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Mar 072009

Economic depression has little to recommend it, but it always gives rise to interesting new musical forms based on themes of misery and starvation.  I was chatting to Mr Darwin recently, and he told me that he was involved in a new band, appropriate to the climate we now experience.

They’ll be playing lots of lonely Dobro music and all their instruments will be authentic to the depression-era.  They might even have home-made fiddles.

Dustbowl music.  I love it.

I hope it turns out like the eponymous album, Ry Cooder, which was packed with gems from America’s Great Depression, and contained many cast-iron classics, including Pig Meat by Huddie Ledbetter, Woody Guthrie’s Do Re Mi and this Alfred Reed classic.

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    Jesus! Tell everybody why don’t you. Now we’ll have to actually go through with the darn thing.


    Excellent video, never saw that before. Incredible slide guitar piece; master class.


    I would love to be in this band or even just jam. Please may I bring my fiddle Mr Darwin. Me old grandafther made a fiddle out of the back of a chair so I have some genetic carpentry thing going on too ;) – no but really its a great idea. Catch me in Dolans at the session on a Tuesday. Joanne

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