Murders in Northern Ireland

They fired a hail of bullets at the four soldiers and the pizza delivery men.  They then approached two of the the soldiers, 21 and 23 years old, and shot them dead as they lay wounded.  The Polish delivery man is critically ill with six bullet wounds.  Their perverted logic identified him as an enemy.

Even if you didn’t regard them as violent, murderous, backward-looking troglodytes – which I do – they are still criminals.

Even if you accept that they are fighting a war – which I don’t – they are still criminals.

Even if you think their actions are in some way patriotic – which I do not – they are criminals still.


Because these thugs, these swaggering skinheads – whom you wouldn’t trust to clean a toilet –  need the notoriety of these acts to acquire any sort of respect among their peers.

And these same thugs call what they do a war.  In a perversion of language, they call themselves soldiers, when they are nothing more than lowlife criminals who want to drag us all back to the dark days of conflict. Arrogant, murdering swine who want to blight our children’s future for a stupid ideology.

A soldier doesn’t shoot a wounded man as he lies on the ground.

A soldier doesn’t target an innocent civilian earning a living.

That’s the work of a dead-eyed killer.



The latest news is that these lunatics have just murdered a cop in Craigavon.

People, it’s about time to put up or shut up.  Do you believe in democracy or do you not?



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They can fuck right off..and stay there.

51 thoughts on “Murders in Northern Ireland

  1. In the eyes of these guys delivering a pizza to a British Army base in peace time means you’re a legitamite target that can be shot dead. Eh…I actually do not know what to say to this. I’m stumped !

  2. Maybe I read it wrong but it is worth remembering that these people are rarely skinheads rather pseudo farmers that have a financial interest in keeping this sick nonsense going. The smuggling of guns, drugs, diesel and any other shit has to be justified somehow.

  3. As long as the myth that Ireland can be (re?)united by violence and murder persists (which Gerry Adams effectively said in his Jesuitical response) there will be an endless supply of people willing to exploit the myth.

    These murders are no different to those committed by the IRA.

  4. Here is a what I am wondering….?

    – Do you think the British Government will scoop up Irish men from the streets of Belfast randomly, hood them, in the dark send them to some black sights to be interrogated and tortured?

    – Do you think there will be a British version of a Gitmo in some far away island, where loud Pink Floyd will be played until detainees will puke the words “I wish you were here”?

    – Do you think all Irishmen will be held accountable and responsible for the horrible terrorist attack?

    – Will the Pope apologize on the behalf of all Catholics?

    – Will there be kangaroo courts especially designed for the Irish where their culture, religion and their soul will be under scrutiny?

    – Will we ask “where are the moderate Catholics”?

    I know it may not seem like a fair comparison but after 9/11 every single Muslim in every part of the world was held accountable…. I wonder will there be a similar response?

  5. I know the numbers killed are not the same, but is it the number of deaths or the actual action that is under the microscope? Just wondering….

  6. Just evil bastards Bock. Evil, cowardly bastards. You’re on the money about racketeering and gaining perceived respect. If they weren’t trying to mask their acts with some apparent legitimate cause they’d be exposed as the thugs and murderers they are.
    It’s time for Gerry and Martin to let the PSNI (or Garda) know everything they do about these fuckers. They could help by properly choosing a side and leading by example when they call for information.

  7. Amen. This is not right. It is heartening to see a uniform response to it at least, because I could not help but take an involuntary backward step in my mind when I heard the news. How quickly this has again become a violation of sanctity, this gives me hope. How soon that a people, peoples, have moved forward is being demonstrated. That these crawling examples of recidivism be dragged by the ankles out into the centre of the circle is now imperative.

  8. Bollocks to them, scumbags that’s all they are.

    Now I’ve just heard on the tv they’ve killed a cop in Dungannon. Fuckers.

    I agree with Bender though, SF know well who they are and could help bring them to book. Whoever else knows and doesn’t contact the guards / PSNI is just as guilty.

    The time for fellow travellers to get a free pass has gone, well gone.

  9. “..or the actual action that is under the microscope? Just wondering….”


    As far as I am concerned it is the action and its mythical justification.

    Ireland is an Island. I cannot see any time in history when it was a Nation.

    Richard de Clare (Strongbow) was invited into the Island by Diarmait Mac Murchada (King of Leinster) who very generously offered his daughter to Strongbow if Strongbow would kick seven shades of shit out of Turlough O’Connor “High King of Ireland”.

    Was Ireland a Nation then?

    Or just a bunch of greedy Land Owners who would sell their own children for advantage.

    Maybe nothing has changed.

    The myth must die.

    When the current crop of murders have spent their energy will the next crop realise that a United Ireland created in violence by definition means the murder of at least 250,000 people.

    It’s all Bloody nonsense.

    Nothing I have said is an apology or defence of the atrocities of serial British Governments.

  10. Nevin,

    Did the Pizza delivery men go into a place where they knew injury would be likely?

  11. Nevin,



    Adrian IV?

    No. What is Irish (Culture, Religion, and Soul)? I have always considered myself a humnan being first. If I need a Nation to provide my Religion or Soul I am lost.

    Don’t know about you but I won’t. Then I’m not a Catholic.

  12. I think Nevin is trying to illustrate what happened to Muslims after the WTC attack, but the comparison doesn’t stand up.

    The difference is that there is no religious dimension to the Northern Ireland issue. It’s strictly cultural.

    Don’t forget, they’re all atheists.

    Catholic atheists and Protestant atheists.

  13. Bock,

    You are of course correct.

    I was being a little devious with Nevin.

    If the mythology of the “United Ireland” is in fact a truth then Brehon Law must have effect.

    “Payment for Wounding”

    “Although early Irish law recognized a distinction between intentional and unintentional injury, any type of injury was still normally unlawful and requiring compensation. The main exception is injuries received when the victim has gone into a place where injury is likely.”

  14. Bock,

    “Catholic atheists and Protestant atheists.”

    They’d be Humanists without Humanity then.

    Or maybe not.

    Maybe there all just a bunch of mentally deranged killers.

    Of course, you can’t say that about the glorious heros who, without a thought for themselves, fight for a “United Ireland”.

  15. It’s more about money than principles. If you have no IRA you have no smuggling business. Better stoke the political fires or the cash will dry up.

    It won’t wash this time, I think. The old bullshit is shown up for the nonsense it really is.

  16. Bock,

    I agree. It is a bit academic.

    But where does this shit come from?

    Who created this nonsense?

    Which leads me to the distubing thougt that maybe other forces are at work.

    The purpose of my trip into acadamia (though I’m no academic) is simply to point out the logical futility.

    You say they are brainless murderers.

    I smell a rat.

  17. Brainless, but not stupid. This ideology has existed for a hundred years and we have all been shouted down by its proponents at some time in our lives.

    This is the thuggish alternative to democracy (with all its weaknesses), and I ask people again: do you believe in democracy or do you not?

  18. Bock,

    That’s the rat I smell (money).

    But I think I smell a bigger rat than you (no offence).

    “It’s more about money than principles. If you have no IRA you have no smuggling business.”

    What if it’s not about smuggling?

    What if it’s about destroying the Euro?

    That may sound a bit over the top.

    But you can multiply smuggling by 100,000,000 for the amount that will be made.

    Paying a couple of hitmen to flog a dead horse is petty cash.

    Just a theory.

  19. Bock: Well said to all of this. It’s a terrible tragedy and my heart bleeds. I hope that we don’t return to the dark days of the three preceding decades. I will speak out elsewhere and condemn this outrage and its perpetrators. I hope others will do the same.

  20. Bock,

    “This ideology has existed for a hundred years ..”

    I think you are right.

    I have no time for the veneration of Wolf Tone. I doubt that he would.

    Yes, the ideology is about 100 years old.

    And it is a murderous, backstabbing, thieving ideology.

    But still,

    What cares in that ideology for the 50,000 Irish Men (and no doubt many unaccounted Irish Women) who died in the first & second worlds wars.

    The Soldiers of Destiny know that they are right.

    Everybody else is wrong.

    Can we have massive emigration (say 50,0000 a year) or another European War (say 50,000 dead) just so we can continually baht in the glory of the Fianna Fail Filth.

    Of Pleas, Oh Please.

  21. Jesus God almighty again guys. Have ye no sense of history?

    Shot were two british soldiers. Sentiment aside, focus on 9/11.
    They have not gone away. Same bastards are active in ways we know nothing about but we can draw conclusions from the events we observe.

    It takes time for people to work up the bolliking whatever-it-takes to do seriously fucked up shit like this.
    But it is what scum-bags do; all the time.

    The murdered soldiers were just an hour away from their flight to Afghanistan where they would do their job of sorting out the fanatical muslims; factor that in and then factor in that the CIRA are no different than every other money sucking fucked-up shits anywhere else on this planet.

    Think about it.
    Sponsors of mayhem never reveal themselves, you have to pay attention to the ethereal links.

  22. Bock,

    My apologies.

    I have used to much ink.

    It is just, again, that I am outraged.

  23. I was disheartened to hear of this; some of my family came from that area some time ago, same stories of strife, both religious and political. They came to the US for the hope of freedom and a new beginning. I think you’re spot on Bock, with the question of belief in Democracy.

    Interesting comments, all…esp with the mention of thuggery, atheists, ‘political fires’

  24. Unstranger,

    “Jesus God almighty again guys. Have ye no sense of history?”

    Yes I do. See above.

  25. I agree absolutely. These guys are moronic thugs.

    First of all you’re absolutely spot on that religion is totally irrelevant to this point even the old idea of “Orangism” is a lie. Catholics and Protestants fought on both sides of the battle of the boyne.
    Religion has been twisted into a political tool by the british many years ago and we’re left with the aftermath today of people prolonging a political divide on religious grounds. I weep at the insanity of it.

    This isn’t the same as previous conflict in Northern Ireland. Back in 1969 there was at least a justification for revolt. Gerrymandering of the vote and Civil rights organisations and marches that were attacked, internship without trial (we had Gitmo first), treated as second class citizens and attacked by the police to the extent that the British Army were originally deployed in Northern Ireland to protect the Catholic population, coupled with things like Bloody Sunday made it a very different environment.

    While they may still have the ultimate goal of unification of the island the majority of people feel there is no longer a need to “fight” to be treated as equals in the state as was once the case, that has been achieved. Therefore pursuit of unification, while still being a perfectly legitimate goal, is now a political one not a military one which is why we have the Good Friday agreement and a cessation of that violence for so long.

    These guys have no support worth talking about they have no leadership of intellect and no funding worth mentioning (by comparison to the provos).

    They are the bad hangover we thought we were over but comes back at Midday. People with the fight so ingrained in them that they haven’t seen that it isn’t needed anymore. They are the quintessential old dogs who can’t learn new tricks.

    Perhaps it’s time these dogs were put down before they ruin it for all of us.

    That being said Hugh Orde is a tool who seeds mistrust at every turn. Not mentioning that special forces were being deployed in NI to the police board shows a serious breach of trust and he should step down for giving these morons an excuse.
    A lie of omission about something that was going to upset a lot of people and this kicks off within 24hours. As a chief of PSNI he should know better than to withhold that information from the body he supposedly reports to.
    In their (deluded) heads he gave them justification not by doing it but by hiding it. Oh for the days when people stop trying to hide things.

  26. Bock, of course I know the answer to all my questions are a big “NO”…. I was being cynical… :)

    What was done in the last 8 years in the name of “war on terror” is just pure criminal!

  27. Did I really hear Adams quoted as saying that the perps “have no strategy”?

    Go on boys, tell the PSNI which of your former comrades did it. And while you’re at it you should turn in the killers of young Quinn, McCartney and other quote/unquote members of the Republican family on the island of Ireland who can’t stop killing people when the mood is on them.

  28. Psychopaths just need a banner under which to pursue their route to power and money. Unfortunately ‘our’ banners are Irish Republicanism / ‘Loyalism’. Both are much the same – an opportunity for scum to acquire power and wealth through violence. Same the world over – nothing different or unique about this little lump of rock we call Ireland. Hang any fuck who thinks he has the right to kill / maim me my wife and kids to fill his pockets and control ‘his’ community. Better still let me hang the fuck. Better still – lets all hang the fucks.

  29. Republicans should venerate the ideals of Wolfe Tone as he wanted an Ireland for Catholics, Protestants and dissenter alike.

    These criminals should be caught, tried and hung. They have no mandate from the living but the dead. The are also flying in the face of the democratic wishes of the vast majority of the people on this island as expressed via the Good Friday agreement. Give the perilous state of the Irish economy this is all we need, a shower of irredentist murderers trying to drag this island back to brink of civil war. And they were probably responsible for murdering the police man last night also.

  30. The filth that did these horrific acts are of no consequence . There are filth no more than that. I do wonder why there were no armed guards on the barracks at the time ? Why did the PSNI officer have to answer a call alone? These sad bastards will try to bring us back years . They should go back to there lord and master Satan and lie with him for all eternity .

  31. Why are these scumbags when caught not
    charged with treason or armed insurrection
    as I believe these charges still carry the death
    penalty ?


  32. Gubu-Not sure what to make of your comment.
    Am I supposed to feel better and maybe even condone such idiocy on the offchance a pizza delivery guy may at some stage in the future
    wipe out my good self and all belonging to me?

  33. its war, how many innocent casualties have the brits incurred in their many years of ‘war (fanancial lead terrorism) throughout the world? ? ?
    oh so according to ur statement above, that means u 2 agree the british army r terrorists! ! !

  34. Ciaran, why haven’t you died for Ireland then?

    Ireland will never be at peace because you don’t want it to be.

    The living should make their own choices.
    Read some history yourself, and I don’t mean the Tim Pat Coogan/Berresford Ellis kind either and you might wake up.

  35. Bock Ciarán and ilk are not worthy of converse . Such entities are beneath contempt.

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