Apr 162009

I’ve started a Facebook group called MÃícheál Ó Muircheartaigh for the Munster- Leinster Semi-Final.

It just seems right in the circumstances that he might do a small bit of the commentary.

What do you think?



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Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh

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    Only if he promises not to shout “point!!!” every time a penalty kick goes over the bar…


    I’d say Mícheál knows his sports.


    Compared to the truly Vile Nugent or whatever Ull-storre commentator Sky would have us put up with, Micheál would be a voice from heaven.

    A perfect choice for all and therefore, knowing the current standards of our broadcasting élites, wholly unsuitable.


    I reckon he would be most entertaining; if the game was stalled.
    However, if as is most likely to be the case that Munster give us a nail-biting spectacle I think Miícheál’s comments regarding the Bull’s farm antics perhaps or Dougie Howlet’s shoe size or even the stories he’d heard in a local hostelry concerning the sixteenth man! -would be just a distraction.


    It would be just class


    Micheál adds his own dimension to whatever he touches.

    Great idea, but would the GAA divorce him for it?


    As a non sports fan – so completely unqualified to comment – but I just wanted to ask; is that Nugent lad considered credible as a rugby commentator by those in the know like? I just think he sounds like a young fella in his communion suit chatting about the bouncy castle. But then maybe it’s just me, an unqualified non sports fan.


    Great idea. As someone who always turns down Ger Canning on the TV to listen to Mícheál on radio with the pictures in the background, it always surprises me that pubs don’t do the same. It is bad enough when there is a match in thomond that I will not get a ticket for, that I have to go to a pub to watch it. But to add insult to injury I have to listen to those commentators. Why? Is there any pub in the city that has taken the revolutionary step of killing the sound on the telly and piping in Len Dineen etc. I’d go there. Or are they contractually obliged to Sky to have the aural assault as well.


    “Is there any pub in the city that has taken the revolutionary step of killing the sound on the telly and piping in Len Dineen etc”.

    Are you for real? Len is a lovely man, but when he commentates I want to rip my ears off.


    Meehal is too institutionalized within the GAA for rugby. If we allow him to start commentating then before we know it we will have depraved muck savages from Tipperary eating sandwiches and cream crackers out of the boot of their cars outside grounds, wearing hats with “Up Munster” an all. They’ll fucking disgrace us in front of foreigners.


    No.8 note the etc bit. I’m not an expert on rugby radio commentators but anything would be better for me than what I listened to piped out fairly loud in JJ Bowles last Sunday.

    I’m also just a little bit intrigued by it because I thought live95 sponsored that screen in O Connell Street last May yet when the match came on, there was the sky guys again. Maybe there is a contract clause.

    I know there is a slight delay between Radio and TV as well, but it is very slight.


    Only if he does a Transfield Cup final first.


    That would be a right fucking circus.


    God Abdul, actual unashamed Irish people at a rugby match. People who dont care what the English (be honest, thats what you meant by foreigners) think of them, how embarrassing for you, you pathetic Uncle Tom.


    -Esso (and Abdul I suppose)
    I don’t think we’ll be fooling anyone into thinking we’re all modern, enlightened, sophisticated and rich anymore. Not with our 80’s south American style government and economy.
    Sandwiches, cream crackers and coke bottles filled with tea followed by a quick tour down to Arnotts to stare in the windows.


    EssoDee — I think Abdul was being sardonic. (And could we please not throw personal insults at other commenters? See comments policy)


    C’est, – leave the GAA in the door and when O’Gara arrows over a penalty they’ll be roaring “lovely hurlin”. They’ll be demanding
    that the IRFU use “umpires” behind the goals, oafish looking types with long white coats like deranged rural psychiatrists. And not least, they’ll be refering to the Munster coach, and given time, Kidney, as Bainisteoir. They’ll fuck everything up good and proper – forgot about the tea in a coke bottle, hah, good one.


    Sardonic Bock? Nah, not buying it. I’ll abide by your policies of course though, so I’ll amend my comment to say that his attitudes betray an Uncle Tom mindset prevalent among the post-colonial residue in this country. Mumhan abú!!


    Should be Castle Catholic, not Uncle Tom, the bog ball boys don’t even use the correct vernacular when insulting people.


    Its correct once the cap fits Abdul.


    Just a thought … is anyone sure that Mícheál would be interested in doing this? I think it’s a great idea if he’s up for it.


    Anything other than the bad misfortune of listening to Len talking to Len abouts ‘whats his name has the ball now’.
    Instantaneous booting of the radio out the window!


    Meehal doing the Munster game ” and the baaaaaaaal is over the half way line, the tension and anxiety of it all, O’Gara, who was born in San Diego, not a hurling stronghold, but their claiming him in Cork, not the way they claimed Michael Collins…is going for a point, not the type of point you buy in a lounge bar, he bends, he rises, the Bull is looking at him as if to say, “this is my field” and the baaaaaaaaal is over the bar – Meehal, that was a drop goal actually! “never mind, never mind”, the umpire, who is related to Tomas, who works part time in a Credit Union – in between touching up schoolboys – has raised the white flag and the mighty men of Munster are in the lead – but wait, Flannery, whose uncles, one of whom has an unusual amount of nasal hair, run numerous pubs in the Treaty City, has carried the baaaaaaal over the line and it is a 65 to Leinster….Meeehal, for fucks sake, “never mind, never mind”, let me tell you a little story, best not, because the Bull has driven his boot into Brian O’Driscolls bollocks -maybe because Brian, whose related to Michael….?, whose father owned a pub, which his uncle won in a poker game from a man who owned a Tipperary supporting greyhound in Offaly, has the irritating habit of exclaiming “absolutely” before and after every sentence whilst engaging in the type of after match banality which would make you lose the will to live. The sliothar is now one the half way line…Meeehal…. ! “ah sure what the harm”, wait, Doughie Howlett, whose father played left corner back for Christchurch, has taken too many steps with the ball en route to the Hill 16 side of the ground and tis a penalty to Leinster, ..their supporters are going wild, their idea of wild, their waving copies of the Irish Times in the air, most of the crosswords are finished, no Munster man with any self respect who dare attempt a crossword on match day, news just in, the GAA Central Council has rescinded Rule 26 which bans players from dribbling out of both corners of their mouths during post match interviews with RTE. This can be viewed in many ways – but in many counties in Ireland it will be seen as real progress, “Meeeehal, the game fucking ended 10 minutes ago. “And the Sam McGuire is on the way back to Munster”.


    You’ll notice how restrained I’m being. When King’s Bard (?) said that Brian O’Driscoll finally played like a Munster player I said nothing.

    If Declan Kidney has sorted the rifts in the Irish team, let’s not re-introduce them constantly here. I’ve put up with a lot, gentlemen!

    Brian has obvious leadership qualities which make him the great captain that he is. Not least of which is that he leads from the front, pushes himself to the limit, and puts his whole body on the line in every match. Dangerously so, in fact.

    And no, I never brought the Irish Times to Lansdowne Road, nor did any of the gang I was with.



    As Abdul’s long knife was extracting the life,
    In fact he was shouting, “Huzzah!”
    He felt himself struck by that wily Calmuck,
    Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.

    There’s a tomb rises up where the Blue Danube rolls,
    And graved there in characters clear,
    Is, “Stranger, when passing, oh pray for the soul,
    Of Abdul Abulbul Amir.”


    There’s far too much turniping influence already evident in an HEC semi being played in Knackerball Park close to Mountjoy Prison and the home of the King Skanger – El Bertie himself – without allowing Mick Moriarty (as he was called until he was in his 30s) to commentate on the rugger in his folksy, “yerra boy will you have a sup of buttermilk and some jennet stew for da love of God” way.

    Better to leave Micko to the GAA heathens and the Tyrone cannibal faction and shove the Artane Boyz Band back into the Perverts’ orphanage whence they came. Regardless of Munster’s recent flash-in-the-pan success, the HEC is all about the cultural dominance of Murdoch and Sky Sports over the GAA-fawning RTE eunuchs, so leave us with Barnsie, Dewi, Scottie, Neville the performing seal, and the rest of the Sky menagerie, FFS.


    What a lot of sadness all wrapped up in one comment.


    Older dog…how obvious you don’t have a fuckin clue what you’re shitein about…
    munster flash in the pan success?…we’ve made this competition what it is and for the last11 years have been there or thereabouts,(twice champions,4 finals,7 semi finals and 10 quarter finals)if you don’t have a clue what you’re on about do yourself a favour and stay away from the keyboard.As for the rest of your comment;wipe the shit off the floor before ya leave the room ya pleb.

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