Money Offer — Expose Bock the Misogynist

As you possibly noticed, a comment appeared on Twenty Major’s site here to the effect that every other post on this site denigrates women for being uppity enough to exist.

I now make the following offer.

For every post you can find where I denigrated women for being uppity enough to exist, I will donate €100 to a charity of your choice.  Produce the quote and I will produce the cash to an agreed, trusted third party who will verify it has been handed over.

The only rule is that you must find a post that denigrates women for existing.  I don’t think disagreeing with a particular woman counts as denigration of all women though.

There are over 1600 posts on this site so if the comment is correct, you should be able to raise a large amount for charity.


33 thoughts on “Money Offer — Expose Bock the Misogynist

  1. Bono will be sweating over this Bock,no-one out does him on the charitable giving front!!

    Its like a version of Where’s Wally but with words…

  2. Can we cut and paste from selected quotes to make you look misogynist?

    “me…Bock.. I…hate…Women…I do….gobshite.”?

    €100 in the bag.

  3. Could it be that Mebh is a misandrist? And that this clouds her judgement when it comes to humour or the begging question?

  4. Could it be that Medbh actually fancies you as a man but can’t admit / face up to it? Perhaps she secretly likes men. A bit like homophobes who use their anti gay rhetoric to mask their homosexual tendencies.

    Right I’ll get my coat.

  5. But consider this: by saying it to you, knowing that you’re a woman, was I exercising my patriarchal sense of entitlement to dominate, humiliate and possess you?

    You see, you can’t be up to us misogynist feckers.

  6. I have €600 worth of evidence right here but there is no way I am sending it to some third world toilet of a country.

    Nice try.

  7. Dear Misses Fox

    Please send your €600 (or £600) to Bank of Lagos Account Number 54987945.

    Naturally, you will be amply rewarded for your assistance by retaining a percentage of the funds transferred; however, in order to facilitate the procedure your financial assistance is required up front

  8. I’m in stitches – again.

    By the way, OrganDonor, you nearly killed me earlier. I was literally bringing a cup of coffee to my lips when your, “Does my bomb look big in this” came in. I nearly suffocated with the laughing.

  9. Dont be sending me any dry-cleaning bills Nora,it doesnt work like that..

    Sorry,did i demean you with that statement?

  10. Bock, cash will be fine for me. Whilst not being too obvious I read and re read every post and comment on your blog to generate the following evidence. Bock is a Scunthorpe fan. That is the first clue. Analyse Scunthorpe, firstly no one could be a fan on footballing reasons. Scunthorpe = cunts (see what I’m doing there) and hore = Bock’s disguise for whore, which is obvious what he sees all women as.
    Secondly, Bock is from Limerick and as everyone knows, all us Limerick folk are knife carrying, women hating, hard drinking sadists. Apart from Munster rugby the only other pleasures we get in life are knife fights and bating our women folk.
    Finally, if you look at the second letter of every fifth word on every 32 nd comment that Bock makes, it reveals
    “I am the Son of God and I will make all women folk kneel before me in humble servitude”.
    Bock is using the same hidden coding system located in the Bible and Peig Sayers.
    Bet you thought you could throw us off track Bock, but with my superior intellect, you didn’t stand a chance.

  11. Feminists would complain, would they what, when it was alleged that Maggie Thatcher had balls. The hatchet faced ones believed that this view implied that Mama Doc needed a male characteristic to be successful or to have ambition etc etc.

    Anyway, a behavioral psychologist, or anthropologist, whatever the fuck, (he had a pointy head either way) discovered that females have the DNA code for the male sexual organ – but us male hairy arsed reptiles don’t have the DNA code for female sexual organs.

    He admitted that he had never seen Leinster playing before he arrived at the above opinion.

    Incidentally, did you hear the one about the behavioral psychologist? These two rats are in a cage and one
    rat turns to the other and says: “Hey ratso I’ve go my behavioral psychologist really programmed” !
    “How so?” enquires the second rat. “Well, every time I put my foot on this level he drops down a lump of cheese”, the first rat replies.

    Anyway, the above argued with the hatchet faces ones that it was technically correct to say that Maggie had balls.
    He’d done a lot of research with frogs and discovered that when the males of this particular species of frog died out that the females grew a penis and basically rode all round them – as you do.

    He later discovered that human females have the DNA code for a penis – they would mutate (how can he tell the difference) if we died out he argued.

    So lads, women do have balls.

  12. I once made the point to Medbh that Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi were warmongering murderers.

    She informed me that these people were honorary men.

    I rest my case.

  13. Scunthorpe are also referred to as “The Iron” pheasentf….and men chase their iron – there is a lot of circumstantial evidence building up here.

  14. Swe Ge — So it was you who gave me the black eye, then?

    Abdul —
    They were beaten by Luton in the final of the Johnstone Paint Trophy on Saturday.

  15. Bock. I fear I am a misogynist.
    Yesterday I had an encounter with, what I can only describe as “the post celtic cunt” A woman so immeresed in her own version of reality and devoid of the merest possesion of another persons tolerance or basic rights, that I came very very close to tippling over the edge, So, the fact that I a woman found every atom of this womans character so vile and unacceptable, does that make me a misogynist ? I fear the worst.

  16. I think you should go to Maedbhs blog and check out the first post for October 6 2007 It’s a funny old world all the same?

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