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Limerick Saturday Morning Pictures

They had shark in the market this morning but I didn’t buy any because I was afraid it might have a piece of Robert Shaw inside it.  Or Richard Dreyfuss.

I didn’t bother with the prawns either, or the hake. For some reason, the word hake puts me off my food, though you must be wondering why I have no problem with ling.  Strange but true.

The pleasant gentleman filled a bag with ling for me and then I called over to the bread stall where I picked up a loaf of home-made brown bread from the nice Scottish lady who recognised me from my shadow.

That was a bit disconcerting.

Aren’t you Bock the Robber?

Excuse me?

You’re Bock the Robber.  I know you from your silhouette.

Jesus, give me the bread and let me out of here.

That’s my loaves and fishes sorted out, so then I picked up a nice piece of cheese –

but no cakes, because I’m eating healthily for now.

No Saturday morning would be complete without some daffodils  –

– or a coffee in Nancy’s and a read of the paper.

And after that, what better way to pass a glorious sunny afternoon than to wander down by the river, stroll around the Hunt Museum –

–  admire the peaceful Shannon –

– and wave to a passing boatman on his way to some great discovery.

He just passed down the Abbey River coming from who knows where?  Maybe he rowed the whole way from Lough Derg.  Maybe he came from Norway.  I don’t know.

There’s nowhere in Limerick that you don’t glimpse Thomond Park.  Munster are playing Connacht there this evening but I didn’t get tickets because I have some other things to do.  I’ll watch it on TV.

Thomond Park is a fortress, but King John’ castle is a fortress of an entirely different order.  A symbol of limitless royal power.  The swaggering imprint of Norman England on its neighbouring island.

People still find time to feed swans, I’m glad to say, and to lean on railings talking about inconsequential things..

There’s always some shadowy sinister figure.

On a day like this, people find time to wander around town, shopping-

– or just sharing a meal.

But nobody ever forgets the real business facing us in coming weeks: the European Cup.

Some are calmer than others-

– and some are just downright falling over they’re so laid back.

This is St Michael slaying a serpent.  I often wish he’d take a break and come down to Nancy’s for a beer.  Let someone else slay serpents just for one day.


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31 replies on “Limerick Saturday Morning Pictures”

Beautiful, Bock!
Never liked Limerick, compared to other cities in Ireland, but on sunny days and with an eye for the often hidden treasures and with pics like that it has some charm. Especially the market and the river. Should go for shopping there again. But since the last friend I’ve had in the city left…
Anyway: Chapeau.

Great pictures. Tis a long time since I’ve been over O’Halloran’s Bridge and gazed upon Sweeney’s Throne. I preferred approaching King John’s Castle from Thomond Bridge side climbing the steps to the door between the two towers. I was in Nancy’s two weeks ago and the barman’s son was seving behind the bar. Probably illegal but sure hey, I remember that was the way back in the day…. I think Bock has shown that if Limerick had the will it could become a truly great city.

Last time I was in Limerick we “did” the castle like tourists, and had great fun taking pictures on and from the battlements. I love these old castles – like the one in Caernarfon – despite what they stand for. I love wandering in the courtyards, looking at those great stone walls and wondering what they’ve seen and what memories they hold. I have some funny pix of me in King John’s Castle and maybe I’ll post them. Then again, maybe not.

i love it when you do these posts. i miss living in limerick every time i think of it but even more so when i read these posts of yours. i miss it i miss it i miss it… :-(

I spent a full day in town recently and i hated it. I need to look at it again. Great photos!

I live right in the centre of this city and it’s very easy sometimes to dwell on the negative and simply forget how great it is here and how good the people are.The sunshine helps I suppose.
Thanks for the reminder Bock.

cheers bock,nice to see positive coverage on here,pity the journos who slate our town dont visit and see the real limerick like you have shown.

jeez I’ll start raiding my money box. He’s so cute! Pics superb also. Limerick is really pretty especially up by St. Mary’s cathedral.

I preface my remarks by stating that I am from Dublin. Family history dates us back to the rule of Henry viii . I have visited Limerick on numerous occasions and have never encountered any negative feeling. I love the city of Limerick. Bock I think you should publish a book of your Photographs.. .

OMG, am sooo gutted that your “running into Val” didn’t make the grade for your fab Limerick Saturday morning. Sniff. Still but, you do us proud. Now gotta go, my cats trying to haul a leg of lamb over the back wall :)

My dad left this morning for a 3 day holiday in Limerick, hope it is just like this for him. He wants to see Thormond Park and go to the races but looks like just walking around will do fine. Great.

Next time they have the shark (dogfishes) you should try it. It’s really good.

I must have just missed you on Saturday as my visitors have a photo of the exact same pile of fish! Next time I’ll watch the shadows ;)

Hey Bock,

Great to see such a lovely side to Limerick, Living here I tend to forget the gems that are out there in the city.
Thanks for the reiminder must put the market in my diary for next Saturday.
Hopefully see you soon.

Bock, that coin-operated statue looks a little like BO’D .. could be down on some spying mission perchance?

why would you want to go anywhere else in the world when we have weather like this , cheers for the Pics Bock, kinda makes ya proud when seen in this light x

D’you know, I went everywhere I see here on Saturday. ‘Twas a glorious day. As was Sunday, which was spent on the Limerick Soviet walking tour. We’ve got some town, really. This weekend gave me a good feeling about the coming summer. However bad things get, we’ll make our own fun, and it’ll be grand. Thanks, Bock :)

Some great pics there. Was at the market myself with the little fella on Saturday. Was a beautiful day. Got some delicious Pate off the Frenchy guy for myself, some haddock from the fish stall for the Dad and a really nice wedge of Danish blue cheese for a lad I work with. Actually dropped into Nancy’s myself for a quick refreshment (didn’t get asked for ID this time fortunately, not sure whether the girl behind the bar the last time thought I looked under-23 or whether she just didn’t like the look of me) before heading to Quigley’s for a coffee for meself and a tiffin slice & tea for the little fella. Chilled out for the rest of the day at home.

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