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Apr 222009

Gavin Sheridan has introduced a prodigious piece of work to me with this latest offering: Kildare Street.  John Handelaar did all the complicated coding.

The site is described as a non-partisan website which aims to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their elected representatives in the Houses of the Oireachtas.

In other words, you can find out what the slippery bastards are saying.

Have a look.  See what you think.

John gives full details of the site’s origins here.  In my opinion, this is a significant contribution to openness and transparency in our quasi-democracy.


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    Worth a look certainly. Thanks for posting this. Have signed up for mail.


    Very interesting site. I find the updates on the Seanaid particularly enlightening. An anachronism if ever I saw one….


    Jesus that is fucking depressing to read. Confirmation of what a bunch of wanker school children we have elected. Tossers.
    I read the order of business;
    Jesus you’d feel like crying. Absolutely no transparency, O’Donoghue telling everyone they’re out of order and Joan Burton talking about hair cuts (which are very important to women, apparently).

    Brilliant site though. As they expand perhaps they can start putting politicians expenses online too.


    Rest assured that expenses and the register of interests will definitely be added soon.


    In that case you’ll prabaly need a second server!


    Huge, huge kudos to Handelaar and co. Outstanding work. A public service, in essence.

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