Bock Photo Revealed

I accidentally jogged against my camera, and when I examined it, I found this picture.

It’s quite a good likeness.  What do you think?

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Bock now you have done it. The Dept. of Homeland Security will be working overtime to analyse this shot.

Jesus Bock, I’d prefer to be called a misogynist sooner than Bono but I’m glad you saw the funny side.

The pink Taliban concept was Bock’s, I had something.. else.. in mind…

You look in this likeness as you could do with a diet, but it looks as if you still have a full head of hair, and nice delicate hands (I’m tempted).

But knowing you from this short time of reading your blog I think you photoshopped it to please the ladiiiies – who gave you a hard time lately! Didn’t ya?

Not to mention your efforts to proove that you are a fantastic cook and even go out for a drink with bockdaughter or any woman who dares.

Ye know, you’re a right softie, methinks, as any Irish man who is pushed with force/sweettalking/a knife by mammie/daughtie/wifie/girlfriendie/females as such to behave himself.

Sweet really, despite of all the “offending” stuff – so sensitive.
I’m delighted. Care to meet for a drink? :-)))

As for the chicken: Cure it over night in some concoction of your choice. And get chicken from an organic farm. As girls do with men…
Next day the man — chicken — is soft and tasty as you like it.

I’ve already told the world I’m on a fitness regime after quitting smokes six years ago and I would like to get back to my fighting weight.

Which I will.

The ladies didn’t give me a hard time. Some ladies, with their own personal issues, took exception to certain things I wrote, and I’m sorry I can’t help them with their private obsessions. Most ladies I know are quite comfortable with me.

I don’t need to prove my daughter’s existence and I won’t bring her into this in any way except to say that today is a special birthday for her and we did lunch earlier.

As for those nice delicate hands, well, what can I say? Fill out the application form and we’ll see what we can do .

See? You try to justify yourself. Whatever banter is thrown at you. Not a sign of being confident…

And about your daughter: You highligted her in a post. And it never occured to me that she is non-existened. What is it with you? You are to easily thrown off the tracks by whatever.
Chin up and relax!

Where is the application form for a real life experience of these delicate hands – please?


I simply respond to you. Believe me, confidence is not something I lack.

I didn’t mention my daughter in this post, which is what the comments are about.

Maybe I’ll hold a Bock’s Hands competition, or would that be patriarchal or sexist or something? What do you think?

Maybe I should do nothing until I check with the PC Police.

You sound shaken.
No, you are not “patriarchal or sexist or something”.
Just insecure?
I’m trying to chat you up here. Lighten up!
And didn’t I learn that Irish men are easy to chat up and like a bit of a banter and are full of humour? Where is the charm? Are you that frightened of an actually non-existened pc-police?

Police and pc is that what you choose to let rule you. If you don’t let them they don’t exist. Rule of the Universe. As simple as.

Bock and all ,
this whole “sexist” “misogynistic” thing is getting rather tiresome don’t you think? It seems to be spilling all over the various streams.

Carrig — You’re right of course. I need to shake off those appalling harridans and remember that the world is full of normal, sweaty, life-enjoying women. But God, the other kind do tend to drag you down.

Gary — You’re right too. Fuck it, let’s put them behind us.

i have no idea why, but i just assumed you’d be bald…. am liking the white walls too…

and le craic – you’re a photoshop genius. seeing that little jumped up pri*k made me spit me tea all over me monitor. cheers for that :-)

Douze points for C’est La Craic!

Happy Birthday to the BockDaughter too. Not many people who actually get to meet members of the Bock family live to tell the tale. Every now and again someone will be brought to the Stygian depths of the BockSchloss in order to tell the world that they do exist.

In fact that picture really does justice to the very last thing that most ‘guests’ to the Schloss see before dinnner. Strange how none make it for breakfast.

Bock wrote: “those appalling harridans”
I beg your pardon?

Why do you need to spoil the flirt?
I’m quite a ‘harridan’ if need be. No, a valkyrie. But in the delicate hands of an intelligent man I could treat him as a thinking woman’s crumpet and being soft as a fluffy – if he’s worth it.

Are you one of those cute Irish teddybears who just don’t get your sensitive side across? Not knowing how to choose your words, despite being capable of more subtle vocabulary than I am??
Or are you who you try to defend not to be?


And btw:
Don’t you ever call a woman a harridan! Unless you meet a real one… ;-)))

So you’re the one who finaly got that Scooby Doo gang. Last fucking old spooky house they went into.
And that must be where the Mystery Machine Bockmobile came from.

Sorry about your screen. And your tea.

-Hanger queen
Yes, I’m the Johnny McEvoy (but not Dana) of photoshop.

What concerns me Bock — and nobody else seems concerned — is that you appear to be getting attacked by a duck in the photo. Since you’re still posting, we can only assume you overcame your duck-billed attacker, and quite possibly feasted on the carcass of your vanquished foe (ala Orange).

First misogyny, and now Duckacide? Is there no depths you will not plumb?

You see, the thing is, people don’t fucking care. You’re the only one who commented on – or even noticed – that appalling aspect of the whole filthy business.

It’s a very good likeness Bock, apart from the duck. I don’t remember the duck. Does the duck have a blog? Could be a whole new departure…

Fuck the comments. That picture had me in stitches. Well, maybe not in stitches. A wry smile at least.

Now disguise your voice and tell the camera that “the slapper was asking for it” and its on to a TV3 special you go!

Oh it’s true alright. That’s “In Vacant or in Pensive Mood with Duck” from a gallery in Galway.
He’ll sue, Bock.

Daily Spud — He’s an attack duck I acquired recently. I’m training him by tying him to the Hound of Satan.

Sweary — There’s a video of it too.

Dazman — I never liked the Frames. Or the Walls. Or the Doors.

Sniffle — That IS my good side.

MT — You’ll never know. Please give generously.

Nora — Drunk With Duck and Monitor.

Conortje — I can jog in many orientations.

oh shitgoddammit! i like glen hansard! is that so wrong? wait, maybe i misunderstood sweary…maybe it’s ok? maybe i need the PC POLICE to tell me if i can like him. (i mean, me not being irish and shit) (i’m still laughing at the unforgiven bit…) xoxox

Savanaagh Marm visited your Blog and found it charming. As far as I am concerned you may like or dislike whom you choose.

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