Boctorate Conferring Day

Here’s the first boctoral graduation class.  I hope people will treat the award with due respect.  They’ve earned it.

Here’s the first group of Ph.Bs in 2009.

Would the newly-conferred Boctors of Philosophy please step forward in alphabetical order.

Abbot of Iona





El Cuno



Hangar Queen

No 8





Immense gratitude to M’sieur le Craic for doing the pics.

23 thoughts on “Boctorate Conferring Day

  1. Thank you very much Sir. I shall print it off frame it and hang it with pride among my other thingies

  2. It will sit proudly alongside my framed restraining order (50 meters from Twink, at all times), and my photograph of Roy Keane signed by Alfe Haaland.

  3. Bockmeister Sir

    As a member of the Alumni of this most illustrious Institute . May I be so bold as to recommend
    M’suir C’est La Craic as vice Chancellor .I am confident that this would be a popular decision among my fellow Alumni. Perhaps you could be so kind as to present this proposal to the Academic Committee.

  4. After C’est is appointed Vice Chancellor could he provide suggestions for those who want to get a doctorate from the Bock Institute of Advanced Confrontation Studies.

    Also could he apply to the Department of Education to have the Institute updraded to University status.

    I think there’s grant money in that.

  5. Damn,

    I was just about to correct my mistake.

    I suppose that means I’ll have to get a Basters Degree first.

  6. Thank you kindly, Bock. I’ve learned so much in my studies at your academy, and an honoured to now be a bocktor of your philosophy

  7. Mazel Tov to the Bock Philosophers. Everyone needs to belief in something. I believe I’ll have another beer ;)

  8. Bock where are you? You shat on my head for my bad German and now allow Hebrew in the wrong script?

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