Bludget 2009

Mini-Brian introduced his bludget, which he told us would be fair.

He has achieved this by bludgetting poor people and giving the money to the banks in return for their shit loans.

If I was a banker, that would look fair enough.

83 thoughts on “Bludget 2009

  1. Did you expect anything else? Don’t forget everyone vote for Willie, vote for FF and corruption.

  2. Short of reintroducing the potato famine, Lenihan could not have done less to help the economy. Politcal Hari kari no less. Its obvious that Biffo and the lads want out. Not having the balls to address the issue, no surprise there, they have continued to sit on their fat overpaid incompetent arses and do fuck all.
    Currently watching Mick Martin spit and slobber his defence of a great budget, what a wanker.
    It strikes me that our current Lords and Masters are no different than the famine landlords.
    This joke budget has not even left me angry, just depressed.

  3. The Government plans to set up an asset management agency to take bad loans off the banks’ balance sheets.

    What exactly do they mean by this?

    That they are going to buy up all of the bad debts?

  4. Did you see Q&A last night? When it was pointed out to Willie O’Dea that blaming the global financial crisis does not account for why Ireland has the worst performing economy in the OECD his response was “Well that’s because we’ve come from such a high position”. Or something along those lines. Jesus Christ!

    “Mommy, why is that poor man destitute and homeless?”
    “Well you see darling, he is homeless because up to last year he was a millionaire and lived in a mansion.” Makes sense, doesn’t it.

  5. The Bank Bailout Bonds represent the biggest robbery in the history of the State.

    Get ready for an additional €30Bn of taxes over the next ten years.

    No new schools, now new hospitals, taxation of universal benefits, fees for third level education ~ ALL to bail out the banks and property developers.

    We are literally going to give the banks €30Bn+ to pay for Sean Dunne’s debts.

    Pitchforks anyone?

  6. Now, now Folks settle down . The Bank’s and the Banker’s are safe. The twit Taxpayer will pick up the bill . So another 25% on cigs not to worry it is only Pensioner’s that buy them legally ,and we would be better off without them anyway. The under twenty five’s well let them bugger off, it will leave more for the Golden Circle.

  7. morgor,

    This is how it will work.

    Bank Bailout Bonds (A gigantic theft).

    Take €90Bn of toxic assets from banks at a discount.

    What discount? 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%

    No matter what the discount the banks will have an immediate hit on their balance sheets for the amount of the discount.

    If the discount is 10%, the banks (collectively) have to take a hit of €9Bn

    This will place the banks below their required solvency levels (that is, they are in the eyes of the state – BANKRUPT)

    However 10% won’t be enough. The toxic assets cannot be worth more that 75% of carried value because the banks have, thus far, hardly written down the value of these assets.

    So, (even with a generous valuation of 75%) the banks would have to write off €22.5Bn. This cannot be done.

    So the taxpayer/citizen/unborn citizen will have to take a hit of at least €20Bn+ (chose a different figure if you wish but you won’t be able to stray to far from this).

    The State will have to issue €85Bn of debt to exchange for these assets.

    @ 5% Coupon this is not only a gift to the banks of good (state) money for bad (bank toxic assets) it also means that the State will pay the banks €4.25Bn per ammun as coupon on the debt.

  8. Brian Lenihan has stated that the Government will recoup the cost of serving the debt on the Bank Bailout Bonds by interest service from the toxic loans.

    The developers have already admitted that they CANNOT service their debt.

    They will NEVER be in a position to pay the interest.

    Maybe Ireland’s credit rating will go to BBB

  9. Well after just reading the piece on how the government basically gave Shell our natural reserves of gas for nothing, and how different it is in Norway, and that all this and the likes could solve/easy our current “deficit”.
    How hard would it be to undo what Bertie and Ray Burke have done to our tax and ownership rights? maybe not to the extent of Norway’s rates but anything is better that getting NOTHING!
    Would this not be a good time as any to undo the wrongs of a few corrupt greedy scumbag politicians and change those laws and revoke any agreements made, instead of letting giants such as Shell and Statoil off when the country is in such difficult times and resting the burden of their incompetence on us all?

  10. Ok, so they’re effectively paying the banks for losing all of their money on various gambles at home and abroad. with our tax money.

    I was hoping that it was more of a agency that would tell the banks to basically write off their bad debts rather than holding onto their bad debts as assets.

    How very foolish of me to think that FF wouldn’t shaft everyone in the country.

  11. Hmmm how long before they bring up talk of The Lisbon Treaty again and how it could be just what we need…

    Also all this public outrage doesn’t really inspire me with confidance that a change will come into effect, this is a country where Bertie is still off the hook and getting money from us, and if the guy was still running for election the same pricks would vote him in in a show of some blind stupid fucking loyalty.

    Tighten out belts indeed Mr Haughey\Ahern\Fat Cunt.

  12. Ouch!,

    Britan did it. Its easy.

    Its called a windfall tax.

    And guess what. The oil companies WILL agree.

  13. The ‘bad’ assets being coralled under the NTMA ~ now aka NAMA will include €80bn of assets, at who-knows-what value, effectively taken into state ownership.

    In other words the State has become the debt collection agency for the banks, who are to freed of this embarassment on their books. And the Speculator/developers… any of them declared bankrupt? I doubt it.

    Let’s see. Have I got this right? You put a value on something and then you loan the money to someone to buy it? Time passes and it turns out that it’s not worth the value you put on it. Ooops!

    So now you’re owed more than the something is worth and it’s making your balance sheets look soiled. So you take your soiled sheets to the State laundry and they clean them up for you.

    Hey presto – you’re back in business and the State’s carrying a shitty balance sheet problem for decades.

  14. sakimoto,

    Lenihan mentioned it three times (I think) in his speech.

    Obviously because we voted no to Lisbon, the banks went bankrupt.

  15. Conan Drumm,

    Yup. We pay almost full book value for the toxic assets. If we don’t the banks are insolvent.

    We then pay the banks an annual coupon (€4Bn) on the debt that we gave them as a swap for the assets.

  16. Well, well the sound of a very large penny dropping. Regrettably down the drain.

  17. Just a little prediction……………….

    If it wasn’t obvious before now I think it’s clear to all that we are well and truly fucked. I still foolishly thought that the Government might pull it out of the bag today but they produced the type of budget that just about every economist warned against. You simply cannot tax your way out of a recession, it’s never been done in a modern capitalist economy. So why is it our administration is so ill informed and ignorant that they think they can alter the face of modern economics with this budget ? There is nothing in this budget to stimulate some sort of growth in the economy. Everyone I know had already begun to cut back on all types of purchases from basic essentials to more luxury buys, all of which in themselves generate tax and sustain and create employment. This budget will only serve to further suppress peoples’ desire and ability to spend.

    This may seem dramatic but I can envisage this :

    One of the few things that all seem to be agreed on is that our recession is deeper and will last longer than the rest of Europe and the “Western” World. In fact there already appears to be “green shoots” of recovery being spoken about in the North America and other parts of the world. With this in mind I can see the economies of the larger nations beginning to recover in the next 12 to 18 months, while ours will continue to be depressed with further sadistic and savage budgets to take effect.
    As more jobs are lost here, spending power is further diminished and demands for workers arises abroad again we shall once again see the return to the mass emigration we experienced in the 1950’s and the 1980’s (and pretty much every decade in between. However it will again be a brain drain where the truly talented and educated will ply their trades and professions abroad. Thus leaving us with a limited workforce consisting of low paid native workers and many many unskilled welfare draining immigrants that came here during the boom, but have no skills of note to return to their own countries with. With a population profile such as this Ireland will be a cess pit in Europe with derelict industrial estates, roller shuttered shop fronts and vacant houses in ghetto style suburbs. Sounds dramatic ? If so, who is going to stop our talent emigrating when as predicted, our economy lags behind the others when the anticipated upturn comes ?

    I’d love to hear the antithesis to this doomsday scenario, believe me I would……….

  18. Well BOCK, I am not depressed, not saddened, but neither am I prepared to just give up.

    I am incensed. I am furious with the carry-on of the bastards in Dáil Eireann.

    That they believe that we will accept this shyte is indicative of just how much we have allowed these shits to get away with. We are the fools!

    Pitch forks indeed; Abbott_Of_Iona!!

  19. Fireman,

    “In fact there already appears to be “green shoots” of recovery being spoken about in the North America and other parts of the world”

    Hate to burst your bubble but the “green shots” are nothing other than spin.

    Of course if Obama (more correctly Geithner & Goldman Sachs) guarantee $10Tn dollars of toxic debt and spend $3Tn on building windmills you will see green shoots. But this kind of fertiliser is pure shit. It will eventually poison the garden.

    This is not some ordinary recession borne of the misallocation of capital. It is a structural shift to China/India and the Far East in general (Japan excluded, they’re fucked).

    While the manufacturing jobs were being moved to the Far East our gaze was firmly on the FIRE economy. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate (not my phrase).

    The FIRE economy has imploded and cannot come back. There is too much debt in the West.

    We and the USA are in for a decade of pain. Protectionism will come back.

    China is using its surplus dollars to buy up the natural resources of the globe.

    There will be no recovery here or in the UK or in the USA.

    All the more reason not to use €30Bn of our resources to bail out Goldman Sachs.

  20. I love the optimism here. Why don’t ye all go to the Cliffs of Moher and just jump. I won’t join ye because if ye think that FF are going to get the better of me, think again. I’ll be back!

  21. Conan,

    “In other words the State has become the debt collection agency for the banks”.

    I think you are incorrect here. A debt collector would get a commission (varying dependent on the difficulty) for the collection of the debt. The debt collector does not buy the debt. Unless you’re talking about “very bad people” who will give you 25% of the debt and then go out and kill people until they get paid face value.

    “And the Speculator/developers… any of them declared bankrupt? I doubt it.”

    Your doubt is accurate. They won’t be declared bankrupt because their loans are non-recourse (remember the loans Seanie gave to buy shares in Anglo Irish, non-recourse).

    “You put a value on something and then you loan the money to someone to buy it?”

    Sorry Conan, you’re wrong.

    You put a value on something (you overvalue it) AND YOU GIVE them hard cash for it. You’re not giving them a loan. You’re giving them hard cash.

    “Hey presto – you’re back in business and the State’s carrying a shitty balance sheet problem for decades.”


    Along with the pitchforks I will shortly be selling on eBay I can offer you a once in a lifetime discount on a new invention of mine, I call it the guillotine. The name has a nice ring to it. Do you think it will catch on?. If you can’t afford that I’m also doing a bargain basement bucket of tar with a sack of feathers thrown in for free.

  22. No 8,

    The Bertie argument.

    Commit suicide.

    No thanks, I’d rather survive like you and live to burn that fuck at the stake.

    Can you provide any reasons to be optimistic/cheerful after that travesty of decision making?

  23. On a positive note the evil empire are being played off the field at Old Trafford by Porto in the first half – pouting Ronaldo is about as usefull as an ash tray on a motorbike. Meantime, are y’all getting kick backs from the Samaritans or what? Kop yourselves on, take the pain and stop whining. Do a Bernard Dunne, take the standing counts in the fifth, get back on your feet and nail the fucker inside the distance.

  24. No.8- Jumping off the cliffs is now subject to a heavy tax.
    I’m not giving up yet either but todays kick in the nuts is a bit much.

  25. Abdul

    “get back on your feet and nail the fucker inside the distance”

    OK Abdul. Who’s the fucker. You name him I nail him.

    Oh, but of course. It not just one is it. How do you “nail” an entire corrupt political class?

    Or maybe you mean we should all go to bed, wake up in the morning, put the green jersey on, shoulder behind the wheel and spend the next twenty years paying of the debt of Sean Dunne & Sean Fitzpatrick.

    Is that what Bernard Dunne would do?

    Or maybe we should just take the happy pills and accept our lot.

    Anyone got Prozac?

  26. Aha now lads , relax you will get used to being Fucked after a while. The Golden Circle shall survive and prosper. In 2525 the hectare of land will be worth the ten million we paid for it. Honest it will ,trust me I am a Politico .

  27. Bock,

    I read very slowly, so have only just started the supplements in last Saturday’s Financial Times. There was an ad for an FT publication called “This is Africa”. It said that 2007 trade between China and Africa was $62 billion. Ireland’s Government deficit this year is €20 billion ($26 billion).

    Our budget gap is equivalent to 40% of the annual trade between 1.3 billion Chinese and the entire continent of Africa.

    That is some achievement.

  28. if he thinks his going 2 save money his away with the fairys..its going 2 cost a fortune in free legal aid plus his going 2 need more jails. crime is going 2 go trough the roof

  29. Any 1 who cannot spill sum simple fkn words probably voted the cunts in and shd b fkn shot.

  30. Well said from ‘just me’ they’ve cut the dole in half,down to 100 euros for under 20’s, while I know most of these young people are respectable and law abiding, I believe SOME of them won’t give a flying shit where or how they get money, God help our old people esp. those living alone.

  31. Abdul,

    Thanks for the advice. But I’m thinking optimism is the agent and you are the fucker.

    So, I’d be obliged if you could provide the optimist view of a decade long misallocation of capital.

    And while you are about it, could you, being the optimist you are, provide a logical explanation for the waste of €30Bn.

    I don’t know about you, Abdul. But throwing money down a black hole seems like a waste to me.

    “and stop whining”

    Oh, what, Abdul,

    Did your nurse take your Prozac away?

    My heart bleeds.

    Still, tomorrow your nurse will give you more. And then you’ll be happy.

    There is no problem.

    Repeat that 1000 times, take more Prozac,

    Yes the sky is blue.

    Taking more Prozac won’t change the colour of the sky.

  32. Abbot, – You sound like someones ex wife, come on get over it, he ain’t coming back.

  33. My Lord Abbot actually it seems that the Blue is simply a trick of the light. Only to human eyes.

  34. So Abdul,

    No whining on my part or yours.

    Can you provide an explanation of any sort that justifies the waste of €30Bn of scare resources? Just to bail out Goldman Sachs?

    For €30Bn we can have an entirely unencumbered banking system that will attract €300Bn of deposits next Monday morning.

    I am an optimist. I just fear that my leaders are not. I suspect they are slaves to Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch or Bank of America or any fucking bunch of thieves who want to take €30Bn from your children.

    You’re happy with that? Fine. I’m not.

  35. Gary,

    There is no trick of light. The sky is blue.

    There is a budget trick.

    Here’s how it works.

    Pretend that you’re taking €3Bn from the citizens. They will accept it. Things are hard ect ect ect.

    Then (and this is the trick) take €30Bn while they’re not looking.

    But I’m an optimist Gary.

    I’m hoping someone will work this out before it’s too late.

  36. justme,

    I think you’re on the right track.

    But hey, your lords and masters want you to be an optimist.

    How will optimism work out if what you say is true?

    More free legal aid, more prisons, more crime.

    Yeah, great budget.

  37. My Lord Abbot you shall not change the way the World works this night . Nor perhaps tomorrow . Good night and sleep well. We have the rest of our lives to tilt at Windmills .

  38. Brother Gary,

    Changing the world today or tomorrow is not my intent.

    Changing myself for the new world is.

    There will be windmills.

    Others will give them the air of optimisim.

    I will save my breath to air my future in the brave world.

  39. -Abbott
    Brother Gary? Wouldn’t you think fraternal orders have done enough to bring us here. ;)

    You’re changing yourself for the new world, the brave world. Is that the brave new world Huxley style? Old man Bush did mention the possibility of a new world order once didn’t he.

  40. Ireland’s credit rating just took another hit from Moody’s, the same rating agency which was rating sub-prime securities, AAA.(Why are these people still in business?) Banks down 14% this morning on market, as a result. Looks like the plans working lads.

  41. C’est,

    Surely not. :)

    Am there was me thinking it was greed and corruption.

    Brave or not we’re going into a new world. Maybe Aminal Farm is more appropriate.

  42. Lads, that asteroid you were talking about? It’s on it’s way.

    But on another, more pessimistic note, I can’t help but feel this morning like we’re all on the deck of the fucking Titanic and Brian Cowen is the iceberg (an iceberg made of meat).

    I’ve already bought up canned food, a rifle (who I now call Ol’ Bessie for some reason) and bottled water with the meager funds left over from yesterday. Figure I’ll sit this one out Crazy style, refer to myself as Lord Bankington Millionaire, CEO of a bank that I’ll run from the ensuite shower and wait for the inevitable profits.

  43. Well, Abbott, at least you appear to have shut Abdul up. Thanks, he was making me angry. People have to have awareness before there can be any change, so keep doing your bit. The longest journey and all that.

  44. You’d nearly feel like voting the fuckers in again, just so they have to deal with the fucking mess they created.
    Perhaps they thought of that, the sly bastards.

    Ha ha Brian, these cunts are rightly fucked now.

    How’s that Brain?

    Well you see Brian, either they vote us out and we’re off the hook, or they vote us back in just to make us deal with the shite we’ve made of things and we keep or jobs ! Either way the banks win, the developers win, the politicians win, everybody wins !

    Everybody Brian? What about the little guy? The average Joe?

    I ment everybody who counts Brian.

    I know Brian, I was only havin a laugh

  45. It is estimated that almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes every day – one child every five seconds on this planet. But at least they don’t have to contend with an Irish budget, us rained lashed Gaels always get the worse of it. Maybe Sir Bob could organised a gig for us.

  46. Just noticed the missing ‘r’ in my name. How embarassing.

    True, but this type of shite comes from a certain mentality, a certain power structure. One that puts economagic before the welfare of real people. The same mentality that see cheap labour instead of starving people, that see opportunitues for the Pharmaceutical industry instead of people dying of preventabl disease.

    And who knows, maybe somewhere in the Pixie Dimension there exists a reality where, if we can get our own house in order, we can be more efficient at helping others.

  47. We have always been very generous with the aid to those less fortunate C’est, cept for the alleged hyprocrite- and er am, “tax avoidance” person Bono – imagine being stuck with him and Gerry, the wanker, Ryan on a desert island – imagine being stuck with them on the Island Field.

  48. Abdul,

    What has 16,000 children dying every day got to do Fianna Fail squanering €30Bn.

    If they get away with this there’ll be a lot less money for foreign aid.

    But maybe I’m missing your point.

  49. You’d nearly feel like voting the fuckers in again, just so they have to deal with the fucking mess they created.


    Hopefully if we get them out we can get someone in with a bit of honesty who will actually take back the cash from the fuckers who have been breaking the law.

    But then again I am an optimist.

  50. Abbot, – Fianna Fail squandering billions has nothing to do with children dying of hunger.

    I’m asking you to compare their plight with the “devastation” of our budget.

    Personally, I don’t think the budget went far enough. I would have imposed a 10% cut on social welfare across the board – we have one of the most generous welfares states in the world that’s costing 20 billion a year.

    But equally, and as said here previously, I would have cut ALL politicians pay to €70,000 a year, no expenses.

    Same with all high ranking public sector workers.

    If we are all in it together then the example has to come from the top.

    Likewise, it is beyond comprehension that Cowan is being paid more than the PM’s of France and Germany – he may be paid even more than Obama.

    Eitherway, he is one of the highest paid PM’s in the world – GUBU.

  51. Morgor, – Fianna Fail desperatly want to be out of power, so they can oppose everything,
    like the Fine Girls are now – and they knowing
    that if they were in power they’d be doing exactly the same thing. There is no easy options for any party assuming power given this economic climate.

    Ces’t is right, keep em in there.

  52. Never – if we turn off the lights we don’t see where we’re going and BAM! Right into the old lighthouse.

  53. Abdul,

    I don’t disagree with your budget suggestions.

    Welfare cuts will come regardless of who is in power. The public sector will either have to shed jobs or accept a reverse benchmarking (the origins of the original having been kept secret by Fianna Fail)

    I don’t accept that there is any useful comparison to be made with the state of the “Third World”, other than the actions of Fianna Fail and the Greens put in jeopardy the €800M Euro we contribute each year.

    The fact that there are people starving in the world does not make me feel any better about the corrupt bozos who run this country. Nor should it.

  54. Simple solution, get everyone you know to move their cash out of the backs that are being bailed out. They fail, no more bailout required. Democracy in action.

  55. Bedlama,

    I agree.

    “14. All the citizens have a right to decide, either personally or by their representatives, as to the necessity of the public contribution; to grant this freely; to know to what uses it is put; and to fix the proportion, the mode of assessment and of collection and the duration of the taxes.”

    “ know to what uses it is put..”

  56. I’m not suggesting keeping Fianna fail in power. Just making an observation. You’re fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t, but that’s not news to anybody.

    Somebody once made a suggestion, on another blog, that we should install Stephen Fry as a benign dictator. As time goes by I’m warming more and more to the idea.
    Actually I think he has a blog too, maybe we should ask him?
    Long live An Ghinearálta O’ Gilidín (not sure if that’s a good translation)

  57. If the gov wants to take on the public sector then the best of luck to them.

    But note the way they (public sector) reacted when they were asked to make a contribution to their own pensions.

    We had the obscene sight (pictured on national press) of public sector workers staging a one stage stoppage outside a dole office recently when people were standing in line to collect their payments.

    If, given the choice, the vast majority of those people waiting for their dole, would have no problem taking a job in the public sectore, pension levy an all.

    But will the gov tackle the public sector (costing 21 billion a year) I doubt it. The public sector unions are too strong and they will bring the country to a standstill.

    The problem with the budget is that by taxing income and not tackling costs it runs the real risk of deflating this economy into a depression.

    Only time will tell if yesterdays medicine will cure or kill us.

  58. morgor,

    Sorry. The man from KPMG is talking shit.

    Either NAMA pays close to book value (in which case the taxpayer gets robbed) or they pay Fair Value (in which case ALL the banks are instantly insolvent).

    This is a Fianna Fail & Green Party con. They know we will not see the result for 15 years. Will there be any disclosure of the amounts paid. Will the NAMA be subject to freedom of information?

    But hey, this guy Michael Hayes works for KPMG. I’m sure they’re a trustworthy lot.

    etc etc etc

  59. Gary, – thanks for that, t’was about as cheery as root canal treatment.

    Meanwhile, whatever happend to the more imaginative idea of putting a 1% tax on text messages. It would have raised “a right few bob” – but no mention of it in the budget?

    We sent five billion text messages in this country in the last 12 months – and only a handfull of them made any significant contribution toward the human condition, going forward.

    Such as: Man Utd (1) Liverpool (4)

  60. Abdul a “root canal” you ain’t seen nothing yet. Perhaps we shall revert to Swifts “Modest proposal” And turn the children of the “lower orders” into stew . The designer lads and lassies have not got a clue what they are in for. It will hurt and it will hurt badly. The poor little things are already squealing like pigs. Tomorrow they may get used to it and even begin to enjoy? The Party shall live for ever . Well for at least the next thousand years. To the Leader “Seigh Heil”

  61. Yep, I can hear the sound-track for Deliverance in the background.A few years back as the Celtic tiger was roaming the highways and byways of Hibernia a wino asked me for a few bob for a Cappuccino? – “go way to fuck” He still smelled of urine but,going forward, he was getting with the programme. We nearly made it lads. Not so long ago the worlds top economists flocked here to marvel at Patrick’s capacity to make money whilst emerging from darkened lounge bars not entirely sober. The country was on the front cover of Time magazine. We were ranked as one of the top nations in the world to live in. And best of all, the Brits were livid that just a few decades after we ran them out of the country we were on the porkies back. We were in the Premier Division, a Champions League spot guaranteed for every season; small nations emerging from years of communism whispered our name in awe. “Look at Patrick, rat faced and on the tear seven nights a week – but doing the business,” they gasped in wonderment. But alas, like George Best, who incidentally claimed to have spent all his money on women and drink – and the rest foolishly, we threw it all away. These days the winos ask for money for a cup of tea – and they still smell of piss. But sure we are only truly happy when we’re miserable anyway.

  62. Erm its 25 Cent on cigs not 25% im sure cowen said 25% when i heard it on the radio but earlier reports said 25 Cent and its been confirmed as 25 Cent.

    This Budget is total disaster for the country we are screwed. Where were the measures to encourage spending? Stimulate the ecomony? None, not a fecking thing. Total disgrace taxing the poor is such a cowardly fucking way to raise income.

    We needed a budget to encourage spending, lowering the crazy VAT rate would have been a step in the right direction what we got was indeed a Bludget and thats not a typo.

  63. Shatnersbasson
    yes he did say 25% but he is the Minister of Finance and as such is entitled to make as many mistakes as he see fit. It is after all only the lower orders that suffer . We all know that they of no importance . Most of them do not even vote.

  64. Bock with the greatest of respect . It was not a “typo” The Minister of Finance of The Republic of Ireland is on the record of the Dail . “So let it be written so let it be done”

  65. Very good Gary, – boys, y’all best not bend down for the proverbial bar of soap in the shower when them there cords are a playing now, ya hear – on account of the economy.

    Meantime, what is the musical definition of a gentleman?

    Someone who knows how to play a banjo – but doesn’t.

  66. Abdul at least you got to hear it before it was pulled. Like the Skibreen Eagle keeping it’s eye on Russia, the Dept of Homeland Security may be keeping a eye on us?

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