Real IRA Achieves United Ireland

Martin McGuinness calling them traitors and standing side by side with the PSNI chief constable.

Loyalist paramilitaries holding meetings with the Sinn Féin mayor of Belfast.

Gerry Kelly calling for nationalists to cooperate with the police.

Peter Robinson praising Sinn Féin.

Politicians on all sides calling for solidarity.

Outrage, revulsion and disgust both north and south of the border.

It looks like the Real IRA got a united Ireland after all. I wonder how they like it?

37 thoughts on “Real IRA Achieves United Ireland

  1. Tragically,it has been achieved with three less people on the island.Come out ye black ‘n tans – and the pizza delivery man, indeed.

    But lets all raise a glass to our gallant freedom fighters and our decrepit old Queen, Cathlin Ni Houlihan – and she still insisting that there are “strangers in the house”, after all these centuries.

  2. Follow the power.

    Why did the paid for “Private” Security (the only ones with weapons, other the RIRA) not respond?

    Were they paid not to respond? Were they paid to give a false sense of security to two (four?) unarmed British Soldiers?

    Who wants the army of the UK back in Northern Ireland most?

    RIRA, CIRA or Gordon Brown?

    Follow the power.

    Why is this happening now?

    Who is James Gordon Brown, what does he want? Why did he privatise the security of his own troops? Why did he let this happen?

    James Gordon Brown now has the best excuse he could have to put 5,000 UK troops into Northern Ireland.

    Just a theory.

  3. Bock,

    Off topic, take it down if not appropriate.

    Why is any of this happening?

    Why are the RIRA (agus ru la bu ya) doing what they are doing?

    Why is Obama doing what he is doing?

    Why is James Gordon Brown doing what he is doing?

    Why are we being feed global warming? Or is it a Global Warning?

    Do what we say or we will fuck you.

    Could it be just plain & simple Kletpocracy?

    Is the entire western world in “deep capture”?

    Still, as long as Seanie is playing golf for the media we know we are safe in the hands of the soldiers of destiny.

  4. Every western government said that there would be no recession.

    The shadow banking system is dead and with it every (political) economic truth all of us have believed.

    Why is Brian Cowen giving €7,000,000,000 to Allied Irish & Bank Of Ireland when they are worth less than €500,000,000 in the market place?

    It’s your money Bock.

    Why is Cowen doing this? Who is he paying off?

    5,000 UK troops in NI would be useful when the shit hits the fan.

  5. Go on, then. Spell it out.

    Why is Brian Cowen giving €7,000,000,000 to AIB and BoI when they’re worth less than €500,000,000?

    Who is he paying off?

  6. The Shadow Banking System.

    It’s not an Irish Banking System.

    It’s not an American Banking System.

    It’s not a German Banking System.

    It is the Kleptocratic Global Banking System (with all of the smoke and mirrors of derivatives and credit default swaps, nothing like that to confuse the public if they ever get around to seeing it rather that the latest piece of reality shit RTE provides)

    Why would Cowen even consider selling the last vestige of Irish economic sovereignty?

    What possible sense does it make to put €7,000,000,000 into banks that are worth less than €500,000,000, without taking complete control?

    Why are your grandchildren being put on the hook for Cowen’s decision? It will take 20 years to pay off this debt. It won’t be €7,000,000,000, it will be €20,000,000,000.

    “Because we need a functioning banking system”?

    “To lend money to first time buyers of overpriced property”?

    For fuck sake Bock. Who can have a complete and solvent banking system for a country of this size for €7,000,000,000 tomorrow morning?

    Because he’s been told to do it. The mafia that runs the shadow banking system can bankrupt Ireland in one second. Or any other little country (including the USA) that dares say we will allow bankrupt banks to go bankrupt.

    In answer to your question Bock.

    “Who is he paying off?”

    The mafia he went into bed with to create the Celtic Tiger.

    The protection racketeers.

  7. But then, maybe I’m paranoid or just plain ignorant.

    Maybe Brian Cowen is not the biggest clown this country has ever produced.

    Would you pay €7 for an apple worth 50c, and then go back to your friend and steal €6.50 from his pocket just because you made a mistake?

  8. What are you saying Abbot, that the soldiers of destiny in conjunction with Cyclops Brown arranged to off a cop and two squaddies in order to distract us from their economic terrorism?

  9. I think 5,000 British troops in NI is something nobody wants to see, and I think the British PM that orders it boils his legacy down to that would be deeply unpopular if not reviled on both islands. Plus you’d never get it through parliament. I don’t think Gordon Brown is going to do that, I really don’t.

  10. Backhander,

    Sorry for the late reply. Been engaged on making a living in these troubling times, and the cat had kittens.

    I’m not saying that Brown did it. I’m not saying that the Fianna Fail Filth did it. I just find it odd that it happens now. Have not MI5/6 been engaged in the engineering of Irish Politics for some time. Are they not engaged now? Was that not, before the recent murders the precise difference between Sinn Fein & The DUP, “Secret Service”?

    Do you think that Sinn Fein will now object to MI5/6 operating in Northern Ireland.

    I don’t. I think It’s a slam dunk.

    Does it distract us from “their economic terrorism”? Yes it does & yes they can.

    C’est La Craic,

    “Do you think it was a false flag operation? Do you think the idea is to have a military force on the island in case of ‘civil unrest’?”

    How many false flags have been perpetrated in Ireland for the sake of this or that agenda? My guess is several.

    Will there be civil unrest on this Island? Will our dear leaders need a military force to control that unrest?

    Possibly and if so, Definitely.


    “I think 5,000 British troops in NI is something nobody wants to see, and I think the British PM that orders it boils his legacy down to that would be deeply unpopular if not reviled on both islands”

    I agree nobody wants to see 5,000 troops (British, Irish, French, German or any other kind) in NI.

    I only used the number to beg the question. Why now?

    Does it have anything to do with the dispute between Sinn Fein & the DUP over which Secret Service Governs the entire Island of Ireland?

    By the way Gordon Brown’s legacy is already a “boiled head”.

    No.8 ,

    “You’ve been reading too much LeCarre books. Go back to Iona.”

    I’ve never read any LeCarre. I can’t read or write.

    You are now No 16. Go to your cell.

    Nick McGivney,

    “Fantastic from the headline down. Fantastic.”

    Fantastic. But not Fantasmigorical. Who’ll have to wait for that fat fuck Cowman to be Fantasmigorical when he fucks the entire country on April 7th just to save the Shadow Banking System.

    But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe Cowman will reduce taxes and increase welfare on April 7th.

    Maybe he will let bankrupt banks go bankrupt.

    Tell me Nick. When was it in your interest or the interest of your family, friends or enemies that the State should use your money to bail out Goldman Sachs (Peter Sutherland included)?

    Do you just accept as a matter of truth that €7,000,000,000 of your money should be used to support banks worth less that €500,000,000? If you do, good luck with that, and god bless your children and grand children. And kiss your country goodbye.

  11. Ah now I know it was James Bond, not some little shits fired up by old farts feeding them with bullshit about the glorious united Ireland and a few snorts of cocaine of course. Everyone is out of step except you? Methinks this requires further investigation on both our parts .

  12. So we meet again Mr Bond,

    Is there no end to your work?

    “Firing up little shits”. Did we not leave that to Fianna Fail?

    “Old Farts” (Maybe you mean Old Faust?)

    “feeding them with bullshit about the glorious united Ireland”

    Now let me think about where I heard that before…..?

    Oh yes, I remember now, it was in the indoctrination class they called history when I was in school.

    “and a few snorts of cocaine of course”

    God bless our government. They can’t even sort out a couple of drug dealers.

    But then Gary, I don’t use it myself. Others are responsible for that.

    “Everyone is out of step except you?”

    I don’t think so.

    It is of course possible that not everyone has caught up with the idea that €7,000,000,000 of THEIR (your) MONEY is being wasted in supporting bankrupt banks.

    Maybe you are happy with that. I’m not.

    Then, maybe I just don’t get it. If €2,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s two quadrillion to you) of derivatives exits. And they have to be settled. Maybe there is every incentive for any kind of mayhem.

    “Methinks this requires further investigation on both our parts.”

    Continue with yours Gary, for myself I no longer trust any reported violent event.

    I concern myself with observing the looting.

    “Who is James Gordon Brown, what does he want? Why did he privatise the security of his own troops? Why did he let this happen?”

  13. No Gordan Brown Cant Send Troops Into the North Because if he even Tried he would Be Signing His Death Warrent I Wouldint Trust The Murdering Bastard British Army and No One Else Would Either. If He Even trys It there will be More People Joining the R-I-R-A Than there was Before and i would be the First
    i dont support the RIRA But id Rather Trust them than The BRITS Hell id Trust Hitler More than id Trust the Brits Even tho i dont really Lik Germans
    And im a Nationalist Living in Coleraine
    Im Open to Any Idear Including Independence, Dominion If it Gets ma Home Away from the Murdering Bastarding British Government
    p.s. for The Answer to Something Said Earlier
    Unionist Aint Really British they are Our Fellow Country Men {Irish} for them to be British they would have to Move our wee Island and Put it onto Great Britain Now Ma Granny was British {Born in England} Its About Time the Fucking Unionist Understood that.
    IRELAND Will Not Surrender
    Ireland Will Be Free
    6+26=32 {32 Counties = Independence}

  14. Could you try to write in English or Irish the next time please? And sober as well, if possible, though I must admit I’ve written many of these posts under the influence myself, so I do understand your difficulty.

  15. look its gettin to tight now for the brits to hold the union now in n.ireland.the uk union is dying anyway.scotland will be independent in a few will zealand and aus will vote for the union jack to be removed so maybe now its time to start lookin at a united ireland.why blow doves for 12 yrs when u can blow them forever.and can the unionists not see the nationalists are over populating them now.wat is it by 2014 there will be more catholics in the north.wat will happen is that the young generation coming through will vote the union out.both catholic and new age prodestants.i thing unionists arte starting to dis believe david trimble more which he called the republic a disgraced state.people want to live in a southern irish man and most of my mates down in australia was protestants lads from the north and they want a united one want to be part of the pommys union any more.they will never pump money in to the north and if it is united it has been said that it will work out better economically and financially.the irish government will do wonders for the north if the people decide to go ahead with me i want republicans to ease back on the violence for now.all unionist are talking to the likes of sinn fein and co.and unionist i would like to see ye consider your opourtunities on a united will work as good for ye as any other religions on dis island.and no you will never see 5000 british troops in n.ireland again.never and mean that.too dangerous for them and gordon brown.innocent lives taken in battle.any other world governments wud impose dis.if any went in it wud be the u.n.i cant see it goin dis far really.i can see a referendum being held yet thou in a few years.look at the end of the day the british government want out so thats wat will for a united for peace forever.slan.thiocfaidh ar la

  16. I can’t believe the ignorant stupid illiterates on this site. Northern Ireland is British in law, in culture, and yes with substantial Irish Republican discontents but they are becoming fewer by the minute. The younger educated Northern Irish Catholics think the older republican generation are a bunch of Neanderthals. For the Irish republican who said “Ireland will not surrender” – what an idiot. The surrender happened in 1922 thus the Northern Ireland (NI) state was formed and yes admittedly it was mismanaged by a arrogant disgusting unionist establishment. The reason the NI state was established – simply – there was far to powerful a unionist resistance (Protestants) that could not be defeated militarily or any other way to leave the UK. There is no sign of any change in NI’s British status for at least another 50 plus years. He is stealing the “No Surrender” term from the Ulster Protestants where it has real meaning. The Republic of Ireland has nothing to do with Northern Ireland in law or even cultural influence – not to mention being a bankrupt state (though the UK isn’t far behind). The young people in Northern Ireland are united against the extreme republican has-beens who have been defeated in just about every level and if you can’t see that drink more paddy whiskey. As far as the overpopulation by nationalists – another myth. Birthrates have fallen dramatically among educated moneyed Catholics as they have embraced a middle class lifestyle within a British state and they are no longer ruled by medieval Catholic Priests. And for others who think that the UK will break up-you haven’t a clue about world trends. If anything, the Republic of Ireland will rejoin the UK as the world becomes more dangerous and they realize how much they have in common with the Brits in a very evil world that is emerging. They would be better united in an Anglo-Celtic culture when threatened by entirely alien masses whose objectives are to destroy them. So for you 19th century Irish Republicans / Nationalist give up your pathetic illusions in an entirely different 21st century world construct. And for the Irish Catholic Americans who hold Nationalist tendencies – you have not developed intellectually since the mid 1800’s and it shows in your understanding especially when you use the term the Queen of England – there has been no such designation since 1801. It is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – in international law – not some illusion you conjure when you are drinking. The 5,000 British Troops in NI are in their own home – many are local boys because Northern Ireland is British and if you want to try and change it bring it on – you will be beaten again and again – facts not illusions.

  17. Tanks David. You and Buddy are mirror images of each other and you both illustrate quite nicely what the rest of us have to put up with.

  18. What a pair of tits!

    Catholic, Protestant, birthrates, trends.. fucking arseholes. Off to the materinity ward with you to rubber stamp the new borns as they pop out.

    I say plant charges at the border and then push the province off into the north Atlantic. See how you get along then. As a god will jesture we could even throw in Donegal, but only if they took Danial O’Donnell as part of the deal.

  19. Strange, isn’t it, another generation of patriots waiting in the wings of each camp, ffs will ye get out of the caves, try to talk to someone with different coloured hair, have a few drinks and get laid now and then instead of living the ever-present-past of Northern-fucking-Ulster until ye wake up as embittered as your forebears.

    More than happy to have the UK subsidise it forever, keep it if they want for all I care. I don’t want it and can barely afford to live here as things are without having a million and a half spongers (to quote former UK P.M. Harold Wilson) thrust upon my tax bill. tbh, I don’t particularly like many of the people either or give a shit if the feeling is reciprocal, nor what they think of my country for that matter. As for the narky pseudo “republicans” who see us all as Free State(sic) traitors but are happy to swindle our Social Welfare system, just another mirror image of the Loyal to the Half-Crown mob.

    @C’est…..I doubt if they’d sail off into the orangey-green Atlantic sunset without Da Daniel. Was in a pub up there one time aprés-match when the clean-shaven one came on the idiot-box much to our amusement…..the locals, to put it mildly, didn’t agree that Granny’s favourite crooner was slagging material.

    While I’m on a rant, any chance David, you might copper-fasten the border and start your own international rugby team. I’d like to go to at least one away international involving my country and be able to stand for my National anthem and see our flag flying rather than listen to Coultershite and look at a rag more suited to the backshelves of a tourist-tat shop? Ye have Ferris and Best, throw a few passports at the SAffers playing ML for Ulster and you’re away.

  20. if ya said the wrong thing and ya wer english to a Unionist they wouldint be long turning into a Bunch of Paddys Faster than ya Can Say No Surrender and dont forget Unionist didnt Win Either {they lost there Respect from the Brits and there Parliament}
    Nationalist and Republicans are in Government
    it wont be Long Until we Have Won a United Ireland Bring on 2016,


  21. The pursuit of a united Ireland by legitimate means is fine; unobtainable perhaps, as it flies against the realpolitik of a million Unionists and their wishes. Pursuing it by violence has even further distanced the unlikely day. Extreme republicanism was always a betrayal of the people of this Ireland and always operated without a real mandate; 1919 elections or not.

  22. look david i know ur eager to hold on to the north but the reality lies in ireland forevers last statement.the uk dont want ye.simple as will take a long time to solve but its down to politics now and the majority of people in n.i.the majority at the mo are still in favour of the union so it will stay unless it changes.always remember these words.’GREAT BRITIAN HAS NO ECONOMIC INTEREST OR STRATEGY IN the end of the day they could not give a fuck bout you and the shame you caused them.i dont see the tories back ever in power again.when labouir got in thats when ireland celebrated.;IF THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND WANT TO LIVE ON THEIR THEY HAVE THE FULL RIGHT TO AND WE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO MAKE SURE THEY DO.[EX MINISTER TONY BAIR 2003].at the end of the day you have as much rite on this island as i have.1 ISLAND .1 NATION.1DESTINY and most of all 1 FUTURE

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    Respect this or your comments will not be published again.

  24. I say all this half measure crap is doing no one any good. Either everyone try the peace agreement, which has already failed by the way, or grab your nuts with one hand and a rifle with the other. Of course nobody likes violence when it happens in their country, but sometimes it is quite neccessary.

    I was sent to kill young men defending their homeland and I was called a soldier while the young man was a terrorist. If you invade my home under the guise of government and I defend it am I a terrorist?

    I say brittain’s very VERY lucky I was born in the US and not in my proper home of Kildare. Cause if I was there now this conflict would be over already. I promise you that much.


  25. BRITISH? GERMAN? tomato / tomato
    Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the royal Windsor name in a declaration following her accession in 1952. But in 1960 Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip announced yet another name change. Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, whose mother had been Alice of Battenberg, had already Anglicized his name to Philip Mountbatten when he married Elizabeth in 1947. (Interestingly, all four of Philip’s sisters, all now deceased, married Germans.) In her 1960 declaration to the Privy Council, the Queen expressed her wish that her children by Philip (other than those in line for the throne) would henceforth bear the hyphenated name Mountbatten-Windsor. The royal family’s name remained Windsor.
    Queen Victoria and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Line
    The British House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) began with Queen Victoria’s marriage to the German Prince Albert of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha in 1840. Prince Albert (1819-1861) was also responsible for the introduction of German Christmas customs (including the Christmas tree) in England. The British royal family still celebrates Christmas on December 24th rather than on Christmas Day, as is normal English custom.
    Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, the Princess Royal Victoria, also married a German prince in 1858. (See Wedding March(es) for more.) Prince Philip is a direct descendent of Queen Victoria through her daughter Princess Alice, who married another German, Ludwig IV, Duke of Hesse and by Rhine.

    Victoria’s son, King Edward VII (Albert Edward, “Bertie”), was the first and only British monarch who was a member of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He ascended to the throne at the age of 59 when Victoria died in 1901. “Bertie” reigned for nine years until his death in 1910. His son George Frederick Ernest Albert (1865-1936) became King George V, the man who renamed his line Windsor.

  26. David the Last time i Looked its fuck all to do with ya,
    the Belfast Agreement was Agreed by the People of Island of Ireland {North/ South}
    but its Upto the 6 Counties, but i Hope it waits Until i Can Cash my Social Security Cheak
    we are All Part of the European Union, and i Think the Border is Going to be Removed {and All Borders} for that fact will be Removed, and us in the North have alot in Common with the South,
    we are all Handing Ourselves Willing to the EU , We Can Travel Anywhere in Europe , Unionist and Republicans are Sharing Powers {Saying that Sinn Fein is Turning into a Bunch of Unionist}
    i Hope the Border Can Be Removed Peacefully, its Nearly Already United Already, Unionist Hate Westminster and Republicans Hate Westminister too, and we all Want dam Peace, but like i Said
    We Will Be United, but wot does it Matter we All Part of the European Union,
    I Fly the Tri-Colour but the EU Flag will From Now On Be in my Heart and Soul,
    and i will Always Celebrate the Day The United Kingdom and Westminster Died. and
    Fucked Off.

    Hope the Lot of YA Dont Cry to Much On Ya Giant Pillow
    The United Kingdom is Dead and Nearly Gone,
    Ireland is Already United, well as United as it Can Get Until the United Kingdom Finally Does Die and the Stupid Gordan Brown Leaves and the Queen Croaks it { i Have Nothing Against the Queen Personally}

    By the Way 4 Counties of the North have a Republican/Nationalist Majority
    and Bock and David dont fucking be Rude to Me Again, ive never been to America, love the Place tho
    they Care about there People More than the British Ever did, and Share there Sovereignty between the Federal States, instead of Stealing it All in a Parliament ,

    Westminster is Dying because the MP’S Are Stealing Bastards
    the Last time i Looked the People are Ment to Hold the Sovereignty and Your Ment to Respect your
    Electors because you want to Get ReElected

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