Irish Government Ministers

Here’s our government.

Name and Title Commentary
Brian Cowen


(Prime minister)


Qualifications: lawyer

Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none
Business experience: none

Mary Coughlan


(Deputy prime minister)

Self-important, overbearing fool

Qualifications: Sociology degree
Former social worker

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Brian Yehudi Lenihan

Minister for Finance

Son of former minister.

Qualifications: lawyer.

Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none
Business experience: none

No financial expertise. Ideal man to handle financial crisis.

Mary Harney

Health Minister

Failed ideologue

Qualifications: Arts degree
Former teacher

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Noel Dempsey

Transport minister


Opus Dei stooge.

Qualifications: Arts degree

Former teacher.

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Dermot Ahern

Justice minister

Bombast and bully.

Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none
Business experience: none

Micheál Martin

Foreign minister

Cynic. Smart enough to know better.


Arts degrees.
Former teacher.

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Martin Cullen

Arts, Sport and Tourism minister

Complete wanker.

Qualifications: none

Business experience:Wine-salesman.
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Éamonn Ó Cuiv

Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

Prick. Detested by constituents.

Qualifications: BSc.
Business experience: pathetic. Former island co-op manager.
Technological expertise: none.
Managerial expertise: laughable.

Mary Hanafin

Social and Family Affairs minister

Religious maniac.


Qualifications: Arts degree
Former teacher

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Willie O Dea

Defence minister

Ludicrous little man. Waffler.

Qualifications: barrister, accountant
Former lecturer.
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none
Business experience: none

Éamonn Ryan

Comunications, Energy and Natural Resources minister

Pampered, condescending, smug fool

Qualifications: none

Business experience: Minimal. Former travel agent
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Brendan Smith

Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Out-of-depth fool.

Qualifications: economics degree

Former political adviser.

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

Batt O Keeffe

Education and Science minister

Waffling gobshite

Qualifications: Arts degree

Former lecturer.

Business experience: none
Technological expertise: none
Managerial expertise: none

These are the senior ministers in our government.

Senior. I emphasise the word in case you overlooked it.

This bunch of wearies are the people making the decisions about the future of our nation. About your future and mine. About the future of your children.

These people, who might not be qualified to join you in a game of cards, are the ones making the decisions that will ultimately decide whether or not you survive the next twelve months.

Look at them. How long would you last in a bar-room conversation before you tore them to shreds for the empty-headed fools they are?

Wafflers every one. Bombastic, bullying wafflers without one single, shared communal intellect between the entire sad lot of them.

These are the people deciding your future.

There seems to be a pattern emerging among these people’s qualifications (those who have any qualifications, that is). I don’t notice a whole heap of study leading to an actual skill in anything. Do you? Many, many Arts degrees in there at a time of crisis. Many teachers and lawyers in there as well. Far too many for my comfort.

I also don’t notice a whole heap of practical experience at anything apart from being a sleazebag politician.

Not much specific knowledge of the kind we need right now.



Cowen Is My Shepherd…

Junior ministers to follow.

59 thoughts on “Irish Government Ministers

  1. Beautifully put, Mr Bock.
    Understated yet precise.

    Well done to all for voting them in… again and again and again…

  2. Qualifications BOCK?

    Well for your information I can buy a BA from any Irish university.

    OUR universities are institutions better described as centers of excellent prostitution.

    Obviously the line-up presented here is one of a selection of those too mean to pay the full asking price, as most of them have the by now redundant BA in Arts; bullshit.

    What has happened in Irish education is pitiful to say the least when you factor in that any one of the so-called ‘qualified’ posted here is thereby presumed to possess the ability to THINK!

    Me thinks NOT.

    Paid from the neck down, obviously, and in each case it applies here.

    God help us all.

  3. Actually I am utterly amazed at the fact that Mary Coughlan is Tanaiste of this country. Every time I hear her waffle I want to give her an almighty smack in the mouth. She makes my blood boil beyond boiling point.

  4. Why is anyone surprised? We get the Government we deserve. The electorate of this country (most, not all) hid it’s head in the sand an believed the bullshit it was fed from FF and its lackeys. “I’m doing ok. I’ve got my 08 car, 4 holidays a year , my place in Spain and fuck everyone else” Now the shit is hitting the fan and the electorate whinges. Time for the fan to hit the shit.

  5. The majority of people didn’t vote for FF. I think it was 40 odd%. The problem is we don’t get to choose who they hook up with in order to make a government. Even if there was an election there are still loads of arses who’ll vote for FF politicians – ‘Ah Willie O Dea, he’s great, he fixed my footpath and got a job for the young one’ who think if they don’t vote for them they wont get their favours. and they might get in again.

  6. Just by the by – most of them fall into two camps. In camp number 1 (Cowen, Lenihan, Coughlan, etc) politics is the family business, the qualification is just something to fall back on. Most of the rest are teachers. Lots of teachers in the Dáil as their unions have a special arrangement – they get to hold on to their teaching jobs while they are a TD. I have to say I find Ryan to be one of the best of them. The main limitation he has stems from the fact that he has limited influence as a Green, i.e. due to all the muppets that Elle mentions voting for FF.

  7. Any evidence for Noel’s involvement with Opus, I thought Ms Hanafin was more suspect in that regard?
    Ó Cuiv’s main qualification is grandson of DeValera.
    Mickey Mairtin has an MA.

    How many are sons / daughters / brothers / relations of former FF idiots?

    And do none of them have that other great qualification, a GAA degree?

  8. Éamonn Ó Cuiv has a BSc from UCD.

    Micheál Martin is the cleverest and it shows in his face/eyes. I’m a great believer in reading faces. ;)

  9. The electorate of Ireland don’t consider the big picture when voting. In fact the majority of us are permanently undecided until very close to election day. I reckon approx. 10% of the people I know really consider their options before casting their vote. The people of Ireland were given the warning signals but choose to ignore them. A simple example,David McWilliams TV show on RTE had a huge audience, so why didn’t people listen? We must accept some responsibility for this and learn from it. BTW,I am not removing blame from the yobbos in charge. I’ve lost my job, my partner is being hit with a pension levy and it isn’t over yet. Am I bitter? YES, I didn’t vote FF OR Greens,EVER. But that’s democracy for you.

  10. The two Brians and the Mary all got elected to the Dail when they were barely out of nappies because their daddies moved on … the nepotism resulting from the personality based political system that we have here.

    The other shower are no different, nor would they have done things much differently over the past ten years (only recently the likes of Ruari Quinn were crowing about how they were responsible for the Celtic Tiger – you don’t hear him saying that now)

    Nepotism and vested interests (look at the HSE) – that’s how it works here – and sure have a few pints if it all gets too much or we may have to think about it a bit longer.

    The only answer is to change the system so that local government gets more real power while becoming more transparent. That way we can vote for local people to solve local issues, while national representatives can get on with making decsions in the national interest – isn’t it patently obvious that our repesentatives are congenitally incapable of making long-term decisions because the system requires them to answer to the wrong type of questions from voters (“what are you going to do about the footpath?” as opposed to “what direction to you propose taking the country?”

    Far be it from me to defend the current crowd but the last time I checked I recall reforming local governement and the planning laws to be the central plank of Gormley’s brief as long as he’s responsible for Local Government. Whatever you think about it, it’s long-term and about as selfless as an irish politician can be

    Bock, enough negativity already. We all know about bone-headed FF’ers (trust me, I’ve had my fill of them) but it’s gone beyond satire now …

  11. That’s my problem. Do we want democracy or don’t we? Or do we need our democracy “modified” in some way?

    Otherwise, the people of Ireland got what they voted for.

    We need to dump civil war politics and have people voting with their heads, and not according to family tradition. AND, we need to find a way to put an end to political dynasties — where a spouse or child almost-automatically takes over a seat when someone dies. It’s bloody ludicrous.

  12. ‘Democracy as a system is terrible, until you cosider the alternatives”

    We get the system we deserve, and by the way, even our shower can’t hold a candle to the Italians – what they get up to in terms of nepotism, perks, back-handers and plain corruption beggars belief ….

  13. “Democracy as a system is terrible, until you cosider the alternatives”

    That’s what I’ve always believed. So the question is, can we influence who we get as candidates? Because it seems to me that we have pretty useless choices most of the time.

  14. Nora

    You get active – if it’s isn’t a political party then a movement for changes that you believe in but which are also realistically attainable

    “All it require for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”

  15. I was wondering if we should have some sort of minimum requirements/qualifications of people who stand for election. But that wouldn’t be democratic, now, would it.

  16. Apologies, Nora, I didn’t mean to be presumptive with that comment …

    On qualifications for candidacy, there are ways to take the ‘personal out of politics’ such as a (partial) list system of electing memebers for national parliament and (in our case) appointing Seanad members to government posts (but then we’d have to reform the Seanad, right?). We could go down the US route of having business and other leaders as government members, but in our case it probably would have led to Seanie Fitzpatrick becoming Minister for Finance

    Sigh …

    By the way, anyone noticed the backdrop to the pic of Mary Coughlan?

  17. A bit trite, I know, but I’ve always believed that the only solution to the problems of democracy is more democracy. In other words, greater accountability, greater transparency, more direct democracy, and increased economic democracy.

    But we won’t get it handed to us on a plate.

  18. “We could go down the US route of having business and other leaders as government members …”

    Motherofgod. Halliburton. And shoe-salesmen as Ambassadors.

    Hah! the Galway Races? Never been there myself. :)

  19. Right first time, Nora. have never been theer myself – can’t think of anything I’d like less

    On business ‘leaders’, I had the misfortune to be in the same room as Seanie once when he was at the height of his pomp. That experience reminded me of the person who asked the question “why do people take an instant dislike to me?” and received the answer “it saves time”

    Still, hubris vsists us all, even the politicians …

  20. Lets just imagine we don’t elect the next lot, I wonder then, should we just recruit a government from a pool of the recently unemployed ? Of course terms and conditions would have to be of a high enough level to attract the right sort of candidate – the ‘help wanted’ add could run something like this:

    Situations vacant:
    Urgently required, for the re-flotation of small Atlantic island which is currently adrift and sinking.
    Candidates must be amoral, devoid of ideology, of limited intelligence. No qualifications required, full on the job training provided by a large back room staff of civil servants. An ability to back pedal and swim through thick viscous liquids an added advantage along with an unjustified sense of self belief.

    Applications on the back of a brown envelope to Dail Eireann, Leinster House Dublin 2.
    Closing date for applications:
    Any time before the arrival of the IMF.
    Salary scale : the sky’s the limit

    …. Or maybe that’s just too similar to our current system?

  21. Billy Connolly has a routine to the effect that anyone who wants to be a politician should be immediately disqualified from standing for election …

  22. malcom muggeride loathed politicians and only ever voted once and then it was for a politician who had earlier been released from a mental hospital, after spending some time their. when asked why he voted for a man who had only recently been released from a mental hospital muggeridge replied, well he is the only politician who has a certificate to prove he is of sound mind

  23. Fantastic post! A primer on Irish political “luminaries” that is especially helpful for non-residents of the Emerald Isle.

  24. Disgraceful!
    O’Dea is the most qualified?
    Holy Jesus!
    Too many BAs (lowest points course in University).
    BA = the new Junior Cert
    MA = the new Leaving Cert
    I am told for example that one third of teachers now have a Masters degree.
    My 21 year old niece did a BA 2 years ago and went on to do an MA. She tells me that the majority in her year did a Masters.

  25. I met Dillie O’Wea on quite a few occasions and he’s a good man, works hard for his community – when he’s not claiming people in bars, only slagging Willie…. grow up and give it a break folks, or put yourselves forward for election, see how far you’d get – most politicans are motivated by a desire to serve the common good – you can’t spent your entire lives at the back of the bus folks, sneering and throwing bottles.

  26. Ireland is absolutely bollixed. Even if the current government was populated by experts in business & finance, they would still not be able to do anything.

  27. William’s right.

    I’ve seen Nobel-prize-winning economists and other “world renowned” economists in dispute over how to “fix” this global crisis. And it’s perfectly clear that (e.g.) Gordon Brown and Obama are chancing their arms and keeping their fingers crossed.

    Economists can’t agree because the situation is unprecedented. One professor in the USA said that when this is over, all economic textbooks will have to be rewritten.

    So, our crowd may be corrupt, or have ripped us off, but they can’t be expected to fix all our latest problems — it’s a global affair and nobody knows exactly how to do it.

    “most politicans are motivated by a desire to serve the common good”–Abdul

    I seriously doubt that, but each to his own.

  28. BA BA BABABABABBA. What do you call a black sheep when all of them are? I can see Lenihan’s going to have his hands full with this lot. Sure the brother will help him.

    Tell me though, Bock, how many are ‘former’ teachers, and how many are ‘resting’ teachers, keeping some young ones out of legitimate employee status?

  29. Willie O Dea a good man for his community????? Is that why he didn’t vote for retaining AerLingus in Shannon. Oh he’s wonderful alright. As for him looking like Hitler, I think he’s more like Groucho Marx in looks and in actions. Also why are so many td’s teachers I wonder. The problem with a lot of teachers is that they think they’re always right, and lawyers, well, I wont even comment on most of them.

  30. Yes.
    And can I just ask..What the fuck happened to investigative journalism?
    Where is Ray Burke now?What exactley does Bertie bring to the table for over 200k a year?
    Why does cooper-flynn(no capitals necessary)still have her nose in the trough at my expense?
    And why the fuck is seanie fitz still smiling at me from the papers?
    Popeye would be livid..
    “I’ve had all that I can stands,and I can’t stands no more.”

  31. Hi

    I now understand why in the face of the biggest recession in 80 years our Government does the complete opposite to the rest of this world by: Increasing VAT, Increasing PAYE, Cut Spending on Capital projects – which results in lack of confidence , reduced spending , loss of jobs, – Which results in lack of confidence , reduced spending , loss of jobs – We need to get rid of these fools.

    The Competence of this Government is the most serious issue for us & Europe, the Euro etc


    Ex Fianna Fail Supporter

  32. Why do we need so many of the following;
    166 Td’s.66 senators.833 county councillors.744 town councillors.154 state agencies.35 Enterprise boards.8 Fishery Boards.17 Harbour boards for a population the same as Manchester.Have the same ratio as the UK 1 MP for 90000 and 50 would do here,now that would be a place to start making serious savings.Get rid of the surplus.

  33. A friend of mine, often asks me, did you see so and so, on ‘Front Line’ the other night? Then, he goes on to talk about “barrister speak” which is a synonym for saying absolutely nothing, while you talk for five minutes with great erudition and poise in exquisitely modulated tones. In other words, you lie through your teeth while saying nothing! Then there is, “politician speak”, “church speak”, “Quango speak”, “NAMA speak”, “tribunal speak” and “minister speak”. As you can see they are not mutually exclusive. Sadly all this “speak” or “lies” does not come cheap and as they lie the national debt simply soars towards bankruptcy.

    If you need an antidote to the above, just listen to Michael O’Leary the bluntest and most truthful man the country has thrown up so far! He would also be the perfect antidote to national deb, stupendous salaries, ponzi public pension schemes, lazy public servants, sick days and empty hotels bed rooms around the country. All would be eliminated in a very short time, but we seem to prefer bankruptcy.

    O’Leary, the most hated and most loved man in Ireland a symptom of our bi-polar attitude to life on the little island. the fact that he scares the bejaysus out of half the country gets him my number one!

  34. Nama is a cancerous growth which has been planted at the heart of the body politic and if it is not excised by the rational, peace loving democracy loving people of this country it will indeed defeat is the people of Ireland.

    As for our cabinet they worry more about their clothes, their coiffeted hair do’s and foolish appearance than they do about whether half the country is unemployed or starving.

    By the way Bock You left out the non executive directors of the cabinet, comrade Jack and comrade Begg wjo think their Stalingrad truly demented carry on! Also, every week, the FF whip Pat Carey has a personal meeting with Jacky Healy Rae to see what he wants for Kerry in the week ahead! He is a true cute hoor moron who does not give a shit what happens outside his little parish, his sons little company tars the roads while he feathers his own nest. He is a great man for Kerrriiieee.

    So obviously you can see where I am coming from and that I believe that the country is well and truly fucked with this lot!

    O’Dea lectured me at the NIHE in law in 1981 he gave a handful of lectures and went on to put it in his CV for the rest of his life. As a person, he is now a caricature of Groucho Marx, he is the Goebbels of FF marched out to routinely defend the indefensible. God only knows what his current ambitions are but the person I observed years ago and admired is just a mess of shadows, he should learn that life is more important than playing games. He should grow up! Willie if you read this please resign.

  35. cheers, that’s my study done for my CSPE junior cert mock exam tomorrow. the rest is bluffable.

  36. How have I only found this site now? On the ball Bock and many more here….for myself I say..I ran in a local election one hindsight thank goodness I didnt get in….but seriously I take it as the highest of compliments and a confirmation of my character that I didn’t even come close.
    And savings…with the sheer size of ministers (and upwards) salaries do they truly need expense accounts for going from Meath/Mayo/Donegal/Kerry (bloody wherever) to Dublin,or whatever else it’s supposed to encompass? Just get up earlier in the morning like everyone you useless bastards!
    Do they HAVE to have a pension ALSO paid for them? Shur they could still manage a hefty pension payment from their wages!
    But what truely staggers me..whatever your personal feelings for Willie O Dea is this..does a country like Ireland,(a blot on the Atlantic,spot on Europes arse,our only ever troublesome neighbour glad to be nearly rid of us,an absolute living political satire for a place) need a bloody army at all anyway? Who now wants anything to do with us?

  37. I think Robert Browne should replace O’Dea. You actually sound like you deserve to sit in Leinster house! Finally someone with talent!!!!! And your not reading off a script like like one particular minister I know! ( Metaphorically speaking of course, I don’t ACTUALLY know the man;) Hey ever here the phrase ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?? Well don’t you think those infantile idiots we call ‘The Irish government’should wear t-shirts sporting this saying? Sorry that was a little bit too impulsive! I think Mary Harney should quit while she’s ahead, everyone can see she’s just a BIG, POMPOUS, FAKE!!! But I know Mary Hannafin and I have to say she’s not demented or a religious freak.I’m going into junior cert and shes visited my school a good few times. ( Of course I am a bit biased because she’s my friends aunty)

  38. I believe that the Tanaiste never actually practised as a social worker or if she did it was for a damn short length of time. You’re giving her too much credit there …

  39. To whom it concerns.

    The Irish government have done a lot of damage on the poor of thin country, they had the neck of cutting disabled people and to be totally honest I hope they all rot in hell, they have messed it up so much that ever if someone that gets in in the election they have a big mess ahead of them, I truly can’t they bailed out the banks and cut the poor of this country, they will have no luck for doing this and I believe that God will deal with all of them in time, so if they see bad things to their loved ones they will only have themselves to blame.

    The stupid shower we have let do all they have done, we were fools to let them in and have the country in this big mess they let happen.

    I would like to know one thing, are any of them getting 200 euro a week, no they are not, could they live on 200 euro a week, we will never know as they gave themselves a large amount of money a week and we had to pick up the pieces after them, shame on them, they forgot one thing they will die just like all of us and just like all of us will have to face God for what they have done, one thing I do know is they will never get out of hell for all they have done on this Country and the poor here.

  40. @ James Conway

    Amen to that!

    So we are now in December and the IMF are in running the country and demanding weekly cash flow statements from the caretaker FF/Green government. Yesterday, I listened to Brian Lehihan talking to Pat Kenny, justifying 3 different cuts to the blind, he also assured the country that “banks would not receive bonuses for a very, long time”. It appears in Lenihans time frame a long time is 24 hrs. That is how long it took for AIB to declare they were paying out 40 million in bonuses to the people that bankrupted the bank. Then I read that NAMA have paid out more in “professional fees” in its first year than the total amount paid out in 13 years of the Moriarty (more robbery) Tribunal as well as increasing their own NAMA salaries by 75% in year one.

    We are a joke and the people of Limerick will run out to vote for Groucho I suppose? Vote Independents!!!!

  41. Some excellent comments. Even when I was doing economics for leaving cert, I made my mind up and that was a long time ago that Ireland as a small country should just simply have a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. No ministers, no seanad. We’re only a small Island for Gods sake!!!!. As an employer in these desperate times I got a letter from the revenue to explain to my employees the new CSU Levy. As if it will put a smile on their faces. I personally think this new levy is to fund Dempsey and his fellow ministers pensions perks. God give me strength. I also believe that the amount of suicides are up to an alarming rate but being kept under raps as probably one of our many politicians might ask the question as to whether theyre responsible!!!!!!

  42. @ Mick

    I agree with you about our Taj Mahal government with jets barely in the sky before they have to land again because the island is too small. Meanwhile, their Garda drivers have their foot to the floor trying to meet them in Knock airport or Kerry Airport with the little dog in the front seat of the car.

    Were Mr. O’Dea’s pension contributions paid even though the number of lectures he have in the NIHE back in 1981 were miniscule? In other words is Willie going to draw a lecturers pension as well as his Dail pension even though he has been extramural for close to 29 years? Maybe Bock would look into that one for me?

    As for the money for pensions they have just been made liquidate the NPRF by the IMF because they kept boasting over and over about it. “We are well funded into the middle of 2011 and we have the NPRF etc) ….. That’s grand, you may toss that on the table too Paddy! There is an unfunded Public Sector contingent liability on the books of the state for 114bn Euro according to the Comptroller and Auditor General’s accounts for 2009. After we have robbed Peter where is the money going to come from to pay Paul? And I am only talking about public servants because the NPRF was only to fund themselves and not the ordinary person.

    None of these politicians who have destroyed the country should get a pension and as a small favour to them we may agree not to put them in jail though I think that might be hard to sell to the ordinary person, the unemployed, the exiled, and the person who can no longer keep his or head above water.

  43. Robert — Would you consider the workers who grit the roads in winter ordinary people? Or those nurses who look after you in hospital? Or the firemen who cut you out of the wreckage? The people who operate the water treatment plants. They are all public servants. Would you prefer if we didn’t have them?

  44. My grandfather was a ganger on the roads, my father a bus driver/conductor for 35 years bringing people in and out to Shannon. I work for myself in the non protected private sector. They all need to be paid and are highly valued members of our community but their salaries and conditions should not be dependent on unions who spend their waking hours plotting to put a gun to the heads of politicians to reef as much money from the system for their members and to hell with anyone else. Neither should their salaries depend on endless union protection rackets. When Bertie was awarded another 37,000 nine of ten unions contacted refused to condemn the rise because Bertie was a good friend and pushover as far they were concerned. When the passport office went on strike the two machines that could print passports one in Dublin the other in Cork were soon put out of commission. Was that bad luck? I attended a public meeting addressed by the head of the CSPU to be told that they asked Bertie in 2002 for 600 million as part of their Celtic Tiger dividend only for Bertie to give them 1.2bn. This was theft of public money by Ahern to throw at unions and their members to keep them sweet.

    The fact of the matter is that 40% of their salaries have to be borrowed every month and that 40% has then to be serviced a rate of 5.83% for seven and a half years… same with the next 40% of their cheques etc. We have a choice, we have inflated salaries to levels which are far too high we can pretend that everything will be all right and continue on to pay these salaries from borrowed money until the entire system collapses or we can adjust the salaries of judges, politicians, bankers, barristers, accountants, RTE presenters all the way down the line. Peoples homes should be protected and nobody should have to pay more than a set percentage of what they earn to pay for the roof over their heads. We already have FG and the unions gloating about getting into power. What a nice prospect it is to have Jack O’Conor and David Begg stalking the corridors of power once again. I watched O’Connor waltz into the Dail about two months back he adeptly side stepped a couple of hapless taxi drivers who were protesting outside the Dail he did not even cast them a sideways glance. The judiciary, the politicians the unions are in it up to their necks and if it takes a revolution to get rid of them, so be it, better to burn out than to fade away what do think Bock? Must we continue to pay politicians who have bankrupted the state is that not creating moral hazard? It has to be management by objectives and payment for results not payment for failure and pensions and golden handshakes all round for abysmal failure. Everyone in Limerick should recognise O’Dea for what he is, an apologist and propagandist for FF an opportunist parish pump politician, since he went into politics representing Limerick the city has gone from bad to worse. (yes, I know there are some good things happening and thank god for that) In my opinion O’Dea cares more about his moustache than he does for the people of Moyross or Southill. People in Limerick should vote for the independents who run in the city.

  45. A union memeber here and a public servant! Needless to state, I have never put a gun to anyone’s head in reality or metaphorically.

  46. Just doing a job and getting a bit tired of being painted with the same brush as the FAS management, the scavenging politicos, RTEs so called celebs and senior civil servants who definitely had their noses in the trough. It’s abit like blaming every private sector worker for the excesses of the banks’ greedy higher execs!

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