Facebook Deletes Blasphemy Day Group

I set up a Facebook group to encourage an act of defiance against this insane new blasphemy law proposed by the Irish government.

My suggestion was that bloggers should all post something offensive to a religion of their choice on the same day, May 14th.

The group lasted less than a day before Facebook deleted it.



Oh wait.  It’s back.

What the fuck?

9 thoughts on “Facebook Deletes Blasphemy Day Group

  1. While I admire your quick reaction, Bock, I think it would have been more strategic to protest FOR the case of atheists, agnostics and religious liberals and not AGAINST the faithful of a certain creed. Most of us enjoy free speech and can handle a debate one-to-one. And thus hate the Nanny State for now controlling that right. Your citement on FB, however was encouraging a hit against people that have a choice to follow a religion, not the ones that asked us to shut up about the subject.

    Remember the Drink, Politics, Religion gagging culture we endured a few decades ago? FF want us back there. It’s to be fought, yes – but not at the expense of those that have a right to practice a way of life.

  2. I’m not advocating action against anyone. I’m suggesting that if people think religion is lunacy, they might go out and say so, in whatever way they like, including offending the over-sensitive.

  3. The whole PC crowd is offensive in their own ‘wearing their feelings on their sleeve’ and telling us what we should be thinking, let alone saying.

    On another note, perhaps this would be an occasion to share what a wise guru once told me on how to walk a peaceful path:
    ‘Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or hump it, pee on it and walk away’.

  4. @Bock

    I’m still getting the Facebook page from the original address (via Mozilla & after cleaning my cache). If nothing is coming up for you try pressing the reload/refresh button on the browser.

    There are now 4 comments there since I first looked at it, the latest 8 hours ago.

  5. Dermot Ahern has made a defence of his actions in today’s Irish Times. While I am not entirely convinced I think he may have a point in this case, given that he is running defamation /libel /whatever legislation through the Oireachtas and that there is a Supreme Court overhang in this case.

    I don’t think a referendum on abolishing the blasphemy provision in the constitution would be the best use of resources at this time. I would support it over the medium term.

    That still leaves the problem of the interim. I’ll have to read up a bit more.

    If he is obliged to pass legislation now, there is always the possibility of imposing insignificant penalties, though that could be seen as unconstitutional.

    I will be constructively meditating on this over the weekend.

  6. Has Dermot Ahern not got better things to be doing than bowing down to these minority of liberal pc gob shites , the country is in a mess so do something constructive with your time and our money

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