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No Condoms For Africa, Says Pope

The Pope is worried about a contraception mentality threatening the fabric of Africa’s life, hope and stability. He thinks the only way to tackle the AIDS epidemic is through fidelity and abstinence.

Well why the hell didn’t I think of that? AIDS is caused by condoms. I’m going straight over there to Africa and explain to people that their problems are at an end.

It’s simple, I’ll say. You just have to stay faithful, abstain from sex with anyone but your spouse, don’t put a piece of rubber on your knob, and all the AIDS in Africa will go away.

And you know what? That’s exactly what they’ll do. People, being highly rational, will immediately see the sense of what Ratzo has to say.

You mean, they’ll ask, astounded, all we have to do is stay faithful and only have sex with one person?

Yup, I’ll tell them. But you can’t put a bit of rubber on your knob either or you’ll get AIDS immediately.

Well dang me, they’ll say, why didn’t anyone tell us this before? Right guys. Everyone stop having sex and AIDS will go away. The old white guy from Germany says so.

And you know what they’ll do? That’s right. Everyone in Africa will stop having sex with strangers, and that will be the end of the problem. AIDS will disappear overnight, and all because Ratzo clicks his heels and thinks of Loonie-land.

But why talk just about Africa? Why just talk about AIDS? Let’s talk about sex, Baby. Unprotected sex. We haven’t got enough children on this planet. Let’s double the population of the world. Let’s fucking treble it. That will really help our future, won’t it? Let’s quadruple the number of people burning fossil fuels, demolishing tropical rainforest, demanding clean water.

What a fucking genius Ratzo is. We could do with a man like him in charge over here. Haven’t we a problem in this country with the contraception mentality? Let’s encourage all our people to have dozens of children they can’t feed or clothe or educate. Let’s fill this country with kids who have no future except poverty, crime and ignorance. Let’s breed the fuck out of ourselves until we’re up to our necks in babies we can’t afford. What a fucking great idea.

Down with the contraception mentality. Down with that sort of thing.

Up with the Pope.


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37 replies on “No Condoms For Africa, Says Pope”

First off, I have no time for monotheists of any bent (and the catholic hierarchy do tend to be a little more bent than others, but anyways)

In the interests of fairness and balance, I was reading defences of this apparently indefensible policy.

Some of it made a deal of sense surprisingly;

Only 20% of Africa’s non-muslim population is catholic, so 80% are not answerable to the pope for a fucking thing (thankfully)

If a catholic in Africa is not following their church’s teachings on fidelity, then it follows that they won’t exactly be strictly adhering to that church’s teaching on contraceptive use.

While I enjoy a good bout of pope-bashing as much as the next guy (even the Vatican like it, I mean they murdered one of them 30 years ago) I think that once again you have gone for the “righteous indignation” market, without offering any balance.

I know you don’t have to offer balance, but should you choose to be rabidly anti-pope, you can hardly blast him for being a bit dogmatic as well.

Is that all you can say?

Actually, I’m hardly surprised by your response. You pick one word or phrase, alter the context, or deliberately misunderstand the meaning, and hey presto, you don’t have to reveal your inability to argue intellectually.

Next up; Bock says “I know you are, but what am I?”

Don’t be so pompous. The difference between me and the Pope is that he wields massive power to influence world opinion and I don’t. It’s hardly an equal contest, is it? So you know, the Pope’s dogmatism has its origins long before Bock the Robber was conceived.

Get a grip lad.

But wasn’t all that done in Ireland and not so long ago?
Ratzi the Nazi’s only using the Irish template in the fertile fields of Africa and South America.
Baby Joey needs new shoes.


Gerry Ryan is a complete and utter Wanker.


The Rat that is the Bishop of Rome doesn’t want Africans (god bless them and give the Black Babies a penny, Perish the thought that they should violently overthrow there despotic rulers), to use condoms.

I have a solution. Gerry Ryan should kill that Rat, become Pope, and then teach Africans how to wank. That way no need for condoms and no Aids. Oh, and no Black Babies to give pennies to.

“In the interests of fairness and balance, I was reading defences of this apparently indefensible policy. Some of it made a deal of sense surprisingly” –eejitmeeja

How does saying that only 20% of Africa’s population is Catholic (and that many of these wont be following his teachings on fidelity) make the Pope’s policy “a deal of sense”?

Are you suggesting that it’s sensible because it will be ignored?

Nora, eejitmeeja

I don’t get it either.

Apart from the fact that the language surrounding this unsupported statistic in insensible, the logic of the conclusion is that eejitmeeja believes that simply because a population is small the Pope (or Hitler) can do or say anything they like.

What does the size of the population of Catholics in Africa have to do with the logic of the Pope’s position?

In short. Nothing.

ok first off, I didn’t say that 20% of Africa is Catholic, I said that 20% of Non-muslims in Africa are Catholic.

here’s the article

Now, My point about it making sense is that, it is too easy to just blame some practically redundant hate figure for the aids crisis in Africa. I am not for one minute suggesting that the catholic church’s views are mine, or that they are in any way the correct view.

What I am saying, and have said, is that just spouting the same old “Let’s blame some crinkly celibate because we have to show how free of catholic guilt we are” bullshit, is exactly that, bullshit.

I say this as an avowed atheist, who would like to see a real solution to the food and health crisis in Africa, and maybe sometimes, that goes beyond relying on our collectively hackneyed dislike of (in this case) The Catholic Church.

I would like to add, that I have rarely agreed with the author of this article (David Quinn) and I am not entirely sure I agree with him now.

But, if as Bock does, you purport to be an arbiter of proper debate and argument, then acknowledging that there may be a grey area now and then, enlightens the debate I think. I know it detracts from his “The following are thieving / cheating / death-wreaking” bastards style of faux-polemic, but such is life.

@ eejitmeeja

You specifically said in relation to the Pope’s policy that you were reading defences of it, and that, “some of it made a deal of sense surprisingly”.

Like what?
And where did Bock blame “some crinkly celibate” for the AIDs crisis?


“If a catholic in Africa is not following their church’s teachings on fidelity, then it follows that they won’t exactly be strictly adhering to that church’s teaching on contraceptive use.”

If a Catholic (that’s a capital C) is not following the church’s teachings they are not Catholic. They are members of some other church.

Teachings on fidelity? Fidelity. Faith. The last refuge of those who would have you enslaved. A thing that cannot be questioned because it is a matter of faith. Just like people-made-global-warming. No science just faith in our leaders.

“While I enjoy a good bout of pope-bashing”

Pope-bashing is a defensive and ultimately redundant position. Unless you are prepared to support the logic of the existence of such a creature (does Ratzinger think that he is the closest human to God). Did God ban the use of condoms? Is there a God that can do such a thing? If there is he/she/or it failed.

So you are left with the opinion of one man whom some call Pope. His personal prejudice against human sexual activity is just that. Personal. He is no closer to the truth of anything than you or I.

“ok first off, I didn’t say that 20% of Africa is Catholic, I said that 20% of Non-muslims in Africa are Catholic” –eejitmeeja

The stats on the web suggest that ~17% of the population of Africa is Catholic. I don’t think any reference to Muslims is necessary or relevant.

Abbot: the “fidelity” to which I referred was marital fidelity, as in monogamy.

I don’t believe that the pope is closer to god than another being, because I don’t believe in god.

Nora, the intellectual argument I referred to was the one that was entirely missing when Bock decided to take one word (rabidly) from my comment and use it as a basis for his reply, or non-reply as it was.

I do concede that my referencing of David Quinn’s article was a defence against the accusation that the catholic church (small c here I am afraid) is somehow responsible for the aids epidemic in Africa. Having read the article, and being quite prepared initially to blame the catholic church, I saw that a lot of the counter argument made sense.

@ eejitmeeja

Could we stick to your criticism of Bock’s post? And can you tell us what defences of the Pope’s policy made, “a deal of sense surprisingly”?


Were do you think the word fidelity in relation to marriage as a concept comes from. Either you “love the one your with” or you don’t.

It is a matter of faith. Were do you think the idea of marriage comes from. Its current form arises from the industrial revolution. The need to have a “structured family”. Dependability is everything. Give people religion and put them in factories.

“ok first off, I didn’t say that 20% of Africa is Catholic, I said that 20% of Non-Muslims in Africa are Catholic.”

This is absolute nonsense.

If Africa had a population of 100,000,000, and 0% of Africans were Muslims then 20,000,000 are Catholic. If 90% are Muslim then 2,000,000 are Catholic. What’s the point?

The numbers don’t matter. The Pope has an opinion on Human sexual activity that is plain nonsense. Whether that is the cause of aids in Africa or not is irrelevant.

The Pope like all of his predecessors is talking nonsense.


“I say this as an avowed atheist, who would like to see a real solution to the food and health crisis in Africa”

Not my problem eejitmeeja.

And I don’t accept the new religion “The West is responsible for Everything” either. Maybe someone should put a bullet in Mugabe’s head. That might do some good in sorting out the “food & health” crisis in Zimbabwe.

Well, first off, may I thank you both for at least arguing on the merits (or otherwise) of what I said, as opposed to the playground antics of the blog author.

The criticism of Bock’s post stems from the “Blame The Church” (big C there!) attitude that seems to frame the argument for Bock. I think, any impartial observer, reading not just this post but most of Bock’s blog would agree that he finds a nice hook to hang his hubris on, regardless of whether that takes into account any other aspect of the debate.

Irrespective of that, I think you Nora are being deliberately obtuse as a way of defending Bock, and that’s fine up to a point, but I don’t think he needs it. Although any person who as a counterpoint offers the bon mots “Get a grip” may be in need of some assistance.

The reason I said “surprisingly” was that, at first glance I was prepared to accept that the Aids epidemic can be laid at the feet of successive centuries of dogmatic (and frankly outdated and irrelevant) teachings, but the more I read the more I agreed that although the church’s teachings are opposed to mine, they are no more or less harmful than mine in the context of African disease control.

Abbot, I would not only place the Mugabe bullet in the chamber I would likely fire the gun. I appreciate however the etymology of the word fidelity, I was merely stressing that I was using it in its monogamous relationship sense.

let’s let the catholics kill themselves off with unprotected sex while the rest of the world thrives.

we can call it “evolution”.

not that it would matter to the pope anyway. catholics don’t appear to care about life the same way as others do – after all, they’re only bodies, and when the body dies, the soul apparently lives on, so what’s the big deal?

i think the real problem is that these guys can’t face the truth – we are allotted about 80 years, and /that’s all/, so ye’d all better take good care of that engine!

condoms are one useful tool in that regard.


I don’t believe that any impartial observer will find me “deliberately obtuse”, but rather that you are waffling at length without yet telling us how the Pope makes a “deal of sense” regarding AIDS and condoms. Bravado about pulling triggers doesn’t change that.

Before the Vatican changed the wording to “risks making” the Pope stated that condoms make the situation worse. The statistics belie him, as does the experience of organisations in the field. If you have an argument in favour of the Pope’s case – make it.

Eeejitmedia — Please don’t try to put words in my mouth. I’m well able to speak for myself without your assistance.

First, I don’t purport to be an arbiter of anything, and I’d be obliged if you would drop that line of nonsense.

Second, I don’t blame the Catholic church for AIDS in Africa. I suggest you read again what I wrote.

I said that banning condoms won’t stop the AIDS epidemic and neither will telling people to be faithful and monogamous.

I recommend in future offering your own opinions instead of recycling mistaken rewordings of mine. Or are you simply stirring up a fight to get a bit of exposure for your new blog? That’s also something I advise against.

In defence of eejitmeeja. There is a small “deal of sense” in the argument that can be made against selling the idea that condoms are the panacea for the AIDS crisis in Africa. The argument goes along the lines of: Rampant promiscuity and infidelity, coupled with unprotected sex, are the underlying causes of the huge spread of the HIV virus in Africa. Properly addressing this requires a fundamental shift in behavior. The use of condoms, while obviously giving protection to the users, will simply allow this culture to continue and, therefore, will not fundamentally solve the problem. Now, it may be tenuous argument and I am not saying that I buy into it but the point is that, as an argument, there is a degree of intellectual validity (“a deal of sense?”) behind it. An analogy could be with global warming and carbon capture technology. Carbon capture promises that we can continue consuming fossil fuel in power generation as we now do but with the technological “fix” of removing all CO2 emissions. An argument could be made that, sure, it would go some way to solve the problem of CO2-climate change but it doesn’t address the underlying problem of our unsustainable, consumerist way of life. Ok; not a great analogy but the point is that there is an argument to be made without the need for reflexive pope-bashing

“The argument goes along the lines of: Rampant promiscuity and infidelity, coupled with unprotected sex, are the underlying causes of the huge spread of the HIV virus in Africa.”–pacman

Which leaves out, 1) uneducated nonsense like the idea that having sex with a virgin will cure a man of HIV/AIDS, 2) rape as a weapon of war, and 3) Big Pharma not making drugs available at affordable prices.

And that is all true. The only way to solve the AIDS epidemic in Africa is to effect massive social, political, cultural and educational changes. Telling people to be faithful and to behave themselves simply doesn’t cut it, and neither does advising them not to use condoms.

If that’s the Pope’s formula for solving the problem, he’s pissing in the wind.

Interesting thread, but have any of you noticed the historic similarity sitting quietly in corner of the Pope’s strategy?

The Church preaches peace, always has, but in fact sows dissent whenever it chooses to pontificate. Something akin to the range of comments on this thread.

i am a pope basher and proud but have to say that africans would/do not use condoms anyway because they are not aware of the risks and the people that are aware firmly believe that they will never get AIDS and even if they contract HIV they simply have sex with or rape a virgin and hey presto they are cured!

as for what the pope said well i see where he is coming from, if africans (who see sex as just something that you do to pass the time) dont use condoms the population will double and schools cant cope now so the people will remain illiterate and ignorant only knowing what their church tells them and the church will tell them to pay through the nose or you will never see heaven!

the same happened in ireland in the last two centuries, people hadn’t a pot to piss in or food for the 22 children but the easter dues were paid up in full! there can be no stopping the procreation of God’s army of poor and indigent souls!

Given Africa’s population boom and abject poverty a lot of the ruling hierarchy on that continent don’t see Aids as a problem – but as a solution.

Meantime, Uganda is one of the few nations to have turned a burgeoning Aids crisis into a relative success story reported the BBC back in 2003.

Apparently there are a couple of more million people alive today in this country because they pursued, er, am, cough, a policy of, cough…..abstinence, being faithful, and rubber johnnys

The government says while Aids has killed close to a million people and orphaned nearly two million children, the worst predictions have not come to pass.

The Ugandan approach has been dubbed the “ABC” strategy, with the emphasis firstly on abstinence, then on being faithful and thirdly on condoms.

Sure we’re all doomed anyway, might as well give in to the dhrink. Drugs, sex, rock ‘n’ roll. Whatever takes your fancy. We’ll all be fried this time next year. Let’s paint ourselves blue and revert to our pagan past. We can blood-sacrifice a few bankers and developers along the way.


you hit the nail on the head buddy,keep the poor stupid fuckers procreating and we the church will have a constant money spinner,on your knees and repent,repent for fucking what?a load of bollox.if god didnt want condoms he wouldnt have allowed them to have been created,the church is so out of touch and governed by old men its laughable.heres my theory,treat people decently and your a dead cert in the door when you kick the bucket,the vatican had a chance 30 years ago with a forward thinker but he rocked the boat so he was bumped off and now they still ram outdated values down our much does a packet of ribbed for her pleasure cost these days?lot less than fuckin nappies

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