Mar 122009

This individual left a couple of comments on my site under different names and with different email addresses.

Great post, thanks for the info – Dag

Is there a way to recieve a review of this? – Dade

Normally, my spam filter would have picked up this shit and filtered it before I had to bother looking at it, but somehow it got through this time, so I had a look at the associated site, and I was surprised to see that it was actually written by a real human being.  It’s called the Small Business Website Blog and it’s obviously written by an idiot who thinks he can get away with spamming me, you and everyone else.

The company behind this bullshit calls itself Sole Control Solutions, and they are registered with the Companies Registration Office.  I know this because I checked their background.  In fact, I went a step further and downloaded the CRO’s details on them.

The registered office is at 32 Millers Lane, Skerries, Co Dublin.

The owners are Alastair and Brian Kay, of the same address, and the company was registered on the 18th December 2006.

They claim to be web designers and more, according to their website.

Do not deal with these fools.  By spamming sites like mine, they have demonstrated absolute incompetence and they would be the last people you’d need to spend money with.

Advice to bloggers: delete these fools’ comments.  Do not give them free advertising.  Mark them as spammers and forget them.

Advice to everyone else: do not pay these gobshites anything.  Tell them to fuck off.

What are they thinking? What can possibly be going through their little brains?  Already, after only an hour of their spamming me, this is what a Google search produces:

And these gobshites claim to be web experts?  Dear God!



I see they’ve posted this on their site:


We recently hired someone on contract to do some marketing work for us. They seem to have decided that spamming blogs half way across the Internet was a good way to build some links. We found this out when a number of, quite rightly, offended bloggers contacted us to complain. At this stage we are still unsure as to how widespread this was.

This is not an approach that we support in any way. If your blog has been affected by comment spam linking to this site then we apologise unreservedly. It is the result of an error that we should not have made and it won’t be happening again.


Pathetic.  I don’t believe them.  If they had the backbone to write to me directly I might have some respect for them, but to post this lame excuse on their own little-read site and to assume that sorts everything out just underlines how poor they are at their job.

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    I like the layout of your blog. I will most definately subscribe.


    Spamming bastard


    Well that does it. I’m not sharing the money left by my Nigerian relative with YOU!


    Heh! As I was reading this, the following arrived on my site for moderation –

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

    From guess who?


    Bugger! Why do I always forget the notify tit thing?


    Nice one. Watch out for more of it.



    Very nice blog. Keep on your good work, dear Sir, and trust me. Squid is a spammer. Not even a Zimbabwian Dollar I left to him.
    Rather I would love to sponsor your extraordinary blog. All I need is your bank account number and your pin.



    Nifty piece of judo footwork on your part.

    Filleann an feall ar an feallaire.


    i’ll go you one even better. someone decided to hit me where it hurt. it got really personal and i am out. i’ll drop by, but for now savannah is closed tomorrow. thanks for your kindness, sir.


    Dear Blog Owner

    Would it be ok if I link to your site?


    I could often murder some spam masel, normally though, with a wee poke o’ chups.


    I love squid’s comments hehe

    Spamming is incredibly irritating – well done for tracking them down – very surprised about what you found!


    Conor — Do you know them?


    I don’t – thankfully!

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