Kevin Scully, Sex Abuser, Jailed

They jailed a fucking bastard who sexually abused 20 or 30 children.  We don’t know how many, but Kevin Scully pleaded guilty to sample charges of sexually assaulting 10 boys and five girls, the dirty fucking pervert, and he’s only 26.

Jesus Christ.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. No.  What I want to know is this.  Why the fuck did the Southern Health Board spend UK£290,000 sending this piece of shit to England for treatment?  He attacked a female counsellor while he was there, for fucksake.

Treatment.  You can’t treat abusing child-rapists.  Don’t they know that?  There’s only one treatment for these fuckers: a bullet at the base of the skull.

They spent – read it again — UK£290,000 trying to treat this abusing, violent fucking pervert.  Trying to help the prick.

I wonder how much they spent helping the children he raped?

UK£290,000 of your money spent on a rapist pervert piece of shit.

Can you fucking believe that?

How much does a bullet cost?

According to the policeman who arrested him, We had serious concerns about fathers and uncles and brothers of some of the victims and what they expressed to us they would do to Kevin Scully.

Would you blame them?  Really now.  What decent man would not want to rid the world of this creature?


After his release, Scully ended up in a Dublin hostel for homeless men, using a false name.  The owners of the hostel are aware of Scully’s past but failed to place any restrictions on him, even though other men used the lobby of the hostel to meet their children.

Scully was not ejected from the hostel after being caught downloading child pornography, but the person who alerted the management to his activities was ejected – for being unable to pay the rent.

27 thoughts on “Kevin Scully, Sex Abuser, Jailed

  1. They perp walked him in and out of court so we could all get a good look at him. He is so disturbed, he would probably want to be killed.

  2. And so he fuckin should, the dirty filthy fuckin pervert.

    Sorry, but I lose my equilibrium when I have to talk about this sort of stuff. Treatment my arse. One small bullet and it’s over.

  3. While I agree with you and offer that if one of my children was a victim I would gladly pull the trigger with no remorse I will say that that talk of the bullet is the easy way out. It will never happen so what do we do.
    What were they thinking when they shipped him off to England?
    Whose “study” was in favour at the time?
    How was it approved?
    Did anyone in “authority” nor realise that word of this would get out and shit would hit the fan.

    Do we want this to be “sorted” when the man is in prison?


  4. The desire for a bullet is a personal thing. I want to know what fool decided to spend €300,000 on a rapist pervert.

  5. You can be sure that each of the children involved will have considerably less than the €2000 per week it will cost to keep him incarcerated spent on their own counselling.

    He gets bed and board and they get a lifetime of suffering!

    They are the ones who need caring yet you can be sure that the HSE will treat the victims with the same respect as a group of tomcats would show to a she-cat on heat in an alley.

  6. I know this won’t happen, but I would truly like to have him fed into a wood-chipper.

    What will happen is this: a large amount of our money will be spent keeping him in a secure environment, while his victims will be ignored and will spend the rest of their days with no security whatever.

    Even his entry on the sex offender’s register will be erased when he reaches the age of 55. This isn’t something I’d necessarily disagree with, as long as the erasure involved feeding him feet-first through the wood chipper.

  7. How much more of the 16,000,000,000 budget of the HSE is spent in this way. He might be a high profile case, how many more scumbags scobes and perverts are having accommodation ,treatment,medical cards, food,clothes,cookers,fridges and fuck knows what else supplied.
    Then the first thing they cut back on is the nurses, doctors and beds.

  8. From The Independent

    “A PAEDOPHILE who sexually abused 15 children was yesterday jailed for 13 years — but could be out in less than four.

    Kevin Scully (25), received a 20-year prison term but the final seven years were suspended and the sentence was backdated to 2003.

    That means that if he receives standard remission of a quarter of his term, he could be out in early 2013.”

    Our laws are a joke.

  9. Send him back over to the UK for more “treatment”. Preferably a stormy night on the Liverpool ferry…..and bring along the idiots who sanctioned this criminal waste of money to “reform” that sick cunt.

    Halfway into the journey, with a heavy wet rope, tie the fuckers together. I have no doubt there would be plenty of volunteers available to see them off.

  10. Bock

    If one of the victims was my kid I’d pull the trigger on him without hesitation, but then I’d expect to do time for what I’d done. It’s called the law of the land and it’s there for a reason.

    No matter how obnoxious the crime and its perpetrator, vigilante justice is essentially unworkable, and you know it. I’m surprised at your comments.

  11. Could we not appeal to the prisoners in our
    jails to give him a daily kicking until 2013 ?
    Remember both prisoners and warders have young children of their own and might even
    enjoy the therapy.

  12. Tony S — I’m not calling for vigilante justice. I want the State to whack him, officially, instead of spending €300,000 on stupid “treatments” that will never work.

    My opinions on child abusers are well know. I think they don’t deserve to live. I think they are vermin. A cancer on society.

    If this surprises you, wait till I tell you what I really want done to him.

  13. This guy only has half his brain developed according to the Central Mental Hospital. Who in there right mind would let a 15 year misfit loner babysit their children in the first place??? Alot of questions need to be answered as to why the victims parents didnt report it straight away??? Why the fuck would you know its going on & let it continue??? These people need to be locked up as well for witholding information! I agree, he should be shot!

  14. Did i say victims? Victims “parents” you stupid d*@khead! Fcuk sake, d poor victims were young as 2 – how can they be blamed! Wud u let a psycho male babysit your kids???? I think not! Alot of people need to fcuking wake up!

  15. Disagree all you like, but do NOT attempt to abuse anyone here personally. Especially me.

    The parents are victims too.

    You are now officially blocked from leaving further comments for breaching the comments policy, but I might have barred you anyway for leaving comments in illiterate text-speak.


  16. We’re so powerless (in any country) about children abusers. The law process is so slow and so inadequate. I don’t understand how a lawyer can agree to defend the accused. I don’t understand how a judge will not condemn him to a life sentence, or to hang. I don’t understand why he needs special protection when our children are exposed to assaults from people like him. What type of treatment will he get? NOBODY knows how to treat perversion. It’s an ingrained state of mind. Like a permanent DNA. The only treatment that would work is death.

  17. “One small bullet and it’s over.” ah no in these recessionary times ONE STRONG ROPE WILL DO THEM ALL!!

  18. Any sex offender that receives treatment at a cost to a state that goes on to re-offend should be made repay the cost of the treatment. I don’t care if it takes 100 years of prison work or taking their house, their car – their possessions sold at a car boot sale – whatever.

    Then the bullet.

  19. I cannot believe 300k spent on this scumbag, it really does defy belief as all other comment have been made i would gladly strap him to a chair with crocodile clips to his nuts blacken out the city for a couple of minutes. Who make these decisions to treat a vile sadistic man. On a personal level my father has fought cancer for many years leaving him with half an eye, has worked all his life never done harm to anyway and has to pay for his medication and they spend 300k on this scumbag. wtf!!!!!! makes me sick.

  20. Does anyone know the name of the scumbag who sanctioned this 300k to be spent on this vile excuse of a human being, if anyone does know his name it should be broadcast loud and clear and then he should be sacked. what a wanker he is

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