennedy.

    I would love to see the job specifications that RTE used to find this collection of duck brained space wasters. (Apart from Tubridy who, despite his eternal rants on how he got what he wanted through hard work and a degree in broadcasting, got the job through his uncle, David Andrews)

    Wanted: Broadcaster for dubious chat show with small European station. Degree holder in broadcasting preferred but not essential. No previous experience required, though Air Hostesses & serial killers will be given consideration first.

    Personal Specification:

    The ideal candidate will be: loud, egotistical to the point of megalomania. Have difficultly connecting with people. No sense of style. Bereft of a sense of humour.

    A very obvious false laugh and a weight problem (extremes over and under healthy weight preferred) will be an advantage

    The candidates will be required to host a chat show addressing any topic of their choice (interviewing each other will be essential) while insulting the intelligence of their audience. Ability to bore a group of drunken, middle aged people and students is required for evening TV shows.

  21. While we are at it. I wonder what the chances are of getting Geri Ryan (7 of 9) to host a show on RTE? ‘Operation: Masturbation’ perhaps?

  22. seems to be the general consensus,gerry is hated by the majority yet the fuckin dimwits in rte continue to give these talentless bastards huge salaries,someone is taking it up the pipe in rte,how else can you explain rehiring them every year?ryan is a wanker,but tubridy is a cunt,god bless the channels from engurland,bock start a poll,most hated gerry ryan or tubridy

  23. Ah dear, was a member of that group meself.
    Wondered where it had disappeared to……..

  24. Not being of Ireland myself I had to do some thorough research of my own on this guy before I could work up any sort of objective opinion either way.

    I should be able to come off the medications in the next week or so. Therapy is going as well as can be expected.

    I think it was the half a dozen videos I watched during my research that did me in.

    I’m ready. Where’s that high powered rifle?

    Of course you all realize that this moron is going to have to stay on the air otherwise there’s no reason to bitch about him?

  25. Enough of this self-obsessed fool. He’s the worst radio presenter in ireland. FACT!

  26. morgor; Ray D’Arcy, “Atheist” my arse, Can’t listen to his self effacing judgemental bullshit.
    “down with the kids” and his constant use of
    “well thats not whats usually done” and “what I would do” can’t bear his closed questions, his demi intellectual non sense of humour, judgemental, self important but approaching from a different angle to GR all the same total bullshit.

  27. Wow, can we bottle this kind of energy? We need that sort of bile directed at the government, not a waster like Ryan.

  28. morgor – i concur.

    One of the reasons Ryan used to try and justify his ridiculously high salary by claiming that he was bringiing in so much advertising revenue for RTE from his show. But Ray D’arcy’s show pulls in more listeners, receives NO licence fee money and is solely funded by advertising.

    Every time you pay your licence fee are you happy with some of your hard earned money going to fund another chin for GR? I’m fucking livid.

  29. Bock can you separate those 2 pictures a bit more please. The Slug is getting in my field of vision and spoiling my view of The Lasher.

    There might be an opportunity here to get some people power going. If we started a campaign and everybody refused to pay their TV licence fee, well, they cant get us all can they? We should refuse to pay until Ryan and the likes salaries are cut to reasonable levels, say about 30% (max) of what they earn currently. We would then agree to pay a reduced fee, say, what it was about 8 or 10 years ago (about half what it is now). Its a small thing, but you have to start somewhere. If this country is to get out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves, we’ll need to do this kind of thing across the board, and this would be a good, high-profile way to get the ball rolling. Lawyers and other professionals fees, state services charges, just for starters. The whole lot will have to be cut drastically. The pols arent going to do it. Anyone?

  30. Bock – One must always know the enemy wherever they may be. Besides, It’s good to know where the wankers are. It comes in handy when you need a scapegoat or two.

  31. dammit i woulda joined this group heck most of my would have too. I hate this “Dj” he gets paid too much for talking complete crap and for far too long.

    Can we start a new group?

  32. i am not going to insult gerry ryan. i am just not paying my t.v. lience be cause r.t.e. are a shower of robbing bastards. and will go to jail first before i pay those dublin 4 fuckers any money

  33. But why not avail of a perfect opportunity to insult him, Sam?, life being so brutally short an all.While the vast majority of opinions here appear to be suggesting that Ryan has the handle torn out of his stomach, he is attracting over 300,000 listeners a day, which translated into English means that RTE are hovering up money from advertisers. Think of Croke Park filled four times, Thomond Park sold out twelve times, that’s his daily audience, give or take the odd few thousand bastards. They can’t get enough of him – and they don’t believe for one minute that he’s a wanker. They won’t subscribe to the view that they are wankers by proxy either.

  34. Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter wanker. Can I shit in his mouth? Glad I took the pay cut!! (phew!)

  35. Jesus, Ryan, that’s a bit extreme. Shouldn’t you just be happy that your family bought you the Late Late Show?

  36. I was never one for going along with a doomsday merchants who insist that we’re fucked and the French will take over the country, imbibing us so much with their culture that in 100 years time our great grand children will be surrendering at the first sign of any class of an invasion – before a shot is fired.

    But after reading today’s Irish Times, I’m now convinced that our goose is cooked.

    According to today’s IT, Gerry Ryan’s biography, titled, “Would the Real Wanker Please Stand Up”, has been granted tax free status………..

    The book was released a few months back – mice threw themselves in their traps, budgies, otherwise religious, nailed themselves to the bars of their cages.

    Pick up a Penguin advanced the fucker €100,000 for a couple of hundreds pages of complete and utter bollocks, such as Ryan telling us;

    “My canteen is the restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel. I have all my meetings in that restaurant. I know Louis Walsh (the deformed pygmy) does the same thing.”

    A source close to the veteran shock jock said, yesterday. “He’s a complete and utter wanker, like.”

    Meantime, John Hearne, who “edited” the book was also granted the tax free perk.
    I checked the date on the IT to make sure it wasn’t still April 1.

    How can the above be considered art, or creative. And why, for instance, does the person emptying your wheelie bin, a much more creative endeavour vis a vis the above, have to pay tax on his earnings if Ryan doesn’t?

    Indeed, why does anyone who writes for a living have to pay tax if this wanker doesn’t?

    The country is fucked lads. We may as well hand it over to the French or the Germans.

    In fact, here comes Pierre now. “Bonjour yah bollocks.

  37. Gerry Ryan is a bell-end who thought he was too big to take a pay cut. Yes he is big, a big wanker who bores the shit out of the nation. And what about Tubridy another mean gobshite who tried to bullshit us about legalities that he couldn’tt ake a paycut. They were not so cool when they were threatened by RTE’s boss to take a paycut. Get rid of the mean bastards.

  38. Why is 2FM, a pop-music station, publicly funded? How is any of its content in the public interest to broadcast, and does anyone really think its content cannot be broadcast by purely commercial outlets?

  39. thesystem,

    “Why is 2FM, a pop-music station, publicly funded?”

    One reason and one reason only.

    Because Gerry Ryan needs €500,000 a year.

    Why does Gerry Ryan need €500,000 year.

    Because Fianna Fail need Gerry Ryan to need €500,000 a year.

    He is their clown mouthpeice.

    Even Fascists need clowns.

  40. Who’s being arrogant- none of your licence fee goes to ryan you miserable sad cunts. The Ryan show makes millions for RTE every year. I you fired ryan he would just move to another station and his not inconsiderable listenership would move with him.

    Some-one you don’t like is more successful than you: build a big fucking bridge and get over you begrudging pathetic whiny fag cunts!!!!

  41. Apparently millions tune in to fair city, and that is a pile of crap. And yes both fair city and gerry ryan generate revenue, but I believe it is because of lazy viewer and listenership. People will just tune into anything at those times… Would it not be better to drive money into interesting and intelligent initiatives, so that the rest of us may derive some pleasure. And some of our fees must go into these shows in some way, so I demand to have some thing good back.

    I don´t care that someone I don´t like is more successful than me, I just don´t care for it if it comes at mine or my country´s expense.

  42. I have been a wild lurker for many a year, and I spent all my money on whiskey and then more whiskey.
    Bock I think you are a God, and have been too shy to say so till now, so Hail Bock.
    But for the first time I have to disagree with you and come out of my wild lurker seclusion.
    I like Gerry Ryan, I like his mad sense of humour, I like the way he can take the piss out of himself, I like the way he can talk about absolutely anything on his radio show and does. Not denying that he has an extraordinarily healthy ego, but shag it, you would have to really for that kind of a job.
    Whoever said they would prefer Larry Gogan deserves Larry Gogan.

  43. That’s all right Daisy. It’s a free country, unless you happen to poke fun as Scientologists. You can disagree with me all you want to.

    However, Gerry (or Jojo as he calls himself) doesn’t agree with you about me. Still, as I said, it’s a free country and Gerry can think what he likes. The fat gobshite.

  44. Definitely a fat posh wanker, heard him one day say to a deserted wife with 3 young kids, i know exactly what your going through with your money worries, what a patronising cunt he really is

  45. I can’t stand the bollocks, Ireland’s amateur psychologist d.j , he has been a pain for years , the fat bore. let’s do some thing to give us all a voice?

  46. Taken from the dictionary, the definitive, definition.

    wank·er (w?ng’k?r)
    n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang

    A person who masturbates.
    A detestable person.
    Gerry Ryan for instance

  47. We stopped watching TV about 2 years ago when they started showing reality TV shows about the most ridiculouse things. The TV licence people have written to us twice but on their form for explaining why you don’t have a licence there is no section for ‘because we don’t have TV’.

    We watch movies, comedy, documentaries on the internet or on DVDs. We watch quality programmes when we want and never see a commercial or get lied to my the mass media. We have 4 computers and can each watch or do different things on each.

    Perhaps some of the above posters would consider doing the same.

  48. Same here, hate the diarrahoea that comes out of his mouth too. Sick about hearing of his holidays. Sick of him going on about Mrs. Ryan, but fair dues to the woman, nothing got to do with her, just her hubbie spewing dribble, she left him….

  49. Can we not do the same for the other Gerry cunt that hails from our own home town. Two Gerrys with the one stone?

  50. You talkin bout Gerry Hannon Rob? He was on the local still going on about Frank McCourt, still raking up manure after all these years.

  51. This is getting a bit parochial, in my opinion.

    Is Gerry Hannon the fool who gets his kicks by attacking Frank McCourt?

  52. Yeah that’s the one you are probably right small peanuts just thought it was appropriate to take the opportunity. Mea culpa.

  53. My family are in Clare (I live in England), and I was persuaded by one of them to listen to this rubbish and I kept putting it off until this week. Good god it is awful and he is so full of himself. Unreal. As for half a million people listening to him, you can’t be serious? But you’ve all seen English TV and heard English radio no doubt… it’s a wonder how the UK is still one of the most powerful countries in the world… If you ever get a chance, watch the Jeremy Kyle show… might be on UTV if not RTE/TV3. That is something else… but yes, Gerry Ryan is a shite. Oh, builderfromhell… watch out for that. The TV licence fuckers in England decided to make sure that laptops/PCs have a tv licence. Can’t watch any BBC programmes without it … whatever… I told them I didn’t have a TV and they ended up getting a police warrant. Fuckers.

  54. Tom Dunne ,,,,, “Mr. Boring”…………………please eliminate him from the airways, and by the way for a musician …what shocking taste in music

  55. Fat blob of worthless skin did me out of two thousand euro for no reason, I concur with all the above!!!!!!!!!! Oh and btw, I met the beautiful Mrs Ryan,
    ehm…. fuck ugly too….

  56. Wow it is truly depressing how much time you all seem to have, that you can compose such disgustingly hateful remarks. The fact that they are about about someone that I severely doubt any one of you have met, let alone know on any personal level, makes it even more tragic. Get a life.

  57. I realise it might seem odd I would comment on a obviously anti-Gerry Ryan site, if I do not share these feelings. A friend mentioned the site to me, and I thought they were exaggerating. It is one thing to not be a fan of a celebrity, but another to attack them so personally and aggressively.

  58. I know. Isn’t it awful?

    And did you see the way the whole site is designed around Gerry Ryan?

    How sad is that?

    I mean, like, seriously. How? Sad? Is? That???


  59. Kate, Why are you offended by comments about Gerry Ryan ( or Jojo as he likes to call himself here)?
    Come to think of it, wasn’t Jojo, the man who thought he was a loner, in the Beatles song: “Get Bock”?
    So Jojo started it.

  60. These entries read like a wanking contest for adolescent boys – seeing which of you can shout out the rudest words as you struggle to reach an orgasm. “Gerry is a fat pig”. “No, he’s a fat pig cunt!” “No, he’s a dirty fat pig cunt!” Don’t you guys – and, let’s face it, 90% of you are guys – think that it’s just a little bit creepy for you to set up a special web page so that you can all get together and bitch about Gerry Ryan. And don’t you think that it’s kind of revealing that you all seem preoccupied with his physical appearance – I mean, is there some sort of repressed gay thing going on here? I have a tip for you: if listening to Ryan gets you so hot and bothered – why don’t you just stop listening to him? I guess that would involve you growing up a little and giving up the pleasure of hanging out together on your special page and whinging about him – so I suppose that’s probably not a realistic option, is it?

  61. Kate,

    You say you doubt anyone here has met this loathesome individual, well let me tell you, as I said in a post before your defence of him, I HAVE! I carried out work for him and when it was complete, he refused to pay, [deleted] just because he can, he set his legal representative against me and [deleted], I have kept the paperwork sent by his multi millionaire lawyer so don’t speak of things of which you have no knowledge!

  62. Anna, Kate as devotees of the Great God Gerry you may not appreciate that many People find Him arrogant, and offensive. If ever there was an elder adolescent tosser he is it . May I suggest the “home” click at the top of this site. I have no doubt that you shall find lot’s more to offend you. Given that R.T.E. want a bang for their buck, they put him everywhere.

  63. Gerry gets tax-free status for his biography.

    In addition, RTÉ pays him a salary (after the 10% emergency reduction) of €629,865.

    So here’s the lesson: a preening, narcissistic, loudmouthed clown in RTÉ-land can expect to be paid two-and-a-half times as much as a heart surgeon or a High Court judge (both of whom are already overpaid in this country).

  64. OK, boys – one of you at a time. First of all, Jim Jo (cute name, by the way) – I am sorry that you lost two grand. And perhaps Gerry Ryan did rip you off. Or, perhaps, you tried to rip him off. Or, perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in between. Who knows? And, frankly, who cares? Either way, it has got absolutely nothing to do with what Ryan does on radio. And neither does him being fat – which seems to be the insult of choice for most of you guys. What are you suggesting – that anyone overweight shouldn’t be allowed on the airwaves? Sadly for you, the SS are no longer around to enforce that policy. But, by the simple law of averages, some of you guys contributing to this wankfest must yourselves be carrying a few extra pounds. How do you feel about all of this stuff being written about Ryan’s weight? Doesn’t it embarrass you? Or, maybe, you are so filled with self-loathing that you actually like it? Next up is Gary. He believes that Kate and myself are both “devotees” of Gerry Ryan – even though neither of us have written a single word in his favour. I think that says enough about the sort of open-mindedness that Gary brings to the table Then there is Finbarr – who seems a sensitive soul, and is obviously profoundly shocked that a respectable Irish girl should refer to boys wanking. You may not have noticed Finbarr, but DeValera is no longer Taoiseach, and we are now living in the twentieth-first century. Lastly, there is the Grand Bock himself – who points out that Gerry Ryan earns “two-and-a half times as much as a heart surgeon”. I have some shocking news for you, Mr. Bock: this world is sometimes an unfair place, and until it comes to its senses and employs you as the arbiter of all its wages, salaries and rewards, it is likely to remain so. To sum up – you boys ought to be ashamed of yourselves: not because you choose to insult Gerry Ryan – but because the type of abuse you use is so repetitive, so juvenile, and – above all – so goddam unimaginative.

  65. Anna,

    Go back to your Hello, Ok magazine Alter of the useless celebrity, psychologically by returning to this web page, something of YOUR choice I might add, shows that you have been enjoying the opportunity to vent aggression on males, fat or otherwise, it’s girlies of your ilk that keep twats like this in employment and the mere fact you support them is an interesting insight into supporters of modern day entertainment, I bet you sit for hours watching the likes of Big Brother and Xfactor, trying to live vicariously through these waste of axions and neurons, fly by nights who live extravagant lifestyles on your hard earned buck.

    How dare you even suggest that I might have been ripping him off, you weren’t there, you assume and that is not your perogative, I was going to court when he , thru his lawyer, lodged a percentage of the bill in the courts and with the mighty GK as a legal rep who do you think was going to win. You give decent women a bad name, go soak your head!

  66. Re 58/ shatnersbassoon.. what say we get Christopher Morris for the morning slot, now that would put the fox in the hen house..
    Re 89/ sicktodeath.. as of last week when i got my license, the kind man in the post office informed me that viewing video streams over the internet did not require a tv license, however, if you have as little as a tv aerial [ the tv of course is a given ] then you’ll have to cough up your 160..
    Oh dear, now look whats happened.. I have survived 6 years without hearing more than a couple of minutes of Gerry Ryan.. I have read the entire thread of posts and im flabberghasted at the run of hate mail this guy is getting.. Im going to have to stop listening to my 70s progressive rock [ wierd shit ] in the morning and give G R my attention.. even if only for a couple of days.. As it is, i’d be listening to George Hook [ has he been drinking? ] or Matt Cooper [ half man half pit bull ].. these presenters are ” the talent” [ bbc parlance ] and worthy of there pay.. I would agree with people about paying presenters overly generous saleries directly from license payers money.. Am i right in thinking Today FM and Newstalk are independant stations?, and yet they have good programming [ only my opinion ] and spirited presenters.. Im sorry for appearing dim, but what did Gerry do to become so unpopular with so many people.. Im not messing with you all, i’d really like to know…

  67. Laurence. As an alternative to sticking pins in your eyes then by all means do listen to Gerry. Then you shall not have to ask. Be warned you may require therapy as a result of your curiosity .

  68. his show is rubbish,stopped listening to him years ago,the man has as much relevance today as he did years ago…none..but r.t.e puts out shite so he is doing what he is good at…talking shite,and eating on fuckin air all the time,jesus christ all that money to be allowed on air to stuff his face.no wonder most of the country dont even watch rte or listen to its radio programs

  69. Gerry Ryan is typical of the upper class no talent type of twonk that RTE churns out. Pat Kenny, Ryan Tubridy, Miriam Callaghan etc. They all make my skin crawl, but Gerry really takes the biscuit.
    I still can’t believe he presented a reality show in which contestants had to try to lose weight!
    He was more overweight than any of them for God’s sake!

  70. What is wrong with you guys?
    Young Finbarr suggests that I am some sort of whore. (Why do I think that he seldom gets laid?)
    Bock is all worked up that I might really be a boy. (Calm down, tiger – and, by the way, is “Bock the Robber” your real name?)
    As for poor Jim Jo – well, let’s just say that he clearly has some “issues” as far as girls are concerned. (Seriously, Jim Jo, you need help.)
    What a bunch of losers – sexist, paranoid and chronically insecure!
    So long!

  71. I’m not that worked up, honey. You flatter yourself.

    And what’s this “so long” business about? Are you holding your hands apart for the camera?

    Or maybe Gerry made another unwelcome pass at himself.

  72. Anna, I get laid so often that I’m actually getting laid as I type this so it’s not easy to think of anything to write, except that Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter wanker.

  73. I’m impressed.

    Getting laid, replying to a post and thinking about Gerry, all at the same time.

    Anna is definitely wrong about you being a loser.

  74. Finbarr 10/10 Gerryphiles 0 . It has taken me some time to recover from the word picture painted. I am still laughing.

  75. Ah Jaysus Anna, or should I say Mrs Ryan, I should have guessed, silly me, hope you are doing well, better than when you were married to the blob.

  76. Ok, I had to give Gerry the benifit of the doubt, no point in bad mouthing a fellow needlessly….. That said, I checked out his morning show on RTE2, for two days.. the best i can say of it was that [ in my humble opinion ] it came across as bland and out dated…. having never been a lover of the Steve Wright school of radio presentation[ BBC radio 1.. c 1990 ], Gerry appears to try and blend it well with the mum friendly appeal of Jimmy Young [ BBC radio 2.. c 1975 ] while really not hitting the radio sweet spot of either… but then again, im only a bloody car mechanic on a snatch above the earning power of a london parking meter, so who’s really got it sussed…. guess it’ll be another 6 years before I give gerry any more benifit….. Now where’s my Gentle Giant cassette…..

  77. Laurence It servers you right! You were warned. I admire your stamina. Two whole Days? I need to throw up after five minutes.

  78. Cant stand Tuberdy either…didnt Ryan have a “lost weekend”in the bowels of RTE years ago??do you think that was the moment when he knew …his destiny was to become a complete and utter cunt….like Bono…

  79. Its just occured to me how much the picture of Gerry Ryan at the top of this article reminds me of John [ the teflon don ] Gotti, the Gambino crime lord…. Mmmmm, worrying stuff..
    Re Allan / 126… Maybe I’ve been eating all the wrong mushrooms, but Tuberdy puts me in mind of a praying mantis in a Moss Bros suit…

  80. I have to admit it – I made a mistake.
    Just when I thought you boys couldn’t get any more pathetic, you go and prove me wrong.

    Young Finbarr claims that he has sex “very often”, and – wait for it – he is actually being laid “by a woman”!
    I’m sorry, pet lamb, but you’re not fooling anyone. It’s perfectly clear to me just who you really are: another sad and lonely guy trawling the internet – searching for some buddies. I almost feel sorry for you.

    By his own admission, Jim Jo didn’t have the balls to stand up to Gerry Ryan in open court. Instead, he tries to make up for his cowardice and humiliation by posting poisonous entries on an anonymous blog site. That’s also sad, isn’t it? In a creepy kind of way.

    Laurence thinks that Ryan is a bit “out dated”. This comes from someone whose points of reference are in the 1970s: I mean, Jimmy Young and Gentle Giant – can you believe it!

    If this site were a school playground, then Bock would be its resident bully – sniggering on the sidelines, along with his trusty band of dim-witted lieutenants. Most people know that “so long” means “goodbye”, but Master Bock pretends to think that it refers to the size of a man’s penis. OK, I know that he’s trying (very hard) to be funny – but isn’t it revealing where his imagination (for want of a better word) leads him? To a joke about knobs. Oh, dear!

    The truth is that this site is filled with guys who like to dish it out – but just can’t take it back. Whenever you encounter anyone who questions your dull and repetitive abuse of Ryan, your immediate response is to accuse them of being a) “devotees” of Gerry Ryan, or b) partners of Gerry Ryan, or c) Gerry Ryan himself.

    Not the most sophisicated response, is it?

    None of you have been able to begin to explain why you have become so obsessed with Ryan – and his physical appearance – but I can draw my own conclusions. Anyhow, I have some good news for all you frat-boys. I have already taken all of this nonsense far too seriously. This time, when I say “so long” – I mean good bye for good.

  81. Anna — Have you had a chance to read this post yet? Internet Insult Management System

    Your comments would probably be [SDC 6, 7 and 8]

    A few possible replies might be [STR 4,6,9 and 14]

    Thank you for the additional standard disparaging comments which were omitted from the original list of SDCs. I’ll have to update it.

  82. Anna now you have departed this Hell hole of iniquity you shall not have occasion to read this. However you took exception to being described as “Devotee” perhaps I should have written.
    Supplicant and disciple, adorer, idolater , delusional Fan of rubbish. I know nothing of Ryan’s physical appearance , I have managed to avoid this. It is it’s mind or lack thereof That I have a problem with. May you and Gerry be very happy together and may you stay on your own world.

  83. Hi
    Maybe I have not read all the posts but does anybody remember the “Lambo” incident on the Gay Byrne show all those years ago?

  84. I sure do.

    Gerry lied to the listeners and made a complete fool of himself. After that, he never managed to become anything else.

  85. This is like fresh water in a dry hot place, this thing wanders around the world as some sort of rep for us, its a crime plain and simple and rte should just be pulled off the air, they’re a masonic fronted D4 self obsessed shower of scum.

  86. Gerry Ryan sits in his studio wearing a skirt and knickers. He’s a fucking fat old biddy. A society gets the government it deserves; it also gets the shite bags it deserves. This Bag of Shite makes Pat Kenny look like a serious journalist and that’s no mean feat. I wish I lived in a South American military dictatorship where fat journalists like that Botoxed Ponce are the first to be put against a wall.

  87. I resent being called a fat cunt. I am only slightly over weight. As for earning too much, screw you all!! I am riding dis gravy train to da end. If you think i am stupid enough to get off it then you deserve to be on the dole you wankers! How am I to preen and ponce around bleedin Dublin pretendin I am an intellectual if I cant pay me hairdresser and buy a 1k suit every now and then to support my overfed gut. If they are so stupid as to pay me the insane fees they do, for talking shit for an hour a day, then they and you deserve to support my lifestyle. Everything here moves so slowly it will take years to get rid of me and I will take you, the taxpayer for every red cent I can, until they physically remove me or not pay me. By then I will be so old it will be time to retire to my holiday home in the sun (of course I am not telling you where it is). So HA bleedin HA! you cant get rid of me as they is a state organisation too useless to tie it`s own laces. If you dont like it then vote for another Government ,as that`s all that will get rid of me. By the way I tink me bleedin gravel voice wid me accent is so sexy you morons. I look forward to gettin me bonus dis year and screwing you (the taxpayer)over, all over again and again and again.

    Love ya !!!

    P.S.tanks for me pension………………..

  88. This site better be down by tonight you pathetic losers, the man has died for fuck’s sake. The fact you have invested time in a website against someone you do not even know is tragic, and only lets everyone see what sad lives you must lead to waste your time on it. To anyone who pasted a hateful message about Gerry, a deservedly beloved figure in Ireland, (who will be long remembered, which seems unlikely for any of you dickheads), GROW UP YOU SHOWER OF CUNTS!

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