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You remember back in September, that the government announced a scheme to guarantee the Irish banks, including the two fake banks, Anglo-Irish and Irish Nationwide?

You might recall that the same crowd of bastards, Irish Nationwide, immediately sent out this letter touting for business on the strength of the government guarantee.

Well, we now learn that the vile Fingers Fingleton, chief executive of Irish Nationwide, a supposedly mutual building society, paid himself a bonus of €1 million just a few weeks after the guarantee was introduced.

We also discover that Fingers increased his salary from €2.31 million in 2007 to €2.34 million in 2008, at the same time that the banking system was collapsing due to the greed and arrogance of people like him and his cronies in the other banks  — most notably Anglo-Irish, which was subsequently nationalised.  It was also at a time when the rest of the country was suffering pay-cuts and losing jobs hand over fist, while the tax paid by the rest of the workforce was being used to prop up Fingers and his zombie bank.

I have only one carefully-considered comment to make about Michael Fingleton.

What a cunt!


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10 thoughts on “Irish Nationwide Head

  1. That ‘cunt’ as you aptly title him is a pillar of Irish society and has the full confidence of the other shower of pillars in our corrupt, polluted and stinking Dáil Éireann.

    Heads will roll. Roll on the ballot boxes!

  2. I applaud your synopsis of Mr Finglteton. Your comment is succinct, considered, and substantiated by evidence.

    Can I say it again for emphasis? [cause it may make me feel better as I try and work out how i’m going to pay the rent next month]



  3. Personally I think you do a great deal of disservice to the word to allow it that close to the contemptible pustule of a retrograde classist shitebucket, with the sneering way of the white and mischevious about his superior demeanour. We didn’t get him in time this week, but his time will come. What an utter cancer.

  4. Unstranger – Pillar of society or not, he’s still a cunt, and part of the poison that afflicts our society.

    Eva — How perceptive of you. He is indeed a cunt.

    Mr Bastard — We came very close to losing, but in the end that level of intensive defense can’t be sustained for the full 80 minutes. I thought Kaplan was superb and kept Scotland in the game.

    Mulley — You seem to have arrived at the same analysis as the rest of us. Hey. For the first time ever, we all agree on something!

    Nick — I have a lovely story about Fingers, which I’ll bring to you shortly. What an absolute arsehole!

  5. This guy is old – so an auld cunt.
    That means he will die soon – hopefully… Therefore all this money [deleted] will get back into the hands of the public again – and he wont get to spend it – hopefully. So now he is demanding an apology for being called a ganster in the dail, – its time for government to earn itself some respect and make a stand here.This auld cunt should be forced to pay back the monies [deleted] his pension funds, and forced to make peresonal paymentas for all the [deleted] loans he personally approved for his chummy buddy cunts who have now defaulted. Why should the public pick up the tab [deleted]t??

  6. Fingers is on the news today demanding an apology from Paul Kehoe.

    The Fine Gael Whip, as reported today by RTE, described Fingleton and ex AIB chairman Sean Fitzpatrick as “two of the biggest gangsters ever involved in banking institutions” during a NAMA debate in the Dail on October 13.

    Fingers says the comments were outrageous and misinformed and is insisting on an apology.

    But Kehoe is claiming Dail privelege and says he won’t be apologising.

    Can anyone go into the Dail and insult people under privilege?

    The government could raise millions out of it. A tenner a head for ten minutes in the Dail slandering all round you.

  7. That’s right. He called Fingers and Seanie gangsters and Fingers is demanding an apology.

    Fingers thinks he can now dictate what all our politicians say, presumably on the basis that he has provided half of them with very soft loans and he feels betrayed.

    I believe Fingers hasn’t handed back the million euros yet.

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