Know what?

I’ve deleted this bullshit because it’s all about one gobshite’s narcissistic need for attention, and I’m not there to help him in his quest.

27 thoughts on “Hypocrites

  1. The funny thing is that they try to ‘write you off’, but have been talking about you all week nonetheless.

    Medbh’s comment that you, “claim to love women while every other post denigrates them for being uppity enough to exist”, is outrageous.

  2. I know. They seem to be spending an unhealthy amount of time obsessing over me. Clearly something hit a nerve. Maybe I shouldn’t have called Twenty the Joe Duffy of Irish blogging. Maybe that was too near the truth.

    And you’re right about Medbh’s comment. It’s delusional and paranoid. She made it up. Or to put it in plainer terms, she lied. What makes the comment so silly is that it wouldn’t take ten minutes reading this site to see that it’s simply wrong. Did she not realise that?

    Obviously not.

  3. I wouldn’t give twenty another thought – his blog speaks for itself

    Interfud seems to have some “strong” views.

    Makes you wonder!

  4. I don’t know who Interfud is but there’s another fool commenting there who latched onto me recently and who seems more than a little obsessed.

  5. Bock I have written it before and still believe it to be the case. These entities crave attention. Visits to there own neglected Blog . A hug from a tree? They are consumed with envy, and IMHO are not worthy of comment. They shall find this posting of great solace to their sad and warped ego.

  6. Alot of penis envy going on at twenty majors Blog, even from the men folk. Christ do these people have any other concerns in life.

  7. I could’nt be bothered going on these peoples sites but i did click on the link you provided Bock.
    I find that a lot of people focus, not on their own self assessment of beliefs and values but rather on defending that system with hysteria and hypocrisy, as you have pointed out.
    What does it say about someone who vociferously expresses certain beliefs systems but simply cannot accept an open questioning process ?
    Your recent posts on “mental process” “infidelity” and now “hypocrisy” are not only extremly relevant and valid, very thought provoking but totally sums up common threads which run through our society but are rarely spoken about so honestly and so openly.
    Fuck the begrudgers I say, and maybe your next post will round it off with begrudgery, because they are all the traits which hold us back as a society. Thanks Bock.

  8. I red sumwhr tht u usd ur dad’s credit card 2 by ths site. Cn u get him 2 by us sum Linden Village 2?? Cool!

    k thx bfn

  9. Bock this whole controvercy seems to have been sparked by a comment I made saying that, from personal experience, I could understand the mind process Bourke went through and at the same time I condemned his actions. This was the comment quoted by Gimme. For that I apologise.
    I thought it was an open discussion with a view to understand, from people with experience in these matters, what goes on in the minds of people in Bourke’s situation. I did not kill my wife – I took my child and walked away.
    I bared my soul in a manner that I would not do normally.
    I won’t be doing that again!!

  10. You have no reason to apologise for anything. It wasn’t sparked by anything you said. It was caused because I had the temerity to question orthodox feminist doctrine.

    By the way, your comments are always welcome and encouraged.

  11. They won’t be silencing anyone, Nora, though I notice a distinct silence from Medbh and Twenty concerning my challenge to both of them.

  12. Common Law — Did you notice someplace where I said what Medbh suggests, or were you just having a quick prayer?

  13. I don’t see why you are so keen on Twenty Major’s opinion on what Medbh said. From your previous posts it is clear you do not value his opinion.

    The comment was on his blog but his blog comment policy clearly states that he does not take responsibility for what people say and I have no idea what you mean by asking him to distance himself from the comment, he never encouraged or supported it to begin with.

    As for Medbh, well opinions are like dicks, only men should have them.

  14. We’re all responsible for the comments we publish. Twenty’s disclaimer has as much value as a PC World guarantee.

    And Medbh’s comment was placed on a post about me, because that’s the kind of guy Twenty is. It kills him if he doesn’t have the last word, so he had to write one final childish dig.

  15. ‘Don’t let them silence you’

    You’re hardly a political prisoner.
    So, as well you know -it was a ‘sweet jesus’ born out of exasperation.

  16. Absolutely. But you know what’s worse than people trying to silence you? It’s people making up things you never said.

    I feel exasperated too, because I started out trying to create a conversation about the mental trajectory a man followed on his way to becoming a murderer, and instead I ended up accused of inciting misogyny and even of denigrating women for existing. That’s bordering on the deranged.

  17. Rarely in the history of mankind has one person needed to get over themselves more than you Bock.

  18. As long as you post under one name I don’t mind. That’s in the comments plicy if you care to take a look.

  19. This is not a clash. I’ve just asked Twenty if he agrees that I denigrated women for existing.

    He seems to be struck dumb and unable to answer. It isn’t like him to be so shy.

    See my special offer HERE

  20. I have to say these blogging feuds are tedious in the extreme. If you could all take your heads out of your arses for a minute and see how ridiculous, petty, small-minded and insular you all seem, it would be a relief to us all. For me, I’ve had enough. It’s all a big bore – I return now to the real world where important stuff actually happens.

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