Thank You For Putting Up With This Shit

It’s a little before midnight, and this post should really go up tomorrow, the 15th, but I was out early in the evening watching the Ireland-Scotland rugby struggle and I’m  inclined to retire to my boudoir as a consequence of being full up of liquor. 

Let me just say this before I go to bed.

Bock has been in existence for three years now, during which time I’ve experienced nothing but enjoyment from the stupid thing.  In that time I’ve put up 1566 posts, which works out at 522 per year on average, or a little over 10 per week.

That’s a lot of bullshit to tolerate and I’m grateful to you for putting up with all this ranting and raving.

I’m an old-fashioned sort of guy and I don’t do extravagant displays of emotion so let me just punch you gently on the shoulder and say Thanks.

37 thoughts on “Thank You For Putting Up With This Shit

  1. Congrats on the 3 year mark. I just made the same mark myself a month ago. Glad you’re still getting enjoyment out of it (did you ever think it would last this long?).

    Here’s to another year in the trenches. Skoal!

  2. And I forgot to check the damn notify check box once again! Unfortunately I’m getting to the age where things aren’t likely to improve.

  3. Ah now Bock don’t let a few drinks get you down. We need you! Remember there’s always next year for the Blog awards.

  4. I was just going to say Thank You, but as is my wont….I will yet again expand.
    I do sometimes find your writings beligerant and contrary, but at all times respect the enormous contribution you make to the thought process and activities of life as it is now.
    Its just, how can i put it ? clean and honest, much appreciated, Thank you.

  5. Jesus

    What will happen if we win the Grand Slam

    Is Bock gonna melt away altogether.

    Mulley is right though. You deserve high praise for your deadly blog.

  6. Somewhat off topic how does Sean Citizen get to vote in the Blog awards ? Is it a members only affair?
    With bouncers, opps ,security men to kick the crap out of interlopers ? White tie and tails? As can be seen I have had a few scoops myself .best regards whatever you decide to do . I do hope you stay with us.

  7. BOCK you bollix, if it wasn’t for

    your blog,

    your brain,

    I would never have had the balls to even attempt to follow.

    Fuck off you cunt ju and get back when ur sorted!!!

  8. The head of medusa will solve the Kraken problem . Remember to polish your shield ,All the best . Bock live long and prosper may the gods be with you and yours

  9. I agree with what everyone else said. Except the chap who remembered to check the box, because I won’t remember to.

  10. Ave, Bock!
    So, 2052 years after Caesar rattled his last words – “Et tu, Bockus?” -, you chose the Ides of March, 2006, to blow your first breath into the blogosphere?
    Gratulor. Ad multo annos!

  11. Decent birthday present yesterday alright.

    They wouldn’t have dared to lose on your special day. That lost shaker of salt won’t mine itself you know.

  12. Happy third blogday: keep up the excellent work. It has me laughing, crying or ranting in about equal measure.

    Nurofen and a B complex vitamin for the hangover.

    Fingers crossed that The Team can hold their nerve next week…

  13. First, there’s your Leonard Cohen’s post which always gives me serenity when the world disturbs me. Then, you have enriched my vocabulary with a quantity of words I have never heard anywhere else. I don’t really know what most of them mean. But I thouroughly enjoy the shock and the surprise on people’s face when I introduce one of them in the conversations. Always with the French accent, alas! How I wish I could speak Irish!

    Congratulations and many thanks. À votre santé, Sir!

  14. Congratulations and well done, Mr Bock.
    Allied to the quantity of your efforts over the last 3 years, which has been top class, it’s the sheer quality which leaves me breathless. I find myself wondering just what it is you actually do to keep living.
    All the thought that goes into your postings, the physical act of the post then the follow up in replies can’t leave you much time for life. Yet you seem to do it.
    Are you, in fact, Bock the father, Bock the son and Bock the bottle of spirits?
    Are you, even, an average Limerickman? what is an average Limerickman?

    or could you be the face the public face of a secretive FF thinktank (oxymoran) sent to us to keep us mollified while it … wait… there’s someone at the door, back in a minu………..

  15. “during which time I’ve experienced nothing but enjoyment from the stupid thing”

    This goes for me too, except that I would leave out the word “stupid”, and to “enjoyment” I would add “outrage, sorrow, delight, horror, edification and some righteous indignation”. But that would be a lousy sentence.

    Thanks Bock.

  16. Stop that now. Any bollix that takes on a praying mantis like Medhb can’t be all soft.

  17. Indeed. And rightly so.
    Mind you, I thought it was ‘preying’ until I looked it up.

  18. I was out of town yesterday and didn’t get a chance to reply. Maybe if I just said a collective thanks very much to everyone, you wouldn’t mind too much.

    Just a point of clarification for Nora. Medbh is actually a very nice individual in person. My only objection is to the approach, not the individual.

  19. Bock, I have two sons, two brothers, and no daughters. With respect, I’ll make up my own mind. Anyway, I was clowning around.

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